David Bowie

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Reach out one last time to David Bowie. Write a message and we'll transmit it to somewhere far above the moon.

  • Andrea , Mexico

    My hero, you gave me super powers through your voice and I promise I'll use them for good. You are my everything. Thank you.

  • Alex Smith, U.S.A

    Thank you David Bowie for being an amazing inspiration to all of us. You will be missed xx

  • Corto, Spain

    You will not be forgotten while there is someone to listen

  • Helena, Mexico

    You left stardust, a piece of you, in each and every one of us. I am among the people whose lives you touched. Respectfully, I love you and would love to and it's sad that I won't be able to shake hands with you until my time comes. Hope to see you among my beloved ones' faces.

  • Steve saxon, UK

    Well Sir, you were the one constant in my life.Not one day has passed without me hearing a song of yours.I hope your next journey is as good as the journey your music sent me on.Bye bye we love ya xx

  • Rita and kids, Portugal

    Thank you for all your words, all your melodies that made me love music. I will give all that to my children, and my grandchildren. Good bye Major Tom.

  • Rudy. , USA

    Rest in Peace.

  • Brad, USA

    Thank you.

  • Virgínia Ribeiro, Portugal

    You're my "Hero" forever and ever <3

  • Oscar, Spain

    Thanks for all. You did an amazing work here and, even if no one could imagine that day would come, we will never forget you. You are eternal. Thank you.

  • Ernie, UK

    if there is anyone out there, please can they send us some great music

  • Klint, Spain

    Ojala hubiese podido conocer antes y mejor su maravillosa música. Aunque sea tarde, se lo agradezco.

  • Irina, Kazakhstan

    I just have to say "thank you". You were and still an important part of my life. You helped me to allow myself to be who I am. You'll always be in people's hearts and we'll always love you. I hope you are happy now, wherever you are. Goodbye, David Bowie.

  • Ad, Spain

    Thanks for staying with us all this time, may i see you in my dreams again.

  • Hugo, Spain

    You're a bitter fucker, Bowie, but you did great music.

  • Fiona Mac Pherson, Australia

    Thank you for guiding me and challenging me through music and art. I first discovered you at 10, then went alternative with you. I saw you live twice and bought most of your records. You are joy, love and free expression. You left the world a better place. Peace and love always. Thank you and love to your close ones.


    We will miss you Starman. Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing i can do...<3

  • Helena, Spain

    I'm happy, hope you're happy too. You gave us everything, thank you.

  • Jane Morgan Townshend, England

    Where are we now? Thinking of you and your journey. I hope you got the knowledge that comes with death's release. My love always, Jane xxx

  • Mathias , France

    You Will Nevers die tom . I love you .

  • zuzka, slovakia

    we will miss you very much, but other will enjoy your company now. forever in our hearts

  • Missy, Australia

    In equal parts you have inspired me to do better, rise above, and challenge the norm, as well as comforting me while I discovered myself. Your legacy lives forever in the spirits of the youth.

  • Cess, Philippines

    Thank you for all the people you inspired and moved, David. So long!

  • Edmundo, Colombia

    Enjoy the trip. You will live forever. Bon Voyage.

  • Yuliya, Russia

    Be happy, my dear friend. I will never forget you. Splinter your star forever in my body. See you, my love, my hero. See you. До встречи)

  • jessica, canada

    you are a huge part of my life, and i love you so very much. i think about you and miss you every single day. it was always a dream of mine to meet you, and maybe i will one day, a long time from now. thank you for everything, goodbye.

  • DeeDee, USA

    I love you. I really do. The loss I feel is very real. Through your art you speak of my soul. I blend in well, too well, but...I need you. I can't say goodbye to you. You are such a big part of me. You are a magical being. Find me! I will be waiting for you.

  • Sveva, Italy

    I fell in love with you and all your work just two months before your death and I started dreaming to meet you somehow but now it's not possible anymore. So I'm writing this message to tell you that I've never cried so much for someone and that I'd like to thank you for being such an incredible sweet beautiful hot genius and for you music, one of the best ever existed, really. And you're my greatest idol for everything you've done. Rest in peace, and rest in power♡

  • Jacky, England

    Thanks for the great music and for helping me to get through quite a few difficult years R.I.P. xxxx

  • Sveva, Italy

    I know that you live on Mars or you're the brightest star in the sky now, and that you'll be able to see all these messages, so I love you so much and thanks for having chosen our planet to live in ?

  • I.T., Canada

    Thank you for introducing me to both the concepts of Androgyny and Bisexuality. This in turn helped me to become aware of both the gender and sexuality spectrums- and helped me to become a better human being.

  • Edda, Germany

    Dear David. Thank you for being a friend. You're always in my heart. Love on ya

  • Ralf Andrew Schneider, Germany

    Dear David, i miss you so... Rest in peace forever in the stars

  • Hayeon Yu, South Korea

    I've been so depressed since you left but I'll try to put it all back together and live in appreciation of all you've done for the world. See you up there. Bless you. ⚡️

  • Binaxi, Germany

    You were the hero of my musical-youth...dancing , singing ....you´llcome back , I´m sure !!! Best wishes, where ever you are , Binaxi

  • Sarah, England

    Thank you for everything you've done. You were an artist to the last. You're so missed by so many and I wish we could have had you for a bit longer. Bless you.

  • Syahirah, Malaysia

    I'm sad you had to leave us :( but thanks for the endless memories and music, David. You will forever be in our hearts. Enjoy life in space, Starman! Love you forever.

  • Heather, Oregon

    I'm so thankful to be able to have been alive when you were. I love you so much and I miss you so very much. I wish I could see your smiling face and know you're doing okay but I know you're in a better place and much more happier. Farewell Starman I won't ever forget you thank you for changing my look on music

  • Cassidy, America

    You were my comfort for 18 months, the same time you had left. I love you so much and will always think of you. My Starman forever

  • Flávia, Brasil

    Thank you so much for everything, my love! Your life, music, art and every little thing that made you who you were will live forever in the infinity of our traveling minds! I'm sure you're in a such high place where you're receveing all the love from here! Looking forward to meet you someday so i can hold your hands and look into your eyes and walk with you through diferents dimensions.

  • Lisa, California

    Dear David, Please keep writing in heaven! We'll hear it when we get there! ?⚡️

  • Deborah, New York,USA

    Thank you David for the many years that you brought joy into my life through your music.You will live on, never forgotten !

  • Andrea, México

    Ziggy thanks for everything. I see you in the stars ❤️

  • Bela, Portugal

    I was a lonely 15yo. Then I heard Ziggy saying something about a Starman waiting somewhere for people like me. Today I'm older and I feel a great loss in my heart, yet amazed to be able to get to you like I always did: anonymosly, among others like me and knowing You will be there. Farewell, Starman. See you soon.

  • Monica, USA

    David. Thank you for a lifetime of happiness. I'm looking forward to one day seeing you again.

  • Tiffany, United States

    I will dance with you in another life. I love you always.

  • Rebecca, United States

    I hope you realized how many lives you changed on your time here on Earth. Safe travels Space Man.

  • Gina Flor, Portugal

    David your music, your words, your style, your sweet smile will be always a part of our lives, and for many generations to come. People will continue to learn from you. We will sing and dance to the end like you did.

  • Christine, USA

    Thank you for your illuminating artistic contributions that will reverberate wherever they are needed. Now your soul has transcended the ravages and passages of time. Though we miss you, all starseeds shall meet again! XOXO

  • Bobby, South Korea

    Thanks for being awesome.

  • Jason, USA

    Safe travels Major Tom

  • Myrrha, basically Earth

    People like you shouldn't die. Although you forever will be alive in our memory, I would prefer you to stay here with us. Stay strong and magical, whenever you are. Eternal love.

  • Silvana, Canada

    You have been an inspiration to many. Thank you for the amazing music, I will miss you. :'(

  • Ana, Spain

    I Hope You have A Wonderful Travel around The Star. Goodbye Friend. I love You Ziggy.

  • Tiger Lily, Gitchegumi

    Thank you, Starman, for blowing our minds time and time again. Safe travels home. Come back when you can stay longer! Take care of the others!

  • Linda Walker, USA

    Thank you for being the beautiful person you were. You gave us more than your beautiful music , you gave us Hope for a better world.

  • Chiara, Italy

    Goodbye father, brother, best friend, lover. You mean so much to me. I'll see you in the stars.

  • Émile, Québec

    Danke für die großartige musik

  • Jennifer, USA

    You opened our minds in so many ways.....thank you for sharing you unique talent with us. You will be with us always.

  • Kathy, Germany

    ★ Danke David. ★ Danke für alles. ★

  • Jo Anna Heckman, USA

    Ground control to Major Tom; Come back, Major Tom; come back home...

  • S., Goblin City

    Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing you can do, now, Tommy. Happy reunion with your family. You're awesome, sir. New star is out tonight. And i hope it will me forever.

  • Kristina, Russia

    Дэвид,будь счастлив там,где ты сейчас.Ты - прекрасный космический цветок,который делал эту Землю лучше.Мы любим тебя и будем любить

  • Sandrine , France

    Love forever and ever ? thanks for all David....

  • Brooke, United States

    You showed me how to be myself and just love who I am. That weird is okay. You will always be in my mind and heart. I hope you're happy and pain free now. Just now finding out if there really is life on Mars. Rest in Paradise, you beautiful alien. <3

  • Giusy, Italy

    Grazie dal piu' profondo del mio cuore. Il Pianeta Terra sara' un po' piu' solo senza di te. Love you forever, David xx

  • Rebecca Dodgen, USA

    Thank you. Thank you for being in my dreams, for singing my reality, for giving me a reason to be free. You will forever find a home in my heart. Love is the law, love under will.

  • Tanya, Russia

    Can you hear me,major Tom? You were my heroin

  • Noelia, España

    Thank you for all you gave us, you mean a lot for many. See you on the other side. Love...

  • Annie , Montgomery, Alabama

    I will miss u David Bowie❤️

  • Lisa P , USA

    Thank you for inspiring and cherishing the LGBTQ community through your art, music and beautiful soul. God rest and bless you!

  • Jennifer M, USA

    I bravely cry...I'm a blackstar, I'm a star's star, I'm a BLACKSTAR. Much love and prayers to you dear David. Love, Jennifer M ~ Thank you again for everything <3

  • Adrian Rivera , Cancun, Mexico

    We've never knew ourselves in person, but your music and art seemed to knew me very well... Thank you for everything Bowie, my strange fascination!

  • Abby, USA

    Thank you for helping me make friends. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for giving me hope and confidence when I felt I had none, Starman.

  • Emma, USA

    I hope aliens such as yourself see this one day. that's all

  • Julie, Australia

    I miss you. I never knew you apart from your music but right now I feel like I've lost a close friend.

  • val, france

    Ton oeuvre est immense, et ton passage sur terre aura marqué le monde entier à tout jamais. Merci pour ton génie ! Loves you

  • Chris McKay, USA

    You've seen more things than we could imagine but all these moments will NOT be lost like tears washed away by the rain. God bless you.

  • Anna Hero, Croatia

    I'm so glad we shared the "heroship" :) Farewell <3

  • Jennifer, USA

    Dear David, thank you just doesn't seem to be enough! You made the soundtrack to my life! You have brought me such joy, made me aware of the beautifulness of being different. I will cherish your contributions to an otherwise (at times) dull world.Thank you for everything. I will love you till I die, I will see you in the sky tonight. Love, Jennifer

  • Dave Grønvall, Denmark

    Love the influence u have made on me and the rest. Love U Bowie. U are the love

  • rey, usa

    live on starman, see you soon <3

  • Laura G., Rimini Italy

    Now you are a shining stardust in the space Major Tom. All my love for ever and ever <3

  • Florence-Ingrid, Nice France

    Hello I am so sad I can't stop crying since last week :'( Please tell me if you are ok and if you have seen my brother in heaven <3

  • Linda, Usa

    Thank you for giving us the pleasure of your music. You let me know it was ok to be different. Love you always

  • Maria D., Russia

    Thank you for what you have become part of my life. Thank you for inspiration, for your music, for your beauty. Forever in my heart and memory. Goodbye, Major Tom, love you!

  • Penélope, Spain

    It's so hard to say goodbay. You will always live in my bso. Bye Major Tom. Bye David Jones.

  • Andy Arguello, Argentina

    You were my first love, who introduced me to this magical world of music always be in my, I miss you so much

  • Gwel, Germany

    Dear David. You were a great man and you will be terribly missed. Thank you for your music. Thank you for being here. Have a great travel <3

  • Paddy , Aust

    Ziggy stardust was Aladdin sane who became one off our Heroes after he was a Rebel Rebel and lived in Suffragette city with a few Kooks and had Dimond dogs. Pin ups on the wall. So Hang onto yourself as the sound of Rock and roll suicide blasts from our souls. Oh you pretty things can you keep up with the Changes? Or sink in the Quicksand. Andy Warhol had a Song for Bod Dylan an Eight line poem that would Fill your heart. Queen bitch and The Bewlay brothers have now gone but everything is Honky Dory. Is there life on Mars we may find out in Five years Lady Stardust may help us. It ain't easy having Soul love in a Drive in Saturday in 1984 but it is a Sweet thing. Sorrow fills our hearts Jean genie and The Wide eyed boy from Freecloud are Unwashed and Some what slightly dazed. At the passing off Major Tom in a Space Oddity but Let's Dance to the Young American in his Golden years. Thank you David Bowie for so many great songs

  • Jane, Kyiv

    ♥ I miss you ♥

  • Nastya, Ukraine

    Staarmaaaaan waitind in the sky

  • Patrícia Falcão, Portugal

    Thank you for showing me how to be different, in everything in life. Hope we can dance one day.

  • Gasú, México

    thank you for all you made for and within us... shine on Starman!

  • Felicia, Canada

    Thanks for being there when I felt alone in my life and reassuring me that it's okay to be yourself and to be odd. I love you forever. I hope to meet you up on Mars or in the clouds someday. Farewell, Starman ??

  • Space Oddity, Spain

    Thanks Master. See u on Mars <3

  • Bridget, United States

    Thank you for being there when I needed guidance. Thank you for teaching me so much and showing me so many new things. I could never repay you. I love you, and always will.

  • Sharon Holloman, USA

    My undying love always... infinite gratitude.

  • Betty, Germany

    Dear david, thank you for the many years of most wonderful music, insprirationen, pleasure, joy, your laugh, thank you for my life music. It's beautiful <3 just thanks !!!!!!

  • alina, russia

    still love...come back

  • Iwona, Polska

    Zegnaj moj przyjacielu, tak ciezko sie z Toba pozegnac. Dziekuje Ci za Twoja muzyke, za to ze byles. Moze kiedys spotkamy sie w innym wymiarze. Do zobaczenia Dawidzie;

  • mario, italy

    Lord my prayer flyng word on a wing

  • Nadia Alvarado, México

    Thank you for all this years of amazing music; you'll be in my heart forever, you're my idol and a huge influence in my life; see you soon Starman

  • Sofia Quintas, Portugal

    You remain special, so special, until the end of your travel on planet Earth. Now go, and discover the galaxy and the stardust you're made of. We'll be forever unite by your unique legacy. See you in the other side Mr Jones. Love, let's give love one more chance

  • Douglas, USA

    Thank you for making it ok for a freaky kid in 1972 to have a voice and a friend.... Perhaps, you even saved my life. ???

  • Nob, Germany

    Planet Earth is VERY blue. And there is nothing we can do... But to celebrate the fact that we were fortunate enough to live in the same time you were around. Thank You

  • Hans CANY, France

    Now you know, dear Mr Bowie... I guess you never really doubt about it, but now you're sure, and you probably feel reasured. We all miss you, and I hope I'll meet you one day or another in the Beyond... or in a future terrestrial life. Thank you so much for who you are and will ever be, and for everything that you did down below.

  • Karen, Estonia

    Goodbye, Alien!

  • Lynnie, I.o.w.

    Dearest David, you r so missed by so many people around the world, my head still spining looking up among the stars for you, you r the brightest one up there, as you were on earth. ????

  • Denise, UK

    Dear David Thank you. I miss you. It's like the world has lost its meaning. Rest in peace.

  • Nicole , Germany

    Dear David! Thank you for your wonderful music. It is the soundtrack of my life for 23 years now. I will never forget you. Rest in peace.

  • Tony Bernardo, Scotland

    Keep on doing what you do best, inspiring and fascinating people. But maybe cut down a little on the shock factor eh ! Seriously though, man you have been like a brother to me since I was 11, now I'm 56. "Love on ya"

  • Lolly Webster, England

    We can look into the night sky to find the brightest star and know that it's you. Your body gone bit your soul lives on. Much love x

  • Deborah, U. S.

    Dear Mr. Jones, Thank you for being so kind to my daughter, Melanie, and me, when we met you on March 16, 1990, when I thanked you for saving my life, August, 1974.

  • Inês Forjaz, Portugal

    And you keep on giving... The most amazing constellation ever. Até já.

  • Peter, Netherlands

    Bye Bye, love.

  • Lisa, Bromley, England

    Thank you David for all your music, for your life, for just getting on with it and not giving a damn - for being you and you alone - so we can all be us. Love ever!

  • Eлена, Россия

    Люблю Вас! Ваш искрометный голос который перевернул во мне все вверх дном ! Гармония Вашей музыки в моем сердце навсегда! Благодарю за вдохновение и радужные эйфорические чувства !

  • Jessica, England

    Mr. Bowie. Thank you for all your music. For all your characters. For all the roles you performed with such grace. To Mr. Jones - sleep easy.

  • natalie, germany

    you light up my life that much!it will never be the same. hope to see you again in space. i will think of you every single day, especiallly when the stars are out- love on, natalie

  • AlexQueen, Russia

    Your mission on Earth to finished. Time for you to Mars. Ziggy saved us Mayor Tom got out of the orbit of the Earth . You have inspired many. You're live,live is your music. good luck on Mars,wait for me! I love you⭐️⚡️

  • Ashton, USA

    Goblin King, oh my Goblin King. Let me join you amongst the stars for one last dance.

  • Meghan, USA

    Your music helped me through so many hard times. I'm glad you're back where you belong - with the stars.

  • Meghan, USA

    Your music helped me through so many hard times. I'm glad you're back where you belong - with the stars.

  • Kim, USA

    Mr. Bowie no words can express how much I have loved your music. You have forever touched my soul! You will be forever missed. I'm so blessed that I had a chance to see you live in Philly. Your a beautiful person. God bless you. Rest in peace my friend. Xo Kim

  • Mike, Scotkand

    You have been the soundtrack to 50 years of my life. I watched you as a little boy on top of the pops and once in person at a concert in Glasgow. I'll miss you goodbye space boy!

  • your fan always, Portugal

    We had last night 17 january a Amazing party in your honor at the club lux in Lisbon. Started at 18h in a sunday so Everyone could came and we Did. 4 generations Together open bar open entry all for free and we all #bowieyourself I Will love till I die. Thank you forever!

  • Rosy Sánchez, México

    Dear David Bowie, thanks for your gorgeous music, for your creativity and spontaneity. I always believed in your eternity, you're gone from this planet, now you have returned to space, the place where you belong. Thank you for giving energy to my life, you were doing everything seem possible. I just need to look at the sky to see you again. I wish you a happy return to space. So long, Major Tom!

  • Nastya, Ukraine

    I love you

  • Ana, Portugal

    Nas estrelas já falas português : ) Obrigado David .Bom regresso a casa ♡

  • Regis, Germany

    Berlin misses you, David!!!

  • Lori, USA

    I will forever carry you in my heart. Thank you for always be there for me. I love you.

  • Margie, US

    Your music will live on. You are missed. RIP David Bowie.

  • Adriana, Brazil

    I'll always be a rock'n'roll bitch 4 u

  • Christophe, Belgium

    God speed Major Tom! You'll make the stars look different tonight!

  • Lexafae, England

    Thank you for everything. My muse, my inspiration, my soul love. I wouldn't be me without you. See you on the other side.

  • Robbe, België

    See you when I see you !!

  • gini, england

    The stars look very different today...the world changed, you will never be forgotten, my hero, my inspiration, my childhood. 1947_ the end of time :) xx

  • Felicity, Netherlands

    Start are never sleeping. Dead ones and the living. Forever David Bowie. X ?

  • Karin, België

    R.I.P David !!! We will never forget you !!

  • Loren, England

    Love you for always

  • Barry, Ireland

    Heaven must be pretty cramped now with 2 Gods up there! RIP

  • Chris, Germany

    You just went home, right? Thank you for the music and the inspiration. :)

  • Pascal Colin, Reims, France

    David, everything you did is beautiful. You're here in my heart and in my soul. Soul Love, my Duke !

  • Brigitte, Belgie

    R.I.P. . David Bowie!

  • Marc Triangle, Belgie

    R.I.P. David. Always on my mind, I will never forget you !

  • Joeri, Belgie

    Enjoy your new eternal life !

  • Christian, Belgium

    Thanx for all the good songs you gave us, your Blackstar album is now the soundtrack of my life Kisses from Belgium

  • Eleonora, italy

    Ciao Major Tom ❤. So Che Il too pianeta ha bisogno di te e ci hai dovuto lasciare... Ma solo fisicamente...continua a comporre e a far parlare di te... Qui sulla terra ti ricorderemo sempre...sei stato parte di me... Della mia infanzia..thank you Major Tom! You are a hero for ever and never. Kisses eleonora

  • Annette, Germany

    your voice is my home. for ever and ever.....

  • sonja, belgie

    ly david,forever and ever <3

  • Leonardo, Mexico

    There are not enough words to thank you for a whole life of music, creation, and beauty.

  • Ireen, Belgium

    Hi David, Thank u so much for being yourself: a bit nuts, pritty willfull, infinite creative and therefor a thanksfull example for the lucky ones who grew up with your music and generations to come. Big hug and kiss. Ireen

  • Sarah, België

    Your voice made me fall in love....You were my first love, and you never forget a first love!! I will share my love for you with my children, my loved ones and others. X

  • Tracey, Uk

    Breaking up is hard, but keeping dark is hateful I had so many dreams, I had so many breakthroughs But you, my love, were kind, but love has left you dreamless The door to dreams was closed. Your park was real dreamless Perhaps you're smiling now, smiling through this darkness But all I had to give was the guilt for dreaming. RIP David your music will live on forever in TIME Xxx

  • benny, italy

    Thank you. I'll miss you. Your

  • Jasper Gasia, Ground Control

    You showed me it's ok to be different, it's ok to be unique. Thank you Major Tom. Safe travels. Ground Control out.

  • Ellen , België

    Ik hou het simpel heel hard bedankt voor de zeer mooie muziek iedere keer als ik jou muziek hoor kijk ik naar boven naar de hemel en denk ik aan jou en zeg ik niet vaarwel maar tot ziens!

  • Dupont An, Belgium

    Give my love to Freddie! We will miss you both! xxx

  • Johan, Belgium

    Eternal gratitude for your wonderpil music all those years!! Earth is lost without you but Heaven will be delighted to have you aboard...

  • Maya, planet Earth

    I fell in love with you since I was 12 and now I'm 25. Words can't describe your importance to me and to this world. Rest in peace, beautiful soul.

  • IcK, US

    See you sooner than later Mr Goblin King.

  • Frank Immens, Aartselaar, België

    Dear David, can you hear me ? Respect only. Thank you for your amazing music during the past 47 years I've followed you. I will go on to do this, that's promised. Somenone down here likes You. From another Blackstar.

  • Eddy goovaerts, Belgie

    Put your red shoes ,and dance the blues . Take care

  • Mary, Distant shores

    My beautiful stranger in a strange land, my major Tom, my beloved alien from outer space - thank you. Let your last journey be peaceful and quiet. I love you. Good bye.

  • Ri, earth

    Earth is empty without you, please, come back, you fucking marvellouse bastard!!

  • Natty, Argentina

    "I don't know why, but every now and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you." Thank you for being the king of my inner world. In there, you'll live forever. Love you.

  • Ilio, U.S.

    Love Love love

  • Ute, Deutschland

    Mein geliebter David, für mich warst du nicht nur ein begnadeter Musiker, für mich warst du ein Mensch, der mich ein Leben lang begleitet hat in voller Liebe zu dir. Obwohl wir uns nie persönlich begegnet sind, außer die vielen Konzerte die ich besucht habe, warst du immer ein Teil in meinem Leben. Meinen Sohn habe ich nach dir benannt, schon als er noch in meinem Bauch war, swingte auch er nach deiner Musik mit und ist selbst mit dir sehr verbunden. Dein Tod hat mich zutiefst erschüttert und traurig gemacht aber du hast soviel großartiges hinterlassen, dass das ein großer Trost ist. Take care, my heroes, für immer wirst du ein Teil in meinem Leben sein. In Love Ute

  • Costanza, Italy

    I'd love to get a letter, I'd like to know what's what, hope the weather's good and it's not too hot for you. Everyone says hi :) We miss you David, I'd like to have a cosmic laugh with you!

  • Kathleen Yetta, Canada

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO... NOT our BOWIE!!!!!!!! Stefano Ferrari our Bowie... RIP the BEST and most INNOVATIVE Artists of ALL TIME. He was the ONLY artist able to compete and create music that fit with the times... but he always did it with style!!!! We saw him live in concert. We listen to his albums and songs for inspiration and for his stories! I can't believe he is gone..... God always takes the good ones TOO soon. <3 <3 <3 <3 You music and your sound will live on in me, our children and our children's children and beyond. xoxoxoxoxo "There is a Starman waiting in the Sky... now it is You waiting for us" <3 God Bless Your Soul David >3 Thank you for 69 years of your Gift" ht


    Dear David, a shining star for ever ! You were such a wonderful performer and artist who gave us amazing music over the years ! I am sure you were a great husband and a great father to your children ! RESPECT. Your music will go on playing for years over here. Hope you can hear it !

  • Roslynn Alexis Turner, uk Glasgow Scotland

    Dear David, Thank you, for always speaking out for those without a voice. Love you much. You will have an amazing welcome home, well done.

  • Daisy , Belgium

    Thank you for your musical, for the inspiration. For the feeling your musical gave me when I was feeling so lost. Feelings that will always be part of the songs, songs that will always be part of the feeling. We are absolute beginners. Xxx

  • Fabiola, México

    Mayor Tom I love you very much, you know...Can you hear me, Major Tom?

  • Amy, Canada

    There is a hole in my life, now filled only with Stardust. You've taken a piece of me with you to the stars. You taught me to be brave, be myself, and above all else, you taught me to dance in the Serious Moonlight. <3 Say hi to the rest of the Spiders for me. xx

  • Simon, Belgium

    I wish I was born 40 years earlier. Or had the chance to see your live concert at least once. Anyway, thanks for your amazing musical legacy! S.

  • Pol Lietaert, Belgium

    Hi, David. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talents with us. While passing by, would you please check whether there is life on Mars or not? We'll get in touch. Pol

  • Catarina Santiago Costa, Portugal

    I'll be seeing you.

  • Oly, Russia

    When I heard about your death, my first thought was that the big part of my life has suddenly dissapeared. Thank you for inspiration, for your music and for showing that being yourself is the gratest thing that we all have.

  • Maria, Portugal

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I belive in you. With love for ever and ever.

  • Fernando, Portugal

    Too bad you had to leave the party so soon, mr. David Jones. But thanks to you, Davis Bowie will stay with us forever. You didn' only have a great life, you made our lives greater. You're my definition of BIGGER THAN LIFE.

  • João Pedro Azul, Portugal

    Méne, a Flanzine #12 é por e para ti. Abraço.

  • Anna , Sweden

    I will miss you more than you ever know ❤️❤️❤️

  • Andy, England

    Thanks for the music starman.

  • Margarita, Russia

    Ты ушёл так внезапно, так больно, огорошил весь мир. Пропел нам целый альбом напоследок, но этого всё равно так мало, Дэвид, так ужасно мало. Потому что ты - большой. И чтобы вместить и узнать всего тебя, этому миру не хватило бы и вечности. Но ты ушел. На небе довольно нетерпеливые поклонники, верно? Могли бы и ещё немного подождать. А мы остались без тебя, как же так. Мы скучаем по тебе, чудесный ты человек. Перерождайся поскорее, ладно? Мы будем ждать. Хорошего отдыха, Дэвид. С любовью, Земля.

  • Katia, Belgium

    Thank you for all your amazing songs!! Now you are a real star in heaven and in space!!

  • Thaitanium27, Belgium

    Waarheen de reis in het hiernamaals ook moge gaan,laat het een vreugdevolle en pijnloze gebeurtenis zijn,vervuld van enkel de wonderbaarlijke mooie dingen. Have a Nice trip Major Tom.?

  • Katrien, Belgium

    Thank you for the music you gave to us!! We will surely dance in heaven some day!

  • dimitri Vercruysse , België

    M. Bowie we can't say enough thanks for your musical legacy to the world.... Will you play a song for my mother who is also in heaven? Thank you so much for the music.....

  • Jakke, Belgium

    Legends never die!

  • Elaine, Belgium

    I hope you will have as much fun up there as you had on earth! Say hi to Elvis, Freddie, Frank, Jimmy, Joe and my grandparents :)

  • Johnny, Belgium

    Enjoy your trip to eternity Major Tom

  • Tatyana(SaturnWolf), Russia,Saint-Petersburg

    Dear David! I feel your Soul! Now we are closer energetically and spiritually.Thank you! And I'm sorry if I didn't spend enough time before...

  • Lurdes, Portugal

    You have been an inspiration all my life. Thank you for crying and laughing with me. I will miss you so much...

  • Oliga, Russia

    Dear David!Thank you very much for all that you gave me. I never forget you. Good buy Major Tom, Ziggy, Jaret and many other images this great singer and just deadly handsome man.

  • Batty Kay, Australia

    Grew up with you. You taught me that to be wierd was good and hair is for colouring. Always in my heart and in my ears. Love you xxx

  • inge, belgie

    A genius,a star ... your music that can live on for lightyears... thanks for all those happy moments filled with your music I will remember you at night looking up to the sky

  • Richard Baker, United Kingdom

    Been a big fan of yours, since I was 4/5 David - it was great seeing you live, in 2003. Rest in peace

  • Jo, USA

    I hope you're resting in a beautiful peace.

  • Frank, USA

    We learned so much from you about ourselves. May this message travel as a beacon of the happiness you brought.

  • magda, belgie

    dank u voor al je mooie muziek we hebben geen afscheid kunnen nemen veel te vroeg heb je ons verlaten hopelijk zien we elkaar terug in heaven en kunnen dan nog jou prachtige muiek beluisteren tussen de sterren we gaan je missen man het ga je goed hierboven

  • Kim Edwin, Norway

    Your amazing artwork will never die :-) Thank you :-D

  • Ketrin, Russia

    Дэвид, спасибо за твои замечательные песни и фильмы, за твою любовь к жизни и фантазию. Верю, сейчас ты шагаешь среди звезд, и Вселенная внимает твоим песням. А мы будим помнить и любить тебя на Земле.

  • Kasia, Poland

    Thank You. Eternal love to You.

  • Rita, Italy

    Good bye my friend. You have been a sun bean in my life

  • ingrid, united states

    you will be missed ...you have died too soon..i dont think it was meant to be your time....you still had so much to do....now you will reside in the heavens...please shine your unique and wonderful light upon us ......rest in peace major tom.....

  • Christophe, België

    Thank you for everything

  • Effy, USA

    I just lost my daddy. I hope you find each other up there and have a wicked jam session. Thank you for everything, Starman.

  • Johannes Bopp, Germany

    Im so sad that you fade away! Every time I think of you my heart hurts. We never forget you, David and thank you for the wonderful music! Thank you for all the things we got from you! Now you are the brightest star in heaven!

  • Ronny, Belgie

    Once arrived in the musical heaven, I hope you get promoted to General! Great music, Great career, gone too soon... Take care Major Tom!

  • Myriam, Belgium

    Dear Mr. David Bowie, Many thanks for your beautiful songs; you were and will always stay one of the greatest musicians of our time. Rest in peace now. Thanks for your incredible wonderful goodbye, while you were suffering so much. My deepest condolences to your family and many friends. Now your are far away between the stars, the angels and you are very close to God. I will never forget you, because your music will always stay with us.

  • Els, België

    Ergens tussen heel veel sterren, schittert een nieuwe ster. Een hemel vol hemelse muziek.

  • Joana Sant'Ana, Portugaç

    I Love you! Always had | Always will!

  • Alex, Chile

    David Bowie gracias por cambiar mi mundo y mostrarme que está bien ser un bicho raro. Gracias por definir mi adolescencia. Sin tí, estaría perdido en este mundo

  • Patrizia, Italy

    My dear David, You will always be my king.

  • Gabriella Serravalle, Italy

    Thank you Major Tom. You always made the way also for us. Let's continue. We'll follow you. Love for you and your music Captain.

  • Gema, Spain

    Querido David Bowie: gracias por deslumbrarnos con tu talento, con tu belleza, con tu elegancia. Tu voz resonarà en mi corazón mientras viva.

  • AnnickB, Belgium

    When I look at the stars, I Think of You, RIP David

  • Ampi, Belgium

    A blackstar in space, leaving a black hole on earth and in my hearth. Thanks for the fatastic music you have left us so we will never forget ! You are 2nd to none.

  • van de weghe - thierens, belgie

    you're by the king elvis now

  • Tania, België

    Stuur je talenten maar door naar mij, dan hou ik je zeker in leven ! Hou je goed daarboven, we gaan je missen David xxx

  • Caroline, België

    It's OK to stick out, to sing out of tune, to dance my own dance. You rock. Thank you and see you again someday, somewhere, someplace... xx

  • Philippe P., België

    Vaarwel Broeder, Groet onze voorouders ginder in de diepe ruimte... Tot later...

  • Jan, Belgium

    Thanks for the music. Hope you'll find your spiders.

  • Nadine , Belgie

    Always a Hero ‼️ Thanks for chanche THE music !

  • Jule, Germany

    Thank you for timeless moments&lifechanging music!I'm happy to live in the same decade :)

  • Christian Boess, Germany

    Thank you kindly for your albums, your awesome live performances and your constant inspiration. You made it seem that everything is possible. See you on the other side. Farewell, Major Tom.

  • Inge-Marie, Belgium

    This is grond control to Major Ziggy Stardust: clear for take off! Spread your wings and fly into eternity!!! Your music will keep you allive, Rest In Peace!

  • Afonso Coruche, Portugal

    We shall meet again. Love you. A&A

  • Stefania, Italy

    Hallo Spaceboy, the chaos is killing me.

  • Emmanuelle, France

    It is not the end. You will always be by our side. Thank you for having passed on our planet and having left us so many masterpieces. Have a nice trip!

  • the moon, themooon

    "Get up and walk, Lazarus" . I get it, stars become black painful blackholes after they die, but you were so special, you were a black star .

  • jessica, U.S

    Thank U for the amazing music, thank you more for shaking up the norm, and making it ok to be an alien here on earth. ♡U Rip

  • Dragana, Serbia

    Be happy wherever you are! Hope to meet you one day in some better worlds to listen to your music.

  • Ruth, England

    Goodbye my hero x

  • Milena, Germany

    Mama und ich sind sicher, dass Du nicht tot bist. Aber wir vermissen Dich und wissen, dass wir uns wiedersehen! XOXO



  • Guy Gyselinckx, Belgium

    This is Guy Control to mayor Tom,you left us in the most peculiar way. And yes the stars look verry sad today. We gonne miss you.Anyway thanks for giving us your Style and music till today. We love you .???????

  • Nikita, Russia

    Thank you! It was great knowing that somewhere, a person like you existed on the same planet, a man who inspired so many to do so much for so long! It was a honor living during the same time you did. It pains to know you left us. Sweet dreams!

  • Eliza, Russia

    We`ll meet again. Love you. Always.

  • Lisa, Denmark

    You were here on visit. Giving us so much. Now you must go back. Take with you our love and gratitude ❤ Never never forgotten!

  • MERTENS JIM, belgie

    rust in peace David Bowie hole de world is thinking about you Major David

  • Linda, Belgium

    Beauty in music and life. R.I.P. David.

  • NatashaKoshkina, Russia

    I saw galaxies in your eyes... love you,majorTom.

  • Marie Collins, France

    Bravo et merci pour l'intensité, l'énergie, l'incandescence, la beauté, la curiosité, la Culture, la liberté, les prises de risque, la folie, l'intelligence, l'imagination, la singularité, la générosité ! Merci d'avoir si bien représenté ma génération à travers toutes vos incarnations. Merci d'avoir fait sauter des frontières. Merci pour la musique... Merci pour le travail. RIP

  • Valérie, France

    I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years

  • Francesca, Spain

    You're my inspiration, and I love you. Please continue to teach me to be different and brave, like you were. Thanks David

  • Karolina, Poland

    Thank you for everything! You are great!!!!

  • Hiroko Nagata, Japan

    Thank you for coming to the earth to make our life so special..... and please come back again as soon as possible. We really miss you.......

  • Christine, België

    Dear Mr Bowie, thank you for your music. Can you please make sure that only LOVE will rule the world ? See you, hopefully not too soon. Christine

  • Lin, Russia

    Thank you, thank you for everything!☆Farewell,Starman.

  • Diamond, England

    Bedroom Bowie-love on ya x

  • Cindy, Belgium

    David, put on your red shoes and let's dance.....forever

  • Stacey, Russia

    Thank You for what you have been in our lives and You will stay with us forever. Have a good journey!

  • Jan , Belgium

    Thank you for the lovely music! Rest in peace!

  • Jan, Belgium

    Best wishes up there

  • Jacq, USA

    Love ya to the moon and back, and way past Tuesday. X <3

  • Alice, Russia

    Hope you are fine now.Thank you for all your light, our immortal star! Forever in our hearts

  • Leen, Belgium

    Thank you for the music. You are my Hero. Always in my heart. Rest in peace.

  • Rob TC, Mexico

    David, Mr. Bowie, Ziggy: I know that where you are now is fun, I can't imagine yourseĺf in a boring place. And I just drool thinking of the magnificent jams going on there. Please remember me when I get there and let me be your bass player if only for one song, the one you choose, I will be pleased eternally. Love you.

  • Asya, Russia

    Thank you. Thanks for all these marvellous years. It was the greatest trip in Life. До встречи.

  • maisie, england

    You have left so many good things to remind us of you. Fly high Mr Bowie.

  • Olga again, Russia

    Find me in another life

  • Sonya, Russia

    Goodbye space invader. Our love is infinite

  • Sas, Belgie

    Grote meneer met schitterende muziek!!!! Hero

  • Gaye, Australia

    Thankyou for the memories David. My hero from age 13. I loved your uniqueness, your music, your acting & seeing you in concert was def one of the highlights in my life. My heart is also sad for your family. What a loss for those that knew you so personally. Never replaced & never forgotten. RIP now.xxxxx

  • Frederick , England

    Just like to say I loved every song you ever done and still do what a fantastic man thought you may be here forever never be another like you David

  • Eric & Natascha, Belgie (Antwerpen)

    Farewell Starman. Thanks for your wonderful songs! See you on another planet....XxX

  • Dirk, Belgium

    The world has lost a great artist, but your star will shine forever up above. RIP Starman !

  • vanessa, belgië

    dank u voor alles. Dank u dat wij dagelijks kunnen genieten / luisteren van/naar uw kunstwerken. Je word zeer hard gemist.

  • Natalie, Russia

    Dear David, thank you for your music, for your fantastic talent. Our world became a beautiful, because of you. Thank you so much for everything. We`ll never forget you. Shine!

  • Philippe DLB, Belgium

    Way to soon ! Still so many people loves your music. Rest in peace.

  • Peter, Germany

    You'll always be my hero and friend !

  • Katrien VDM, Belgium

    Hello Major Bowie, Hope you are fine today. Last night I saw your shining star on the clear and cold nightsky here in Belgium. You were great and always will be ! Thank you for the music. From Katrien

  • Polly, Russia

    A thousand thanks, Ziggy Stardust! Forever in the hearts of men ! See you! See you soon!

  • nadine, België

    Starman, you're music will live on


    Try my best to end full stops in punctuation and replace them with a Bowie blackstar; so you are remembered forever;would make World a slightly happier place.

  • gallia, france

    Dear David Bowie, planet earth is waiting for you, and all of us... you were so great, you are so great and beautiful. you made me what I am. thanks for all...

  • Ari, Russia, chelyabinsk

    i.. i love.. thank you, dear David.

  • Astrid, Germany

    Thank you for being here with us and share your music and art with us, everyone has their own story with you and their own connection. You always have a place in our hearts. Now you're one of the stars.

  • Natalie , UK

    True inspiration to us all. Thank you for everything! ❤

  • Saniir, Russia

    You're great. Thanks for all song, they will always live in my heart.

  • Maia Kruus, EStonia

    Dear Major Tom! Blue Planet Earth Needs You! Will forever miss you. When I look at the starry sky, you are the brightest star there. Your music gives me the strength to live. THANK YOU, DEAR DAVID!

  • mo, USA

    Star stuff to star stuff. Thanks you for everything.

  • Ted, US

    Thanks David for everything!

  • Macha, France

    Thank you !!! See you...

  • Julia, Russia

    Раз уж ты там, спой Володе "Life on Mars". Он всегда хотел попасть на твой концерт.

  • Chris, England

    Thank you for the music, the art, the beauty that you brought to my life. Love on ya x

  • Alma, Nederland

    Goodbye Space Boy... Jij blijft mijn grote vriend. Bedankt!

  • Juanjo Martin, Spain

    Gracias por todos estos años de felicidad. Adios mi amado extraterrestre





  • Tatiana Portnova, Russia

    I love you. You're not dead. See you!

  • Diana, Mexico

    Hey man, thank you for make me sing again, you were my only friend when an old world lost his sense and I found me with no name and no face. You are love.

  • Johnny, Belgie

    Bedankt kerel voor al jou goeie muziek.je ster zal voor altijd schitteren.good luck in haeven.

  • Mick Knoke, Berlin

    I cant belive you left us. Every time I'll take a look at the night sky, I will think about you, starman. Good night and sleep well. The stars look very different today. Eternal love from planet earth.

  • Darko, Republic of Srpska

    Thank you!

  • Charlotte, België

    Thank you for being brilliant and making a difference. You changed the world a song at a time. You will be sorely missed. See you on the other side!

  • Meeli, Germany

    But whatever lies behind the door, there is nothing much to do Angel or devil, I don't care For in front of that door, there is YOU See you on the other side! Love, always

  • Shlomit, Israel

    David you are my inspiration, I will never forget you... Because of you we Can all be heroes...

  • Sandra, Belgie

    Dag lieve, mooie David Bowie. Bedankt voor de mooie muziek. Hopelijk ben je heel gelukkig in de hemel en kan je nog heel veel mooie muziek maken. Tot in de hemel. XXX

  • Dionne, UK

    Thank you for making me the person I am today. You will live on through your amazing music.Love you forever and always!? ? ?

  • Yara, USA

    Your music gave me an outlet when I was sad or even happy, and your words made me feel better about being different than other people thank you so much. Now there is life on Mars. I love you, RIP Ziggy

  • Hans, Belgium

    Thank you so much for your inspiration David, and so much more. Goodbye Spaceboy.

  • Holly, U.K

    You'll forever be my hero, you influence my every move and the world is a darker place without you but fans everywhere will work hard to make it a brighter place and we'll work together to keep your memory alive forever.

  • Hope Phillips, England

    Thank you Mr Bowie for everything. You have taught us all a lot. I will never stop listening to your amazing music. Enjoy what ever is up there waiting in the sky.

  • Jo Wilson , Scotland

    There will never be another like you. What you meant to me was immeasurable. Thank you David. Rest well.

  • Irina Bailey, Ukraine

    Dear Ziggy… Enjoy now your Homeland… Your Earth life was brilliant in every way. Your talent and creativity is far beyond this Universe! You will always be the inspiration for me. Fly now on the speed of God! Thank you for spending some time with homo sapiens.

  • Nicola Ewart, England

    You were more than a "rock and roll star" You lived as a Legend and you always will be. Thank you for how you and your music made me feel when you were alive, and the way I'm seeing things in a whole new light now, in your death. I hope you're happy out there. Love you, Star man!


    We wil Always love you, thanks have a nice fligt you wil Always be here with me RIP

  • Ruth, Netherlands

    Teaching people that its OK to be different,not be mainstream and standing up for black music way back and ofcourse fighting rasism with music !! Keep spreading the word... Be free like that bluebird.. Love

  • Saffron Coulthard, United kingdom

    Thank you for your music, you were a genius,wonderful and kind. I will miss you. Everyone says hi.

  • Jolien, my heart

    Free like a bluebird, but never free from my heart. You're immortal, youngman. Have a nice flight, Tom.X

  • Jolien, Belgie

    Mr. Bowie, you changed my life and I will always love you for that, forever and ever. You learned a 15y old what Music was and this will be a joy for life. Tu étais formidable.

  • Heli, Finland

    Thank You.

  • Lady Stardust, Denmark

    because of all we've seen, because of all we've said.. we are the dead. Miss you.

  • Girl Monkey, USA

    Thank you for everything. You've been a large part in the memories made with my boy monkey✨

  • Aidan Fleming, Scotland

    Goodbye Starman, you were certainly a hero for more than one day. R.I.P

  • Pauline, Holland

    I'm still listening.....to your words and your voice..Thank You

  • Micheline, Belgium

    Thank you and CU.

  • Michelle, England

    You came, you saw, you rocked, you went home!! See you on the other side, major Tom. Love on ya!! ?

  • Irina, Russia

    Farewell, Jareth. We will remember you, David. Ты навсегда останешься в наших сердцах.

  • Bernard Vercier, France

    Bad Times are coming I feel it in my mind Do you hear me crying ?

  • BECCA HAVOK, United States

    Thank you.

  • Luna, Belgium

    From your star, take care of yourself and our Earth Mister Starman, we need your protection from above. I'll never forget you, much love...

  • Andrea, Italy

    Forgive us Protect us God bless you

  • Chiara D., Italy

    We will see at the next Station, Thin White Duke.

  • Eva, Argentina

    I'm sad but also glad that you're there (wherever "there" is). I just hope that you're having a good time, maybe with friends, maybe with aliens, who knows? And if you became a star in the skies, I just hope to see you there.

  • Kevin D., USA

    Sleep well, Ziggy. You are loved.

  • Sue, UK

    Mr. Bowie. This isn't my last message because you are still with us and are everywhere and everything, now. May the Goddess bless your spirit. xx...

  • Elisabeth, France

    Thank you for all. I'll never forget you !


    Rest Well StarMan, hope to meet YOU someday.

  • colpaert anja, belgie

    thx for everything.

  • Angela, México

    This is my second message. It's just... so hard to me to be able to... express myself correctly. I find myself at a loss of words because there are so many things that I want to say but I just don't know how. Thank you, I love you. You'll live in my heart forever. Have a nice journey; I know you will. Goodbye, Major Tom. <3

  • Olga Bozhok, Russia. Barnaul

    David, thank you for the music, for the love, you forever in my heart ...

  • Victoria, Argentina

    Thanks for everything, you are free like that bluebird now. <3

  • Alexandra P, Russia

    Thank you for your talent! Please check is there life on Mars! think you already know

  • tanya, Russia

    Thank you for everything. Goodbye, Starman.

  • Susanna Jane, Australia

    Sleep softly, Major Tom xx

  • Lucy, Australia

    Thank you for making my childhood magical.

  • Craig, United States

    Thank you for all your contributions in music and entertainment. Say hi to Julie for me, i'm sure she'd like to meet you. Rest in Power, Bowie

  • Sophia, Canada

    Far more than a legend and a genius. Thank you, David Bowie.

  • Ekaterina and Kay, Russia

    Thank you for ch-ch-ch-ch-changing our lives! Love you to death.

  • Jean Pierre, France

    Thank you for all Simply

  • Emily, United States

    I spent the weeks before attending Lazarus deciding what I would say if I saw you, and you died 6 days before I saw the show. It was a spectacular show, David - and I left a note outside the theater saying what I would have said: thank you. Wherever your music plays, you'll be alive.

  • Kacy, Us

    You have touched my world in ways I cannot begin to describe. Thank you my starman. I love you

  • Brandon Linn, United state s

    Thank you for everythin, we love and miss you dearly

  • donna, usa

    Thank you for all you!!!

  • Jen, U.S.A.

    The light will always play for me...in every song that I hear, in every rain drop that falls from the sky. Whenever lightning strikes the earth below, I will think of you on stormy nights like tonight...and know that the Starman exists beyond all of that in the great beyond.

  • Sharon Gray, Uk

    Your departure from planet earth hurts so much, but in time we will come to terms with our loss and yes the stars look very different today as heaven gains the brightest star of all. RIP David Jones, long live David Bowie

  • Ashley, Brooklyn NY USA

    The light went out of my life when you left us, but I will find it again in the stars knowing you're out there now. Your gifts, your art, are forever and always with me. xx

  • J.H., USA

    As I scroll and read everyone's comments, they all echo my feelings about you and your impact on my life. Sadly, I was never able to see you, though, I hoped you would have done some touring, but now I just read articles about you, U tube your videos, concerts. You were a force to be seen and heard, just fantastic. I know you can't possibly read this, so it's nice to express how I feel without anyone's thoughts or judgments. You are greatly appreciated and we are all the better for having you in our lives.


    David Bowie★Thanks a million.

  • Spence Currie, Canada

    Think I saw you in an ice cream parlour drinking milkshakes cold and long, Smiling and waving and looking so fine, Don't think you knew you were in this song! Thanks David!!

  • Joël , Québec

    see you up there in many many years.

  • Nacho, USA

    I am very thankful for the jams you made both on your own and with other artists. Have fun on your final voyage. Cheers Bowie!

  • b11, australia

    The stars look different today....think of you always and be with you in the stars someday xx

  • Laetitia, Australia

    May you rest amongst the constellations, beautiful Rivendell creature, you.

  • Andreas R., Germany

    A part of my life is gone. Left us with a last message. Look up here, I am in heaven. No more to say. Love you, David.

  • Nancy Kotowski, USA

    Thanks for 42 years of great memories. I now embrace my age at 52. I seen you 5 times in concert. How lucky I am. U will always b my HERO. RIP

  • Steph, USA

    Nothing I can say except thank you for everything. You are irreplaceable. We all miss you so much down here. Much love.

  • zosojojo, USA

    Thank you for being the soundtrack to my life. You taught me it was okay to be me. You sang me to sleep. You moved my hips and my feet. And you brought tears to my eyes. You are the Star Man.

  • Barbara Schain, Australia

    The quintessential incredible genius. A speaking and singing voice so unique. I will miss you for the rest of my life. See you up there when I get there dearest DB. xxx

  • Renmiri, Brazil

    There will never be anyone else like you

  • Matt Davis, Canada

    There will never be another David Bowie and thats both a joy and a shame. A joy because you were one unique person and a shame because now you are gone forever.

  • b11, australia

    We mourn you because we've never known a world without you. I left roses for you at the Brixton mural, through the kindness of strangers brought together by your loss. We love you. You will live forever, Bowie. Thank you for the music, the legacy, and the love you showed us. We all lost a piece of ourselves the day you died. Now at peace. We listen, and remember you. xxxxx

  • Emma, USA

    Thank you Bowie for being my hero...you made it easy for me to be more of myself and to push the envelope. You are the greatest thing that has ever roamed this planet. God bless <3

  • Deb, USA

    My hero since I was 15! I know you have more music for us to hear and I'm excited to find out where it will take us next! We know it won't be boring! With Love

  • Nana Ziggy, U.K. Living in canada

    I miss you even though I never met you. I love you and your work across all,the arts again even though I never met you. THANK-YOU for always being my rock and being the foundation of me.xxxx hope you look down on us with love also.

  • Darian Wolfe, USA

    Thank you so much for being my guiding star when life was dark. My artwork and outlook on life has improved greatly because of you and I owe you my very life. Thank you. Sleep well, Starman. I love you

  • Patri , Argentina

    Planet Earth is blue and there is nothing we can do... thank you Major Tom... go on shinning wherever you are

  • Shelley Ellerd, USA

    Your life, your music, your genius is the soundtrack of my life. See you on the flip side.

  • Bazkit, United States

    Stop dying ❤️ Why don't they pick on somebody who's not David Bowie? ✌?❤️???

  • Tim, USA

    Thank You So Very Much, David.

  • Cassie, United States

    Thank you for being there when no one else was, you'll always be my first love.

  • CydneyX, America

    "Thanks for including me in your inner circle on BowieNet. I had the time of my life. And I still listen to Gene Krupa, thanks to you."

  • Janelle, Mexico

    Glad you are with the stars again David, you never belonged on earth but we are going to miss you, you were one of the most stupendous artists of all time, all the love. xx

  • Ira , Mexico

    Gracias infinitas, Starman.

  • Ali, Argentina

    Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Eternal love!

  • Polina, Russia

    I just want to say "thank you". You are amazing and imposible. Now, there is life on the Mars. I believe it.?

  • Brandon Reyes , Mexico

    Thank you for all, but specially, for being part of my life. I will miss you, David.

  • Sarah Hyde, England

    The stars look very different today. I look up to the night sky, and there's a Starman there.

  • Maria D. Cobain, México

    Thanks for your temporary stay on our planet. I'll always remember you, Starman. Have a nice journey.

  • justin, united stated

    Dude i fucking love your band man. I will suck your cock

  • Jock&Cathy, Scotland&Usa

    From. 13 to death and beyond you were our brightest star and we are so grateful you share your magic with us. May our souls unite and share your stardust in the ether of our universe

  • Tracelica, Colorado, USA

    Thank you for coming into our lives out of our dreams.

  • April, USA

    I have so many things I'd like to say, but I can't squeeze over 45 years of Love & admiration here. Thank you for your Art & Music & for you being you. I Love You...

  • Kelly, Michigan

    You are a true inspiration to me...you lived and died with such dignity. A true artist until the end. ?❤????

  • Donna, USA

    From Ziggy to Blackstar your music was a part of my life. You made it OK to be a weird chick in suburbia. Say hi to Freddie.


    Immortality has found you David Jones - they have all become you now. Thank you for changing the world. We all know you now, and are grateful to you for lighting the way.

  • Lucas Bello, Brazil

    You come like a leper messiah and show us how feel good in sad feelings. Thank you for all and the planet earth is still blue and there's nothing we can do.

  • Chilligula , USA

    ZIGGS IN SPAAACE. I'm happy, hope you're happy too, we love you........

  • barbara, USA

    Shine on Starman. You changed the world with your brilliance and Light!

  • Ilse , Mexico

    Thank you David. I will love you forever and ever. You are always with me.

  • Daniela, Arfentina

    Thank you for everything you've done in my life, you changed me forever. I'll never forget you, have a safe trip Starman! Lots of love, see you in space.

  • Jessie Chen, China

    Thank you for your music. Your songs have inspired a lot of bands and musicians. You will not be forgotten, you wonderful being! Enjoy your journey in the space.

  • Lesley, USA

    Your music was so instrumental during my teenage years. I had such a fabulous time listening and dancing to your music. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. You were one of a kind and will be such a huge miss xx

  • barbara, USA

    Your talent & creativity made the being an outsider feel aspiratinal. I will never forget watching you work in rehearsal & you kindness when we spoke. I am forever grateful for your music and originality. Shine on Star Man.

  • Angelique, USA

    You were one in a million-one of my absolute favorites!!!! I couldn't believe it when you passed away! You made awesome music and changed the world! Forever missed and loved <3

  • Irene , Italy

    Make it Fruitful

  • Cyndi, USA

    Thank you. You will never be forgotten.

  • Francisco, Mexico

    David: You have always been with me in every moment and will continue to be forever, you are now infinite. I love you, thank you so much for everything, every single song, every single album. THANK YOU

  • Tanynee Abrukii, USA

    From my childhood, hearing Mom play your records, to falling in love with you via the Let's Dance vid, you have touched my life, creativity, heart, and mind. I always heard the whir of spaceships in your guitar, their hum in your voice, the spaceman uniform of your clothes. You were on my mind so strongly just before I found out that you left us. You've returned to the Sky, but you're in orbit in my and many other hearts and minds forever. You ARE our BlackStar. Thanks for that parting gift. And for always being you. Love to Iman and your kids. Fly on,Starman. XO

  • Meghan, USA

    Dear David, Thank you for inspiring me to embrace my strangeness and to be who I truly am. I continue to find strength through your lyrics and love how you can make every bad moment of life disappear. Thanks for being my fellow left-hander and role model and for gifting us with your meaningful lyrics. Hope to see you one day Starman!

  • Steven, belgie

    be a star in space so we can look at you every night!!

  • Judith, usa

    Let me out

  • Mathilde, UK

    You were a genius and a fantastic artist, in both music and visual arts. You changed the world with your songs and your costumes. Thanks for having shared your creativity with us, we will never forget. You are the greatest inspiration of my life and you are my hero. Rest in peace, Earth will miss you.

  • Rick Edwards, Milton Keynes UK

    This gets sent out on my 50th birthday - thanks for the memories Starman~ You may not of been a prophet or stone age man but you were for sure a mortal who became a superman, now your living on in us all ~ Rock the cosmos Mr Jones and may 'Gods' love always be with you .. Love, light & Peace ..

  • Effie, Netherlands

    One of the most precious part of my childhood. Thank you xxx ❤️

  • Raul, Mexico

    Gracias maestro David

  • Lara, USA

    Met you once - your smile and grip was genuine.. Will never forget ❤️

  • Latasha Hammond, Great Britain

    David Bowie you shall be the star shining the brightest today. What true legend we have lost , you have had changed and inspired the music and fashion industry forever .... Truly one of a kind with pure talent and class. What I love about you is you remind me of home, you remind me of my mum - she brought me into the world with you music : ) In the words of 'Absolute beginners ' - "I absolutely Love You" , god bless and "blow their minds" up thier . Thankyou

  • Lorelli, USA

    Dearest David, Thank you for all of your fabulous music, movies & memories. You are the star of the stars! You will live on in our hearts forever!! May you R.I.P. ❤️

  • Beckie, US

    The first time I heard Space Oddity, I knew that my life would never be the same! You taught me that I could be whoever I wanted to be and it was ok! You will always be in my heart! You will always be my Hero! Rest in Peace!

  • Rick Edwards, Milton Keynes UK

    You were the music, style & look icon of my life - thanks for it all .. I will not only miss you till Tuesday, but I will stretch it till Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all the days till the end of my time.. Rock the Stars till the end of time my friend.. and may 'Gods' love always be with you..

  • Deena Joyce, York UK

    The world mourns your passing but your music will be treasured and in our hearts and minds for ever. Safe journey home Starman. I hope your souls journey is as wonderful as your life's work. Love you to the moon and back a thousand times.

  • Amy , USA

    Thank you for visiting our planet and making it a better place. Have a safe voyage back home! We love you and you will be missed!

  • Tomek, Poland

    Dear Starman, it was great pleasure to life in the same times as You, I feel that you are a big part of me, see you somewhere in the Universe, have a save trip :) LOVE & PEACE! THANK YOU!

  • Tabitha, USA

    Dear David Bowie, I never met you but I felt like I knew you even though I know I didn't. I started listening to your music when my dad showed me one of your music videos I think it was Ashes to Ashes. It was the perfect timing because I was never really myself until I saw you and heard you. You changed my life and now I can be myself. I used to always say that you would never die because you are immortal because I was scared that when you did it would hurt a lot. I shouldn't have been scared because I know that you are immortal in our memories and in our hearts. PEACE PEACE and LOVE to you David Bowie a true hero.

  • Aleksandar Popović, Serbia

    When the deepest silence covers everything as darkness, when disappears when our last hope, once again, as it used to, come in to the center of reality and give us the light and the clearing beyond. Your Aleksandar Popović

  • Kim & Joe Sudnik, USA

    My brother and I made cookies of you tonight, and drank several toasts, and sang and danced, and wept a bit in joy. We will miss you. I love you, and you also are a huge part of my brother and I, together.

  • ginger, usa

    First time I heard diamond dogs I knew you would have a huge impact on my life.i know you will see my parents...have fun.you are all missed

  • Margarita, Russia

    Right now it's literally music from Heavens. Tnank you.

  • Ruan Linker, Brazil

    I just do not know how to say it, I don't believe you're gone, I just miss you, I love you and I'm very grateful for everything you've done. "I'm happy hope you're happy too"

  • Sara, USA

    Thank you, it's so strange that you aren't here on this earth, but through your art you gave us something invaluable. I hope we'll all see you again some day. <3

  • joethelion, uk

    Hi Dave :) I know you've had serious stuff on your mind, but you could have called ... :) ATB, jtl

  • Trixie , Canada

    You made life bearable when it wasn't. xoxoxox ❤

  • Rin, somewhere

    thank you, Great Artist. you changed my life forever.

  • Sierra, US

    I miss you so much. It doesn't feel possible that you're not here. Thank you isn't enough. I love you. ?⚡️?✨

  • Shep, Russia

    Thank you for all you've done. Goodbye, Starman.

  • Livia, planet earth

    No other artist death have affected me at this degree like you. I feel heartbroken and at the same time very grateful. You were a once in a lifetime creative force and I'm glad I was here to witness it. What a delight, a gift, an amazing inspiration and a true artist you were. Thank you for sharing your light with the rest of us all these years. Thank you. You shall live forever in our hearts.

  • Rowena, Australia

    Your death is the worst one I've experienced from someone I never met. It hit me like a freight train. We are all sorry

  • erika, USA

    Thank you for everything you did for me growing up. You've been such a big influence, and you will be on generations to come... I'll make sure of it.

  • Olga, Russia

    Thank you

  • Gem mcgillivray, Scotland UK

    you came, you changed music as we know it, you said goodbye! Farewell xxx

  • Jason, UK

    Thank you

  • David Bowie Stargirl, Dear Ol' England

    Forever and Ever ...my lovely ;-) Xxx

  • Rob, Ireland

    Thank you. RIP

  • Constanza Cattáneo, Earth

    I just wanted to say something else: I hope we'll meet in other life! It would be amazing :) <3

  • Laughbritish (Shannon), USA

    you will hear this a million times. well here is one million and one. Thank you!! one billion times, thank you!! I have been lucky, honored, and proud to exist at the same time as you and to have seen you on stage larger than life, and to hear your music, and to make friends with people I've been brought together with via your website that you knew would be impactful. Thank you, David! This is not the end.

  • Andrea, Czech Republic

    Never forget Starman. You have changed my life. See you around ??

  • Phill Carter, England

    Something kind of hit me today... We won't let your art perish, all will persist. Your influence is (r)evolutionary. Through the years your words taught me that I can be whatever I want. I miss you terribly Starman. I will forever look to the frailty of this human form and think "Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman", just like you are. Rest in peace Starman,

  • Rowena Flynn , Australia

    Farewell and Godspeed to your destination. We all love you and miss you. We will never forget you.

  • Amber Henebury , United Kingdom

    Ever since I was three your music and your life have influenced me for years and I will never forget you for that. Thankyou for being a huge part of my life, you made me who I want to be and forever you will always be my idol. Thankyou X

  • Tom, United States of America

    I'm lucky to have shared time on this planet with someone like you.

  • Amy Marshall, USA

    Blackstar is a beautiful way to say goodbye--you will always be far ahead of your time--one more star added to a marvelous galaxy--much love to our Starman--we are so honored that you fell to earth and spent your time and talent sharing your visions with the world--Amy

  • Sally Limbert, United Kingdom

    Dear David, fell in love with you when I heard Ashes to Ashes and then discovered and loved all before and after. Thanks for the music, for being my inspiration, you were truly brilliant, love on Ya fly free like that bluebird love Sal xxx. Ps you really made the grade...

  • Julie , Canada

    Thank you for the music and the countless other bands you've influenced. You'll be greatly missed. Planet earth is blue...

  • Lisa, USA

    Dear David, I would just like to thank you for being you and creating all the great music that we all loved and listened to over all of theses years-sometimeonly music can give you the cunsulation that you need. I Love you and will miss you and am so saddened to lose you. Rest in Peace forever and ever. Love, Lisa

  • Michael McDaniel, USA

    I have watched and appreciated you for 46 years. You continue in my heart!

  • Maria Bello, Brasil

    Um homem brilhante! Muitas gerações ainda falarão sobre você! Obrigada, David, por fazer a trilha sonora para nossas vidas!

  • Gertrude Dawn, Australia

    After 10.01.16 I finally had the strength the play a song on 17.01. I chose Memory of a Free Festival, it seemed fitting. "The sun machine is coming down and we're gonna have a party..." goodbye D.R.J. and thank you. For everything. x

  • Sabrina, Brasil

    David wanted to say that the best part of my day is when I hear your voice, I made a tattoo to you a year ago and when I see you in my skin my heart is filled with joy . I love you so much you changed my life <3

  • Brian Dellinger, USA

    Dear Mr. Jones, You have been a profound influence on me, and a huge part of my life for about 16 years and you will be forever. It doesn't usually bother me too much when legendary people I don't personally know pass, but the loss of your presence on earth impacted me greatly, and I cried when I found out and then the next day. There has never been and never will be anybody like you ever again. And even though you know that too, you always managed to keep a humble disposition about it which is rare for somebody as timeless as you. Your personality and your insertion of art into your live shows and album artwork already sets you apart. I love that about you. But the amount of amazing songs you made for over five decades cannot be touched by anybody. Modern music would be incredibly different had you not decided your skills would be globally celebrated forever. I will love you forever and ever. -Brian Dellinger

  • Niall, Ireland

    I'm crushed you're gone. Thank you for being so kind when I met you Love always x

  • Marie-antoinette Lawrence, UK

    David Bowie my super star...you gave me so much pleasure through your music...you have this amazing voice and lovely way about you that always touched my heart.... If I'm truthful my heart is broken and hopefully one day I will meet you again....who knows Major Tom!!!!!!! Constantly playing wild is the wind......prettiest star sung by yourself and guitar player Marc Bolan who sadly passed away...David Bowie and Marc Bolan you are two of my PRETTIEST STARS.......never will my luv I have for you fade.....??????

  • Leeane, USA

    Soar free my friend. You take our love with u on this final flight

  • Josephine, RI, USA

    Major Tom? It's me, Josephine. I just wanted to say that I miss you. We all do. You made it okay to be different, to be the "freak" and the "weirdo" and to go against what was considered the norm. You've inspired so many different people ranging in so many different ages in so many different genres and you brought them all together with your music. Not many people can do that. You are the brightest star in the sky, so shine on, Starman. We all love you ⚡

  • carins, Sweden

    Oh i whit I had the Chan's to meet you in real life. I loved you ,I can't select one song you do. But I love major Tom, and inspired,of you .a whas a litel rebell. When I what young. Miss you hug.

  • Rosie, U.K.

    All I can think to say is thank you. Thank you for helping me to accept myself for who I am and you made me not feel alone. Rest in tender peace my love.

  • Carol, Canada

    I loved you from the first moment I heard about you and saw your poster in my little local record store in Ottawa, Canada. I didn't know if you were a boy or a girl and I didn't care. I knew immediately and instinctively that you were something extraordinary and rare. I was twelve years old then. I'm fifty -five now. No matter what I did in life or where I went, you were always with me and so, you shall remain. Thank-you for everything.

  • Laura, Hull, UK

    I can easily say that on the morning of the 11th of January 2016 my world not only fell down but was also turned upside down with the heartbreaking loss of my hero and idol, although we never met david I have loved everything about you, your music, your fashion sense and your constant need to recreate yourself for as long as I can remember. Being one of your younger fans born in 1998 I never got the opportunity to see you perform live but nevertheless I am honoured that I have still been around in your lifetime and had the pleasure to discover your many amazing albums. On the day you died a little piece of me died along with you but my memory of you will live in the hole in my heart along with your music for eternity, sometimes I thought that there was never any stopping you especially now that I know that blackstar was a final farewell from you and your genius however your legacy will forever live on... my heart goes out to those closest to you, to iman and expecially lexi and duncan, i hope they know how much your fans adore you in life and in death.john and freddie have been waiting for you up there now it's time to make the heavens rock, I look up to the sky every night and stare at one particularly bright star for the same amount of time it takes to listen to space oddity and starman ... is it weird that I feel your presence? I love you david we all do, rest in peace starman hopefully we will one day meet on mars❤ I love you major tom sleep tight

  • Alannah, USA

    Thank you for everything, David. Your music and your influence helped and inspired millions of people. We will always love and remember you, Ziggy Stardust. <3 The world is a darker place without you in it.

  • Julie McSorley, USA

    You taught me it was OK to be me. A new supernova was discovered after you died, I know it's you, it's the brightest one ever. <3

  • Alexa, USA

    Thank you for being my inspiration and thank you for bringing the Labyrinth to life and making it the one good thing in my childhood that always comforted me. <3

  • Penny, USA

    Planet Earth Is Blue and there's nothing I can do.... Goodbye David Bowie .. The Earth will miss you vey much we know ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Christine, Scotland

    David, you have changed my life, you taught me to be myself. I am heartbroken you have gone. You will live on through your music and fans. Sleep well my love xxx

  • Abbie, England

    David, I don't know where to start. You changed my life forever, you inspired me to become who I am today and I am so so thankful for that. You have no idea how much I miss you, it was my dream to meet you and I'm planning on becoming a musician myself and I wanted you to listen to it. I hope to see you again one day, goodnight, sweet dreams.

  • Abbie, England

    David, I don't know where to start. You changed my life forever, you inspired me to become who I am today and I am so so thankful for that. You have no idea how much I miss you, it was my dream to meet you and I'm planning on becoming a musician myself and I wanted you to listen to it. I hope to see you again one day, goodnight, sweet dreams.

  • Harvey , USA

    You and your music made it acceptable to be different. For those of us on the fringe...we found comfort in your words and in your lyrics. You had a profound impact on my adolescence that helped shape who I am today. I will miss your presence dearly, however you will never truly be gone. Godspeed Starman...

  • Laura, England

    I can easily say that on the morning of the 11th of January 2016 my world not only fell down but was also turned upside down with the heartbreaking loss of my hero and idol, although we never met david I have loved everything about you, your music, your fashion sense and your constant need to recreate yourself for as long as I can remember. Being one of your younger fans born in 1998 I never got the opportunity to see you perform live but nevertheless I am honoured that I have still been around in your lifetime and had the pleasure to discover your many amazing albums. On the day you died a little piece of me died along with you but my memory of you will live in the hole in my heart along with your music for eternity, sometimes I thought that there was never any stopping you especially now that I know that blackstar was a final farewell from you and your genius however your legacy will forever live on... my heart goes out to those closest to you, to iman and expecially lexi and duncan, i hope they know how much your fans adore you in life and in death. I love you david we all do, rest in starman hopefully we will one day meet on mars❤ I love you major tom sleep tight

  • Mattia, Gallarate

    Dear David, although I know you're free now, It was very hard to leave You and to remain without the comfort of your great talent on this Planet. I like to imagine that after falling to Earth, You just went back to the Stars. Thank You for everything, specially your incredibile legacy, and for this Beautiful And touching last gift of hope, Lazarus. THANKS! Fly free beautiful bird, your star will Shine forever down Here.

  • Gayle , U S A

    Thank you for the music. You will be missed down here. We will always remember you. Upward and onward.

  • Clara, Italy

    Shhhhhh!!!!!!!! He absolute begginers

  • Flávia, Brasil

    Eu nunca te conheci pessoalmente, mas sinto tanto sua falta, Star man <3

  • cathryn, usa

    Ziggy ☆Star☆Dust! YOU gave us weirdos* the courage to be our strange selves! Thank you for being you ♡David Bowie♡ Fly high...... Mr Tom☆☆☆☆ .

  • Flávia, Brasil

    Meu sonho era te encontrar e sei que algum dia, em algum lugar do universo, ainda vou ter essa alegria. Vou apresentar suas obras para todos que passarem em minha vida, pois você é especial para todos que conhecem seu trabalho, Major Tom <3

  • Marta, Spain

    Dear David, I don't even know what to say, it's difficult to find the words to explain how I feel since I heard you had left this world, but I can tell you I feel lucky to have coexisted with you for a while, that your music will always be part of my life, and that I'll never ever forget you. I love you.

  • Jamie Lynn , USA

    I only wish I'd been born 20 years earlier so I'd have had more time to enjoy your gift. Love always.

  • Michael, England

    Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom.....

  • Bethany, USA

    Thank you for making this earthly place so cosmic and grand. Your creativity, innovation, fearlessness, genius has inspired me and so many others.

  • Anna, USA

    Thank you so much for everything. You are and will forever be missed. RIP <3 <3 <3

  • Lauren Dillon, New York

    You were an inspiration right from the start- The Most Genious Rock n'Roller on the Planet Earth . I will never forget you and I love you with all my heart Yours Forever Hands Down!!

  • David, Brazil

    I aways love you, my favorite person ever! Thank you for everthing. <3

  • Mary, Scotland

    God bless you Ziggy Stardust, the Thin white duke, David Jones. We will never forget you. You have been present in films and music throughout my life. Thank you so very much. Xxx

  • Trish, USA

    I met you as The Goblin King in "Labyrinth", when I was just 12-13 years old. After that, I devoured your music & followed your career voraciously, and I grew to love you all the more. The world is just a little bit darker without you, but I will never forget you.

  • Rachel, U.S.A.

    I am going to miss you, Major Tom. You've been the part of many memories made throughout my life. Thank you for making your art and giving it to the rest of us!

  • Phoebe, USA

    Thank you for changing our, my, world. You were quite aware of what you, we, were going through. The stars look very different today, but you shine just as bright.

  • Bruce Scott Jr. , USA

    Thank you Starman!! May God's love be with!??⚡️????

  • Hilary, Canada

    On Sunday I dined with my kids to the sounds of your voice on Blackstar. We chatted about an exciting upcoming tour. On Monday morning at 5:45, the 1st post I saw on FB was of your passing and I just cried. Thank you for you and all you accomplished. Where the fuck did Monday go? You were one very special man. We were so lucky to have you in our lives. Rest peacfully Sir David Bowie.xx

  • ???, USA

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. RIP <3

  • Rochelle virgo, Australia

    Thank you David for inspiring me with your creativity and alternative thinking. Iove on ya

  • Carol Hanquier, United States

    You have forever changed the world. Your memory and legend will continue to inspire through the ages. Your presence is deeply missed. All my love to my rock God.

  • Bobbie, WV, USA

    To the greatest man who introduced all of us on Earth who you were, love and miss you so. Your music and image will live on, never die in our hearts.

  • Melissa Cox, usa

    To my goblin king you will always live within me rip love Melissa

  • Jacqui .C, Australia

    Bon Voyage Sailor ,many hearts broke upon your passing .Thank you for your last goodbye ,The World feels so empty now without you in it you helped me through so much words will never be enough X Can u hear me Major Tom :)

  • Aurora, USA

    You were right: the stars look very different today.

  • Rosa, Canada

    Repose avec la paix... n"oublier a" jamais...

  • Julia, Austria

    You are my hero. When I first listened to one of your songs I was only 13 years old but at this moment I absolutely fell in love with your amazing voice. I love you, you were a wonderful person and musician. You'll always be in my heart. R.i.p. Love, Julia

  • Hege, Norway

    LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eugenia, Ukraine

    You are the greatest. Beautiful genius. The creature of harmony. You are the King. Thank you for your unique talant and your unusal beauty.

  • Casey, USA

    Thank you so very, very much David. For all the wonder and creativity you've put in my life. Rest Easy, Major Tom.

  • Marc, England

    I never met you but you were my friend. I have your beautiful picture on my wall. We shook hands in the middle of a show I was lucky enough to get that close to you, it meant nothing to yiu but the world to me. Because of you I've made lifelong friends. You helped me to be me, but most of all you entertained me for almost 40 years. I will miss you physically being in this world but you will live on in your music and in my heart. Thank you David xx

  • Mary, Russia

    I don't really know what to say because it's really hard but for sure you're the legend,and you will always be!

  • Kristine Spencer , USA

    You were a hero to me for more than one day. Goodbye Starman.

  • Jacqueline , Stevenage,Herts

    Kisses sent up to the sky so blue...catch them Starman they're just for you...Rip you amazing being ❤️

  • Deanna, Canada

    You taught me that I can be many different things all at once. I don't have to fit in a box.

  • Stan F, Ireland

    From Major Tom to Blackstar its been a blast .. Thanks for the trip David

  • Mathilde, France

    I can't believe you're not here anymore. I loved you, I love you, I will always love you. Nobody will be like you anymore and thank you so much for being yourself and a little bit strange but beautiful all these years... Goodbye David...

  • Jackson Gold, England

    Glitter and stars. Main components of my life, as influenced by you. Hope to meet you in the outer worlds someday. xx

  • Erin Temel, USA

    You made me believe! Enjoy your time with the cosmos.

  • Sophia , Ireland

    through you I found me. Thank you for everything. goodbye Major Tom Love always xxx

  • Kenickie, Planet Keneke (8743)

    From one space alien to another, I hope you've finally found your way back home.

  • Walzer, San Giorgio Su Legnano, Italy

    I wouldn't write anything to Major Tom... My mama always said "To get things done, you better not mess with Major Tom". And I won't start now! But, just in case you see our dear Starman while on a space mission, give him a hug from me and thank him for all these golden years together. And never wave bye bye. I'll try. Thank you W.

  • Yvonne, England

    You have been with me through 40 years of Happy times, Bad times, Romantic times and your presence ? May it be your music or a picture on my wall, I knew I could always turn to you ? Sadly missed but forever Loved xxx R.I.P My Hero x

  • chloe, england

    My heart hurts from losing a wonderful man this week, the performances he left behind will be admired, rewatched, remembered and will continue to inspire people for many years to come, a wonderful soul taken way to soon.

  • Ana, Spain

    Planet Earth is bluer than ever now you're gone. Enjoy your trip among the stars. Hot tramp, we love you so. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky...

  • Huw Thoams, Wales

    Music didn't play a part in my life until I heard you when I was 11, 8 years ago. My life changed course. Thankyou for everything David, you clever bastard. I love you and will do for the rest of my life.

  • Veronique, France

    You've ch...ch...ch...changed my life . And stars look very different today. Hot tramp, I love you so !

  • Mary Nizzare, USA

    RIP David, love you forever. Thank you for all the joy.

  • some loser, mexico

    there's a star man going back to sky he came to friendly meet us he came and blew our minds. IM SO FUCKING SAD

  • Richard, United States

    I listened and I heard Music in a word And words when you played your guitar The noise that I was hearing was a million people cheering And a child flew past me riding in a star

  • AZ, USA

    You changed my life, I turned and faced the strange. All my love, and most importantly- thank you, Starman.

  • Debbie, UK

    The film Christiane F had a huge impact on me, and your appearance in concert in it was something I'll never forget. Charismatic superstar, never forgotten x

  • Louise, U.K.

    Thank you David, you, you will be King. Love you ❤️⚡️❤️⚡️

  • does it matter?, mexico

    im so sorry i got obsessed with your acoustic advices, lessons after you returned home. I can't help myself from crying to your compositions that fit so lyrically to your dead. You touch me deeply each time I listen to you, and wonder how fullfilling it must be for an artist and being like you to make this emotional impact in all of us. I miss you like if we'd been great friends, planet earth has always been blue and there's so much you've done for all of us. Oh my god, why

  • Mia Porter, England

    My starman.My inspiration and light through my life. I hope you see how much you are loved and missed. You changed my life and I feel enlightened I found your music and genius. Earth is blue without you. Goodbye David Jones, sleep tight xxxxx

  • Jared Sturgeon, United States

    I love you forever, David Bowie. I will cherish your life and music, I already have. I hope to see you on the other side someday.

  • Kirsty Evans, Wales, UK

    To Major Tom, the star that has shone brighter than any star. I'm deeply saddened by your passing and I'm glad your not in any more pain. You've been a true inspiration to me. I've loved you since year 6 when our teacher let us watch Labyrinth, since then you've been a big part of my heart. Thank you Star man x

  • David, Uk

    Sir...it was an honour and privilege for all of us..we were the children and we boogied..godspeed

  • Sarah Jane Wuttke, Melbourne Australia

    You left your mark on earth Starman ✨✨ Our planet is collectively in mourning for your loss ✨✨ Thankyou for changing the world simply by being your beautiful self Till next time Mr Bowie ⚡️⚡️ • ?? • ?? • ✨✨

  • Logan, USA

    Thank you for everything, David. From the moment I heard Life on Mars? for the first time, I knew music could change lives. And yours has changed mine in so many ways. I cannot explain the impact you had on my life... I just wish I could thank you in person. Farewell, Starman★

  • Tetiana, Ukraine

    Thank you for your hard and amazing work.

  • Flows, London uk

    Thank you for everything. I hope you know what you mean to me. "I'm floating in the most peculiar way and the stars look very different today... "

  • Shez, England

    Thank you for everything, David. Thank you for being YOU! Your music will continue to be my escapism from the real world. I love you, Starman! ★

  • Jolanda Tegenbosch , Netherlands

    Only the good die young, rock on heaven....

  • Laura, Scotland

    Beautiful man, this still all seems unreal. You have been, and always will be an inspiration to me. You gave me the courage to just be me. No pretences, and now you inspire my children too, they adore you too. I am devastated that you are no longer with us, but take comfort in the fact that you will live on through generations to come. I miss you Starman... very, very much. x

  • Dawn, United Kingdom

    You brought so much into the music you wrote, you will be sadly missed by all, a true legend, see you on the other side, R I P

  • Andy Lane, Canada

    Hey David! Wish I'd gotten into your music a lot sooner than I did. Hope you can see how much the world loves you. - Andy

  • Jonathan Rogers , United kingdom

    David you were my light, when everything failed on occasion you were there. You the legend, the life in me, the light, and now a Blackstar. God bless and sleep tight

  • Nita, England

    Planet earth is blue now we are without you ? R.I.P Major Tom. You are totally a wonderful person and will be missed so much. Xxx

  • SYLVIA, N.J. U.S.A.

    Dear David, What to say ? You are gone and I am in such distress. Keep thinking about you and can't face the thought of never seeing you here again. Such a short visit but wow did you do so very much. You left so my wonderful songs. Goodbye for now and here's to you seeing you again down the road. Rock on you incredible man. xxxx

  • Brooke, USA

    I cannot express how incredibly thankful I am for all that you've done. I miss you terribly, Starman.

  • Willa, U.S

    To one of the most inspirational and talented humans ever, who helped me accept myself and encouraged me in the most troubling times. Thank You. Rest In Peace David Bowie.

  • Tyrone, UK

    We love you forever David, see you again some day x

  • Em, Canada

    Rest in peace Major Tom. We will never forget you. Love, ground control xx

  • Victoria, Italy

    I NEED TO THANK YOU! If you'd allow me, I'd also like to give you s massive hug for the fear and the pain you had to endure. Please, help me get his Love. He plays guitar. I met him at your friend's birthday. Just, please, play in his frequencies and mine, to make us rock together forever. I LOVE YOU! We will be VICTORIUS!

  • karen, United kingdom

    What a singer songwriter and artist inspiration you were and are will always be. You music will live on with generations to come starman

  • Anne Marie, FRANCE

    MERCI ★

  • Clare, Wales

    Dearest David, as my world falls down I know you will always be one of my 'heroes.' Love you forever; I'll look up towards the prettiest star. xxx

  • Emily , England

    Thank you for everything you've given to the world. Hope we made you proud, you certainly won't be forgotten.

  • Jessica Philptt, Leicester, UK

    Farewell Starman. See you on another planet. Xx

  • Emma BK, Ireland

    I never saw you, you never saw me. But somehow the impact was huge. Thank you for the soundtrack to my youth. I'm so very grateful.

  • Shannon, UK

    I'm going to Find you one day David.I'll promise. Thanks for everything! Love you forever and ever my darling. Xxxxxx You have my heart ♥

  • Sara, Italy

    Stars look very different since you're gone and the world miss your Magic.THANK YOU my Duke for everything...see you later...LOVE YOU!

  • Luke, Ireland

    David, my idol, my hero, my role model, my inspiration and protector. Thank you, and I'll see you again someday. Love from Luke.

  • Pitlet, México

    Gracias por tu música, tus historias y tus personajes...¡¡¡ you are face to face with the man who sold the world !!!!!!

  • Sarah Raine, UK

    Thank you very much! Bye Bye we love you!!! ⚡️?❤️

  • Jynni , Dallas, TX

    In September I lost my dad and your music has always been a way for me to feel better since your words were so beautiful. Then we all lost you, I know you are in a better place maybe with my dad and then today I found out I also lost my grandmother. Your words are still with me through this as well. I have loved you since I was 5 years old and will continue to love you till the day I join you.

  • Gill Kivi, England

    Thank you for being there - the soundtrack to my life - over and out Major Tom ........ xxx

  • Adam, UK

    I just want to say a plain and simple thank you. For everything you did for us. You were loved, you were so loved David, RIP x

  • Sara , America

    Dear David, is it interesting where you are? Do you miss us? We miss you

  • Holly, England

    Labyrinth was my childhood film and you were bloody awesome in it so thank you for that. Have fun up there.

  • Oliver, UK

    David, I love you, and hold you in a heart you taught me to have forever.

  • Ray, Earth

    you've changed even my perception of death...

  • Jeph, USA

    I love you forever, David Bowie. Rest in peace. :)

  • jeanne, USA

    David, you were so inspiring to me and so many others. There is a hole in my heart and soul. Hope all is well, and you are feeling no pain

  • Arantxa Godoy, Chile

    Thank you for everything, David. You really changed my life. Your music and films will always be with me. I love you so much.

  • Aline, Russia

    Dear David, thanks for you fabulous talent and incredible songs. We all miss you.

  • Claudia, England

    Farewell Starman, Goblin King, Major Tom. You were so many things to so many people, I love you and your music and you'll never be forgotten❤️

  • Jennifer, United States

    I miss you David. We all do. Thank you for all you've done for us these past 40 years. I love you David. Send Mars my warmest greetings. Farewell starman. Till we meet again

  • Joy , Ireland

    My life has never been or never will be so highly influenced by another again . RIP Starman xx

  • Ana, Spain

    Thank you so much for everything, dear Starman. You will be missed and loved. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky...

  • Anna, UK

    Thank you for all that you are. For all that you meant to so many. For all that you inspired, encouraged, challenged and gave. There will never be another like you. From one Brixton born to another.

  • Renata, Brazil

    Dear David, thank you for the inspiration you were for all of us, and the perfection of everything you did. Thank you for having existed. We love you and will miss you.

  • Matt Cortegianni, New York

    Turn and face the strange The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

  • Jo Verbeeck, Belgium

    Dear David, Thank you for all the beauty, your music - films. Take care and enjoy with your friends. Bye

  • Gina, England

    Planet Earth is blue. Thank you so, so much for everything. I love you.

  • Rachel, the United States

    I'll remember you fondly, I hope you're doing well, and I hope you see this from wherever you are. I miss you.

  • Susan, UK

    Thank you for everything, you will be more missed than you could ever know. Love you always X

  • Claudia , Germany

    I love you David

  • elif, turkey

    i hope all's good in heaven. we miss you so much. i love you.

  • Emily, Scotland

    You showed me to be myself and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. My hero/idol/inspiration always

  • Natalia , United Statesq

    I'll never forget how you changed my life. Thank you.

  • Jude, France

    Turn and face the strange xxx

  • anita, españa

    que tu voz me acune eternamente en las estrellas asteroide b64 , allí nos encontraremos principito

  • Megan, England

    Thank you, your music helped me breathe again x

  • Cat, California

    Hello Spaceboy, thank you for everything, we miss you here on earth a lot, goodnight starman, I hope you know how loved you were by so many.

  • Jaylan Beaudouine, UK

    Love you so much, unforgettable icon of our time. You and Marc are my idols- tell him I said hello xxx

  • Alexandra, Russia

    Dear David, my master and my teacher, I hope you're happy. I learned a lot from you. Say hello to stars and Mars. U were my idol for many years. And u always will.

  • Annelies, Belgium

    Mr. Bowie, please say hi to my dad, my heroe x

  • Malcolm, England

    Thank you major Tom .x

  • Alyona, Russia

    Dear David, my hero, there are no words to describe how important you were to us. Your music will always be an inspiration and you will always be remembered. I hope you enjoy Mars. "Without you, What would I do"

  • Ashleigh Sharkey, England

    Thank you for everything. Your music, your influence, the memories and the friends I've made. "Bye bye, we love you..." Rest in space, David. ♡

  • Demetra, Russia

    Dear, David, for a long time you was my big friend and I hope that at your new home you will be happy and write some beautiful, wisdom and lovely song. Thank you for all. Let' s dance around sky

  • Ron..., Holland

    David, You where always the "Better Man" but... there will always be changes.... rip my friend you helped me trough a lot of hard times.

  • Polly, Russia

    Thank you for opening the whole world of music for me, Have fun where ever you might be now! All love

  • Tanya, Russia

    Have a safe journey back to the planet you came from! Thanks for everything, love you.

  • your fun, Macedonia

    Come back Starman, you can do it. Like Lazarus. Love you

  • K., USA

    He eha nui no, he nui loa la ku'u aloha...(you are free now; when you see "her" please kiss her for me)

  • Roogie, Aotearoa (NZ)

    'Knowledge comes with death's release ...' Arohanui David, thank you for everything ??????????

  • CBH, USA

    You changed the way I think about life, music, listening, time, love, laughing, partying, people, architecture, clothes, hair, cities, space, concerts, sharing, family, and changes! Love you forever and ever!

  • Mary M., USA

    David, you were ahead of your time, very creative, insightful, a kind soul. Thanks for all you have done for music, art, culture and man. You will be greatly missed. May you rest in peace.

  • Victoria Yanenko, Ukraine

    Beautiful person and my personal hero forever.Thank you for all you've done while being on this planet.You gave light,hope,inspiration,more than one person could.Let your soul be free,you are in my heart here and everywhere!

  • Elvira, Porriño

    Gracias por enseñar a ser rebelde!!

  • JJ, Estonia

    good journey, mr. Bowie.

  • Jayce, France

    "Bye, Bye, we love you"...

  • Anthony Dickinson , UK

    Adios Amigo...We are all 'Absolute Beginners!!' X

  • René boulet, Canada

    Dear mr.bowie.thanks à lot for your enormous contribution to music.there Will never be another like you.you were one of a kind,à real artist.may you Rest in peace

  • Michelle, Brooklyn, NY

    I don't have clever words, and can't think of a great quote from one of your very own songs. I just know that I'll miss you forever. Thank you for all the dancing, all the joy! Sweet dreams, sweet prince!

  • Claudia , Germany

    Hope you're feeling much better now!! Thank you for all the wonderful music. Miss you...

  • Allan, Chile

    Master, my own version of God. I've got no words or abilities good enough to pay tribute to you or expressing what I feel; all I can say now is thank you ! You changed my life and made me stronger to go on. My wish is being able to hug you. See you somewhere !

  • Suff, USA

    Dear David, You were like an older brother to me, always explaining what was next. I love you. You will never be replaced. thank you for making me who I am today. - Suff

  • Carmen Suzanne, USA

    You changed my life by being so good at CHANGES. Rest In Space.

  • Sara M., Italy

    I always felt insecure about myself before, lacked of confidence. My sexuality, my appearance. But know what? In a short time you inspired me so much that I became PROUD of the diversity I was naturally born with. You did this with billion of people and helped their way through this tough life with your unique persona. You've changed my life and I'm sorry I had to wait 4/5 years to start again listening to your amazing music. You also passed away like my Dad did two months ago, same exact way. So I know well you are free now as I've seen my dad going through the same thing! Fly high, Thin White Angel.♡

  • Leonne Buur-Haaijman, The Netherlands

    Let me fly away with you ....

  • Nino, Brazil

    Planet earth is more "blue" without you and and there's nothing i can do. ?

  • saba, Georgia

    As long as there's sun <3 good journey RIP

  • Andi M., Planet Earth


  • Himera, Russia

    Thank you that you were. Love you. Forever and ever

  • Belén, Spain

    Stay safe and make beings there as happy as you made us here. We miss you! God bless you!

  • Milena, Poland

    The amazing thing about music is that a particular song or album can relate particular moment in your life. And I have so many memories that I can frame with your music. You're an artist whose music has been present with me from the earliest years and it become a soundtrack of my life. Thank u for everything. Now you can rest between the stars, Mr Bowie. I will love you, forever and ever...

  • tony martin, uk

    Gone but never forgotten rip major Tom.

  • Yulia, Russia

    Dear David, thank you for changing my life, for helping me survive the hardest times of my youth. I hope we'll meet someday somewhere.

  • Yankfan, USA

    Thank you. Just... Thank you...

  • Gillian, United States

    Thank you for everything, everyone says hi, Starman.

  • Joe m, Usa

    Loved your music and your profound impact on music culture and history as well as opening the doors for pop fulture. You will be missed!!

  • Dawn, United States

    No words. Safe travels. And thank you.

  • Steven Price, U.K

    Thank you David for the last 42 years,you will always be my hero.x

  • J, the bottom of her heart

    Thank you so much... you taught me to be proud of my weirdness because you weren't afraid of yours. You'll live forever in my heart.

  • FIV, belgium

    you are a Hero for ever love you mister B

  • Anke, Germany

    Love you always, David. Thank you for the inspiration. xx

  • Anna, Denmark

    Turns out you were mortal after all. Bye bye love

  • Radford Family, Australia

    Just thank you, for everything. We are deeply saddened to have lost you

  • Radford Family, Australia

    Just thank you, for everything. We are deeply saddened to have lost you

  • Debi Guenzel, United States

    We really shocked about your disease. I am dealing with a brain tumor so I know! God bless you David. I will always miss you.

  • Paul Moore, Wales

    Thank you David for all the wonderful memories , Yiur music made me fell as if i'm not alone and that is ok to be different, Your Music has made the world a better place, There is an ache in my heart now, But you will live on, You're sleepy now Goodnight Spaceboy.

  • Pico, Germany

    Eternal love ❤️!

  • Pico, Germany

    Eternal love ❤️!

  • franky, belgie

    Beste zanger David Bowie RIP

  • Adam Blair, United States

    You had a huge impact on humanity. Thanks, Bowie.

  • Françine, belgium

    wild is the wind RIP David

  • Natalya, Russia

    Atoms of which I consist, they consist of you, David ∞

  • Gill, UK

    I saw you in 1973 and you've been part of my life ever since. Thank you.

  • Ângela, Portugal

    Love you, David. Forever!

  • Taly, Russia

    Thanks for you. You're best singer in my life. You're mu star.

  • Fox, Russia

    Can you hear me Major Tom? There's something wrong since you left us. The Earth miss you and love you. I can't write your name and "death" in one sentence. It's just impossible, so I try to believe that you are going home as you are a perfect Starman. Take care..

  • Maisie, UK

    Thank you, for absolutely everything. - MH

  • Geronimo, Belgium

    Give my regards to Freddie Major Tom.

  • Daria Ko, Moscow

    Dear friend. When i was a teenager my only dream was to be David Bowie, or a Hero just for one day. Someday I will. I still belive in you, my only Hero. Love you forever.

  • Victor Von Doom, Serbia

    you were the legend of the legends and there wont be anyone like you ever again, I cried my eyes out when heard about your death, 2 minutes befire I heard that I was listening to Moonagde daydream. Thanks for everything you wil never be forgoten!

  • Katherine, USA

    David I will forever be grateful for all your amazing poetry and music. Thank you.

  • Angel, México

    We will never forget what you did for popular music, David. Goodbye.

  • Jerry, Ukraine

    Dear David, the world became more empty without you. I love you, I miss you and I will never forget you. RIP, dear friend

  • Luiz, Brasil

    Obrigado por existir.

  • Ivana, Slovakia

    We miss you down here.... Goodbye, Starman.

  • alex, germany

    you are missed.

  • Viviane, Belgium

    Major Tom....you were Great in being "here" but also in your going "there".... good luck and....see you...

  • Tito, Canada

    Your passing has left a hole in my existence. The world is a lot more grey and melancholy without you in it. You came into our lives and opened our Minds and Souls. You were the most influential Artist of our time. An Artist's Artist. Even in preparing for your death, you protected your Fans from sadness and despair and channeled your remaining time on Earth and energies into Blackstar - Our Gift. Thank you for all that you brought to my life! Rest in Peace Kind Sir. I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Paloma, Mexico

    Thank you for your magical music. I'll miss you, Mayor Tom.

  • Paula, spain

    I miss hoy down here my hero

  • Lisa, sweden

    Dear David - I will miss you a lot but I will keep you in my heart and in my ears through your fantastic musical heritage. Thanks for over 40 tears of my life. You helped me to change my life to the better. Love on ya

  • Jenny, Chile

    It has been a very tough week since you gone but now you're going to shine in our sky forever. We miss you and love you, Starman.

  • Angela, Germany

    I am just sad, fare well thin white duke!

  • Jan, UK

    Forever in my heart, forever in my life. Have a safe journey Starman.

  • Beate, Germany

    Can't find the words to express my feelings. Have a fantastic voyage!

  • Braian, Argentina

    I'm so sad after your death, David. Thankfully you've left us on Earth with all your wonderful music.

  • Cristobal, Chile

    Since you've died I have felt quite empty, you made me remember a sad time in my life and it feel like a im reliving it again.

  • Himmel, Russia

    Vita brévis, ars lónga. And you forever in our hearts!

  • Gina, USA

    As much as we feel the absence of your light, we are happier for having had the privilege of you sharing it with us. Thank you.

  • lucia , argentina

    Thank you. I love you for ever. See you in the sky, brighter star.

  • rich, USA

    To the man who sold the world, You did not die alone. God speed, Starman.

  • Flavio Luccisano, Argentina

    We miss you and we will remember you forever. Love.

  • Leo, United States

    You are an icon and defined some of my friendships. Have a fun ride, Starman.

  • kasia kolodziej, Belgium

    love you

  • Wendy, Australia

    A true legend we will miss you but you will live on in our hearts through your music RIP beautiful man

  • summer, U.S

    Here goes...from way back when as a young anerican, to now, you've been my Hero.100%. I mourn your passing and try not to cry. You've advocated to the ones done wrong and put amazing sound out there for our ears to love. Now you move on. I pray wherever you are..you're busting out on a stage, blowing minds. -forever your girl

  • Ver, Poland

    My dearest Master, You taught me how to be honest and joyful with my own gender expression, my desires and my weirdness. I wish I could listen more to Your music and learn more from You earlier. You're such a beautiful human being.

  • Fabiana, Brasil

    Obrigada Bowie por fazer parte da minha vida. Você sempre estará em mim♡☆

  • Brian, USA

    You are a hero, for more than one day

  • Andrea, México

    01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101

  • Andrea, México

    You're finally free, so long my Starman.

  • Georgia , UK

    Thankyou for everything I love you forever and forever has no end xxxxx

  • Julia Ariadna, Argentina

    Nunca vas a morir mientras sigamos escuchando tu hermosa música, para mi, solo te fuiste de viaje.. así que, buen viaje a través de las estrellas! Te guardo siempre en mi corazón

  • Jorge Herráez, Spain

    I hope you'll find other planet to play your music. You'll be my heroe forever. :)

  • Andrea, México

    Oh my Starman, I never get to share a dance with you. You'll be missed but anyways thanks for visiting us and giving us all of you. You're finally free, so I wont cry and I promise to make this place a better one. Gracias.

  • Laura, Germany

    Thank you for everything! I will love you forever!

  • Katherine, Russia

    Целлулоидный наш... Бо-ви-ё... Дорогой. Самый красивый, самый необычный, самый энергетичный. Лети, человек-планета, человек-вселенная, человек-образ. Артист. The Artist. Лети, и пусть путешествие твое будет ярким, как и было здесь у нас на Земле. Удачи, дорогой, и с Богом! Лети.

  • Yar, Russia

    Hope to meet you againg some time, somewhere in the space. You are brilliant!

  • Nobody, Ukraine

    Goodbye spaceboy..

  • Nancy , Usa

    Star man in my heart forever. Thank you for sharing your kindness and music with us. You are my hero.

  • Beccie Watson, UK

    Thanks for the music and for Labyrinth - great childhood memories ?

  • Diana, México

    You will always be in my heart. You're my hero and my best friend, i love you thank you for all!

  • Irina, Russia

    Thank you for everything! Hope you are happy. I love you!

  • Olga, Russia

    Thank you for all the inspiration, dear Starman! I`ll never forget you.

  • Leah, United Kindon

    Sleep well among the stars. x

  • Maria Zaitceva, Russia

    Once i discovered you to myself and realized what it means to live happily, your multifaceted, hartfelt, vital and cosmic art is the key to my soul, feelings and thoughts.You influenced on the way by which i shall go, your resistance to life's trials, your willpower make me much more stronger. You became to me even closer then some reletives. I have got several of your vinil, my favourite: Low, "Heroes", Let's dance...and i will get more, of coures.All of your alboms everyday sounds in my head.Thank you, Blackstar, don't leave us alone, we will never forget you.

  • Imogen, Australia

    You were an amazing musician and an inspiration to me and others. RIP, Duke.

  • Sofya, Russia

    I've never been a big fan of anyone, but you changed my perception of music. I felt sorry for Lady Stardust, I cried with news guy for 5 years and I hit an all time low with Ziggy. Thanks. Peace.

  • Carina, Belgie

    Met tranen in me ogen schrijf ik tot jouw Major Tom nooit zal ik je vergeten ,jij was mijn jeugd idool ,ik zong al je liedjes tot op heden ,en ik zal ze verder zingen zolang ik kan tot gauw rust in vrede Major Tom ???

  • Sara, USA

    You did a great job at the Freddie Mercury Tribute! Kudos to MTV for airing your Lord's Prayer bit at the end of your set!

  • Rachel, England

    Ben will now be very happy having you with him as he loved your music. It helped him through illness. Thank you.

  • Катя, России

    Спасибо, что оставили во мне искру, дали направление, подарили вдохновение. Вы заложили во мне художника. Ваше творчество - это икона нового времени, которое еще не наступило. Вы изменили этот мир. Вы изменили мой мир.

  • Sabine Collier, Belgie

    Jij bent een jeugd idool, ik was er niet goed van toen ik vernam dat je er niet meer was, je hebt prachtig muziek gemaakt, ik was als kind ook een beetje bang van jou. Xxx rust zacht. Liefs Sabine.

  • Polina, Russia


  • Ludmila, Russia

    This is not the end, this is just new beginning. Enjoy your journey to new worlds and planets and wait for us, major Tom, wherever you are...See you later, our beloved Starman

  • Polina, Russia

    Oh god, I would be the happiest man on Earth if I know you will read your messages!

  • Anita, Russia

    Although I became interested in you so late, and it took quite a long time for me to appreciate you fully, I believe that you came into my life not by an accident. I didn't get an opportunity to meet you on the Earth, but I hope you can hear me. Shine on, the prettiest star, your sensational music and breathe-taking images would never be forgotten.

  • Диана Свид, Украина


  • Callum, UK

    Thanks for everything, you sure have helped me through thick and thin.

  • Jana, Germany

    Thank you for your fantastic music, David. I will miss you. I'll look every day to heaven and think of you. Thank you for everything my hero!

  • Vera, Russia

    Thank you for visiting our planet! You changed our world forever. You made it so much more beautiful. You inspired and are still inspiring billions of people. I'm happy to exist at the same time with you, walk the same earth with you. We will always love you and always miss you. Have a magnificent journey wherever you are heading! And maybe come back one day.

  • Natalia, Poland

    thanks for stopping by, Starman. Earth will miss you and will never forget your stay (I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did). Have fun up there!

  • Muhammed, USA

    Your music was mediocre, I have no idea why everyone's so sad. No one gets sad when anyone else they don't know dies, so whatever. Hope space is neat, I guess.

  • Sharon, USA

    God bless you and Thank you.

  • Vítor Rocha, Portugal

    Thank you for sharing with me your fabulous talent. Your music will never die, it is eternal. See you later, my friend.

  • Ground control, Earth

    David Bowie мясо чистейшее!!! тут без слов все и так ясно , спасибо за все.

  • martin, belgie

    thanks 's for the music along the way in my life

  • Sally Stardust, Russia

    "Tonight, it will be a year... my star, then, can be found right above the place where I came to the Earth, a year ago..." from The Little prince I believe you are there now, on your star. cause that's what one believes loving the alien. Huge eternal thank you for visiting our planet!

  • foxontherun, Ukraine, Earth

    I love you, David! Forever and ever...bye! Jan.17, 2016

  • Kim Lawson, United States

    Thank you for being. You are forever woven into the lives and the beauty of this world. May your journey continue to be brilliant.

  • Marina, Russia

    I am in debt to you for my personality. I will always love you, David. I'm waiting for my time to go and meet you. Please, accept me when it is my turn. Miss you so much.

  • Madelyn Rayne Jones, Alabama

    I love you.

  • Jme, UK

    Is there Life on Mars?

  • U, Italy

    Meet me in my dreams!

  • Nicole, Germany

    Thank you, David. Thank you for every song, for every concert I could be with you. For over 25 years you and your music was a part of my life and it will always be. I'll think of you every time i look up to heaven. Be free major tom, be free up there in heaven!

  • Marcus, Austria

    Thanks for being an inspiration and a fixed part of my life for 30 years. You were the best teacher I ever had and the greatest popular artist ever! Rest in peace!

  • Sorin, Romania

    Have a pint with Freddie, mate.

  • Pascale, Belgium

    You miss us a lot and you are the best simply the best. We love u ?

  • Eugene Shumeev , Russia

    Thank you for you muisc and style. You inspire me. Thank you,David

  • Carlos Hernández, México

    Always in my mind, forever.

  • Nina, Mexico

    Your "oh, no, love you're not alone" in Rock n'roll suicide accompanied me through hard times. Thanks for everything, thanks for visiting the Earth. Hope I see the stars and moon smiling cuz you're up there shining as always. <3

  • Rebel, Usa

    There's too much to say to fit in just 120 characters. But, you were amazing. You inspired me in ways none else could, you helped me through the toughest times, you were all I really had for a while. And I miss you so much.

  • Dorian, Romania

    We fucking miss you, man. We do.

  • Julia, France

    Dear Major Tom, Even when you're gone you continue to inspire not only me but the rest of us here on earth. Good luck to you Major Tom. We'll see you soon.

  • Lisa, Uk

    Thank you for the music .. You will always be my inspiration

  • Adrien Jacquet, France

    I grow up with your music, I still can't believe it. There's a new star shining, she's called the starman. I play like ziggy for you. I wish I can meet you !

  • Elstrid Rose, USA

    Heaven just got a lot more interesting David. I like to think of the happy reunion you are having with your dad, mum and brother, as well as your friends and other loved ones. Not sure how you are handling all the fans that are likely in line there waiting for a chat, but I am sure you will manage :) To Duncan and Lexi, the days, months and years to come will be long without your dad, but I truly believe he will always be watching over you. XO.

  • Jayne, England

    I miss you

  • Анастасия, Russia

    Thanks for your wonderful songs, David. Thanks for your bright characters, for your bewitching voice and for inspiration that you are giving us even now. Thanks that you lived, that you are still living and, above all, you will always live in our hearts. Regardless of time and space. Always.

  • Constanza Cattáneo, Argentina

    Your music and art was inspiring to me, and your ideology... is FANTASTIC. Thank you for everything, without you I wouldn't be the person I am.

  • Bautista, Argentina

    There are no word to describe, how much I will miss you! Thank you for everything,it was an amazing journey...Hope to see you again some day. May god love be with you untill then. not ready to say godbye just yet...

  • Alexandra , Russia

    Everything you did and everyone you were is pure beauty. You are wonderful. You made this world so much better, may be it's time to do the same thing with another one. I hope, you are happy now. Thank you. We will miss you, David. I love you so much.

  • Victor, Russia

    What a life.

  • Olga Twighlight, Russia

    Will we meet next time?

  • Liza, Ukraine

    Today on second-hand I bought a book "The seventies in pictures". On first page your photo. Now you'll always be with me. Rest in peace, the man who sold the world.

  • Evgenija&Anastasija, Russia

    Thank you!

  • Anastasia Berkutova, Russia

    Dear David! I love you so much! Thank you for your beautiful songs!!Thank you for everything!! Before the meeting!!

  • AndyWinz, U.K.

    Show me the Bluebird Spaceboy x

  • Josie, United States

    A part of me has died when you left this earth but you music still runs strong.

  • Tess, U.

    You've really made the grade, my love.

  • Gab Stardust, Spain

    You were the most amazing, mysterious and creative human being in this planet. Hope you're happy now in yours. Thank you, my idol. I'll love you forever.

  • Angelika, Austria

    I look up to the stars and I can see you, feel you, hear you...so enjoy your fantastic voyage. You will stay here on earth anyway, because you left everything you gave away deep in our hearts. Sleep well, Starman

  • Maria, Russia

    so sad to realize that such beautiful eyes will never see the world...

  • Morg, Russia

    Hope you're not lost there. Thank you so much, strange guy who rocks, and give my best to others! We miss you.

  • krista, US

    We miss you, Starman.

  • Maria, Russia

    Thank you for everything, my love.

  • Alexander, Deutschland

    The stars look very different today.

  • Alexander Titov, Russia

    Ты мой герой. Навсегда. Скучаю.

  • El, Belarus

    I cry every time I remember you've gone

  • Mott, Planet Earth

    Thank you so much for falling to Earth, Starman! Yes,you really did blow our minds! Daring to be different, shattering boundaries , bringing us together , opening minds , encouraging creativity ,...literally changed /saved *many *lives with your brilliant artistry . God knows your good, Somebody up there likes you! Keep shining down on us among the stars ☆~=* Smile,assured that you are still making a huge positive difference across the Universe! Please tell John Lennon we love him and keep on dancing! We will love you forever ~deepest gratitude to you Sir ! We will continue loving the alien xoxoxo

  • Tim, Ireland

    If you're out there give us a sign.

  • Yvan, Canada

    Thank you. Thanks for all the beauty. Miss you already.

  • Joe, England

    Thanks for everything. You are, and will be, missed

  • Таша, Россия

    Надеюсь, Земля была гостеприимным местом для Вас. Передавайте привет своей родной планете. Мы будем скучать по вам, мистер Боуи.

  • sabina, België

    We will be missing you .

  • Karen, 'Murica

    My emojis didn't work on here. Thank you for everything.

  • Ks, Russia

    Be happy wherever you are. And remember we love you. And always will.

  • Masha Kozhikova, Russia

    I Love you David! Thank you for everything you've done, I was happy just because you exist, you are my eternal inspiration and your music will always play in my heart! There is life on Mars, now we are sure! Love from Moscow!

  • Karen, 'Murica


  • Paola, Italy

    Hai ispirato la mia crescita e hai segnato momenti importanti della mia vita. Non sarei quello che sono senza la tua musica e senza di te. Sei il mio eroe e non solo per un giorno. A presto xxx

  • Елена, России

    Надеюсь ты счастлив там спасибо за то что был с нами

  • Josh, US

    You were a pretty cool guy

  • peter , Belgium

    We Will never forget You dear David

  • Seth, USA

    Goodbye. I'll miss you.

  • Linda, Belgie

    bedankt voor je fantastische muziek al de jaren ,je was een uniek iemand een muziekale duizendpoot rust in vrede

  • staf, belgium

    For hero king bowie meets now other heros now !!!!!'

  • Lesli Hamilton , USA

    ?From all the Young Americans: We loved you so. I would not have grown up wearing 6 inch platforms if it weren't for you. Commencing countdown, engines on. Safe journey, David?

  • sue, england

    thank you for all the music , you were a true inspiration we miss you x


    Ground Control To Major Tom! You will always be whit os though your music! Have a safe flight to wherever you go, Major Tom!

  • Megan, USA

    Thank you.

  • María, Chile

    Fuiste mi compañía por muchas horas de mi vida. Mi gran ídolo. Gracias!

  • Edward, England

    Words cannot describe what a prodigy you were, a true legend of culture.

  • Nancy :), El Salvador

    You made me feel like a had a place and a mission in this world. I'll loveyou forever.

  • Amber Lenvain, België

    Oh dear david You have my mom , myself and all my family much grief affected by your passing. But hero rest in peace ! You deserve it! Xxxx❤❤❤❤

  • Max, Russia

    I love you David. You're my hero. Thank you for being on this planet with us, for your music, and for your beautiful soul.

  • Silke, Germany

    Forever in my heart and mind ★ Thank you for your music and art

  • Eric, England

    Thanks for moulding me into the person I am today. Without you I would be nothing. Rest in peace, David Jones.

  • Marko , Serbia

    You made my life better, im happy i was born in time where i can listen to your music. Head bowed to you, sir!

  • Arina, Russia

    Thanks for all, amazing Starman! Your life will always be the greatest inspiration for me. Hope you feel our love and gratitude whenever you are. Rest in peace. xx

  • V.G., Latvia

    There's a hole in me since you've gone.

  • Keiron Harvey, Middlesbrough, England

    The Foll rolls in, the sky is crying. The stars are still weeping, their father was dying. There was no pain, just Invisible scars. R.I.P Mr. Bowie. You're the life on Mars.

  • Katie, Russia

    Thank you for all! We'll try not to blow it.

  • Chizel, Canada

    Keep on rockin major tom

  • veronica, usa

    You are immortal....thank you

  • anna avallone, napoli, italia

    Caro david con te ho sempre avuto un colloquio i nostri corpi sottili hanno sempre comunicato fra loro.... ecco continueranno a farlo lo so. Pensa non ho pianto alla notizia della tua morte, quando invece ero sicura mi sarebbe presa una crisi isterica, il tuo modo di andare è stato lieve anche per il mio animo, ti voglio bene david....

  • Kseniya, Russia

    Can you hear me Major Tom? You've turned into star dust and you are forever in my heart. Thank you, my dear starman.

  • rach girard, UK, london

    David, you made us individuals, thankyou for everything, I love you so much, forever and always xxxxx

  • anni perrett, uk

    Have spent my whole life with your amazing music. Miss you so much. Shine on such a beautiful star RIP lovely man all my love Anni xxxx

  • Peggy, France

    You've really made the grade! Thank you xx

  • Zoe-Lee, Liverpool, UK

    Thank you for being there for me when I had no one else, your music saved me so many

  • Guilherme, brasil

    you are part of my life, thank you for everything

  • Khadijah Leverette, United States

    Thank you, David Bowie. We'll never forget you. ❤️

  • Ben, Arkansas

    Warp that next plane for us all.

  • Memo, México

    We'll miss you :)

  • Marcelo, Argentina

    Thank you for everything! We'll miss you so much!

  • Irina, Russia

    You are always in my heart. Hope to see you later. Love you.

  • Marko, Croatia

    Can you hear me Major Tom? Come back.

  • e, uk

    You will always live on through you're music. Rest in peace

  • Petra Mittmann, Deutschland

    Thanks for everything David. You've given me a lot and do it yet. I love you. You are a wonderful person and artist. I'll never forget you.

  • Tina , Wales

    Loved all your music , loved seeing you perform live inspirational legacy to the world . Thank you Major Tom

  • Tatiana , Russia

    I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mariel, Arg

    You really blew my mind. Thank you for everything sweety.

  • Carlos Montenegro, mx

    we love you. thank you for your music. i want to move now and remember you with a smile at my face

  • Constanza Cattáneo, Argentina

    This was for your birthday, man. Hope you're in Mars now. I love your music and art. xxoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4VKfTJRaEQ

  • Andrea, Gemany

    Come back

  • Emily, United States

    I love you with all my heart. I'll never forget you. ❤️

  • Solange, Brazil

    We will miss you a lot. Hope you´re great in God's arms.

  • Fé, België

    I hope you keep dancing on your black star. We will miss you forever and ever... XXX RIP

  • eva otterström, Sweden

    You will never die! <3

  • Monica, USA

    Dear David, thank you for everything. You were classy and courageous until the very end. Thank you, beautiful Bowie!

  • Vera, Germany

    Über 40 Jahre hast Du mein Leben geprägt.Unendliche Dankbarkeit für all Deine Musik, Inspiration und, dass Deine Gabe die Welt um vieles reicher machte! Just like that bluebird! R.I.P I lost my hero, my idol.

  • Jane, Ukraine

    Hope you're fine. Don't forget your life. Don't stop moving across the Universe. We're going in your footsteps. Thanks for the best moments of my life. I'll love you till my death or... "death" right? See you!

  • Heather M. Walker, USA

    The world is a better place because of you and your gift of music. You were always something more than human, without losing your humanity. You were always transcendent. I will miss you forever. Thank you. Forever, thank you.

  • Michaela, Austria

    "All the days of my life, I owe you ...." thank you for blessing my life with your art and music, yesterday, today and forever

  • Frenchy But Chic, France

    Thank you for making it all worthwhile. And thank you for flooding everything with your music this week. Love.

  • Annemie, België

    My first love...thank you for the wonderful music, your inspiration, your everything...rest in peace and may Gods love be with you. We will always love you xxx

  • Adriana , Brasil

    Querido David, você me acompanhou em vários momentos de minha vida tornando - a mais feliz. Muito obrigada por isto. Sentirei sua falta... Te amo para sempre...

  • Anastasia D, Россия

    Thank you,Ziggy! Welcome home Ты навсегда в наших сердцах❤️?

  • Alba, Spain

    Thank you for inspiring me every single day of my life. We will protect your legacy, dance to your music and follow our hearts. Happy way back home, Starman. I owe you one.

  • Cathy, Germany

    I owe you so much, dear David. Thank you for everything.

  • C Gonzalez, MEXICO

    You helped me to understand a lot of valuable things for me.. You still does !! You´re part of my history and my life.I LOVE IU AND MISS IU SO MUCH. THANKS !!

  • Christopher C., United States of America

    Thank you for all you've contributed. Step through the door, glorious spaceman.

  • Rosa, Chile

    Dear, thank you for your art and all the inspiration you gave to so many people in the world. I will treasure your music forever ´cos even when we never met, it feels like we did or I feel that way because everything you did seems so familiar and close to me. thank you so much, see you soon!

  • Anna, Rassia

    Thank you for all that you have done for us.. we love you

  • Rhiannon, London

    Thank you for everything. Your music inspired so many people and brought us so much joy xx

  • Basile, Russia

    Thank you, dear Mr. David Bowie for bringing hope in people's lives, for that beautiful charming light and changing the World. It was a pleasure to live here, while you've been visiting us. With great love to you.

  • nathalie, France

    This is Major Tom to ground control I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today tu as été toute ma vie avec moi, et tu le resteras a jamais

  • Dieter, Germany

    Wir haben uns 1978 bei Filmaufnahmen in Berlin getroffen. Diesen Moment habe und werde ich nie vergessen. Danke für das sehr persöhnliche Autogramm. Eine besonders wertvolle Erinnerung. Danke für die wundervolle Musik...Dieter

  • marina, België

    I will always keep on smiling!!! Het ga je goed daarboven Major Tom!!

  • oscar, mexico

    Can you hear me Mayor Tom?....

  • KlausD, Germany

    The Stars looking very different today, now you are one of them. Miss you so much.

  • Josephine, United Kindgom

    You didn't die, you just went to sleep one day. Thank you for the beautiful music that's always been there and always will. "Bye bye we love you" xxx

  • Michael Knoke, Germany

    Berlin ist missing you. Sleep well, starman.

  • Madeleine, Canada

    Tu me manque, je t'adore.

  • Bea, België

    RIP David Bowie, van Justine, Janou en Bowie the cat

  • luciamasucci, italia

    Love you forever and ever

  • Celeste, USA

    Well you've done your job and done it beautifully. A true visionary & creative artist whose legacy will enrich & inspire others for millennia . Music is forever, You, are forever.

  • Mary, U.S.A.

    So very blessed to have heard you, Bowie. Thank you for the artistry you wrought, in all its beautiful, harrowing, haunting forms. Float in your tin can, and may God's love be with you.

  • Lydia, France

    I Will miss toi. I loved you.

  • Eva, Germany

    You're not dead you've just returned to the planet you came from. Thank you for visiting us and taking us on a fantastic voyage. Bye David!

  • Bel, México

    Gracias por ser único y demostrar que la singularidad de los seres humanos puede quedar marcada por la eternidad. Gracias por toda la música que ha cambiado mi vida de muchas maneras. Hasta siempre, Major Tom.

  • marica, italy

    We are so lonely without you. Goodbye

  • Pixie, USA

    We can be heroes.....

  • Silvina, Argentina

    Thank you for making me dream since I was a little girl. Art, beauty, fantasy, music... you shared all of that with us. So generous! Thank you David, love you so much!

  • Dario Cansino, Argentina

    Gracias por todo Major Tom. Su misión ha sido cumplida y no se si tiene idea de lo bien que lo ha echo. Nos veremos pronto.

  • Matt, America

    Thank you so much. We all will forever love you.

  • Alice, Rassia

    Hey , David pretty games! We all know that you are alive

  • Sanna, Sweden

    Det finns inga ord som kan beskriva hur saknad du är. Tack för all musik som kommer att vara med mig till den dag jag åter får träffa dig bland stjärnorna.

  • Mafer , Mexico

    Can you hear me? Can you feel me? I do, and will always do, cause you touched my soul, you gave me freedom and you taught me that it's ok to be different. Thank you Mr.Jones, you were a heroe in this world. LOVE from Mexico City.

  • Óscar Lopera, Venezuela

    Eres epítome de lo que hay que ser como artista, una singularidad, un ser de otro mundo. Del polvo vienes al polvo vas, Ziggy. Gracias.

  • Jana Bowie Jones, México

    Gracias por tu talento, gracias por tu música, gracias por tu legado, gracias por tus letras, gracias por ser único en el mundo, a veces uno cree que no pertenecias este mundo

  • Anna, Russia

    Dear David, Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful talent, inspiration and... beauty. Hope you are doing well wherever you are now. Goodbye.

  • D. Barrling , Sweden

    Thanks for being a true hero to so many. See you in the stars...

  • John Gorski, U.S.A. New Jersey

    David in the early 70's you inspired ..style, Glam, showmanship, theatrics, colors, stage presences, lyrics & letting us show that it was time to be who you were it was alright to be a misfit even cool & right, Experimenting with new ideas, do things people said you can never do..and make it work. Open new paths for creativity. Put on a great show and back it with great Rock Music. You had to be there but at the 1st Radio City Music Hall show I was at you just had the crowd completely focused on your stage presence. Changing into many outfits, fashion with a new makeup look & a message for Rock & the world that could not be turned away from..Shine on Starman it was a hell of a party!

  • Iain, Scotland

    Thank you for bringing us your talent nobody will replace you. You future legend, Starman and hero!!

  • We, RSA

    From RSA to BELGIUM we are stars on the way to major Tom. Give them all our love.

  • Isabel, Germany

    David, you are the prettiest star now. Thank you for the wonderful music you gave us.

  • Goon, Chile

    My Friend, thanks for the music, the feels, the attitude. For transcend generations, ure one of the reasons why i love music, and i keep trying do something just for the sake of art. see u later zyggy

  • Виолетта, Россия

    Дорогой, Дэвид, спасибо тебе за всё твоё творчество, за твоё мужество, смелость, мудрость и осознанность. Всё это так вдохновляет меня. Ты был лучшим человеком на этой планете. Надеюсь мы всё же встретимся когда-нибудь... С любовью, Виолетта.

  • Tucker, USA

    Thank you.

  • alien, the Earth

    We're not crying because we lost you (we didn't). We are crying because we love you so very very much. xx

  • Kat Taylor, United States

    Dear David, I want to thank you for giving this self conscious child a friend, a first love, and an idol. I miss you dearly and will continue to pay tribute to you. You've done so much for me without any introduction. I love you. -Kat

  • Lola, Argentina

    You, sir, changed me, taught me a lot, and gave me so much in my life. I love you. You're forever. You're just back to your little planet.

  • Valdesca, Spain

    The more AMAZING thing is He had been new, refreshing, surprising and very inspiring for all others HUMANS since his start. He wrote, sang and perform like no one did.When we all goes in caravans he used to use starships.Love u 4ever

  • pndc, earth

    thanx for your support!

  • Bowie Kid, Russia

    My Hero, my Teacher, my Inspiration. Fly safe, rock on! Thanx for all!

  • Karla, Chile

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope heaven is treating you good, Mr B. We will all meet again soon.

  • Benjamin, Slovenia

    I have no idea what to type. I want say only, we love you. And you will be always in our hearts. ...The stars look very diferent today...

  • Drowse, Earth

    Can you hear me? I absolutely love you

  • smet martine, belgium

    lieve david bowie ik was op me werk de bib toen colega een standje van jou aan het maken was met je cd's en dvds en boeken wat was ik verschoten toen ze zijden dat je was overleden hebben direkt een cd genomen om je herinering van je liedjes in de bib te laten weer klinken rust zacht maatje xxx

  • Bradsbythe1st, U.S.of A.

    I loved Aladdin Sane. I freaked out in a moon age daydream. I had 5 years stuck on my eyes. But nothing prepared me for the shocking, sad, sad news of Dave's passing. Life will be emptier now, but at least we have his music, film & art to forever remember him by. R.I.P. You will be missed!!

  • Yulia , Russia

    Hello Mr.B! I know you're sitting somewhere on a star and looking for us and you're thinking Why do they all cry for me? We cry because love you very-very much! You changed millions lives and inspired for something good. Thank you. Hope you're well there. We miss you. Kisses

  • Brigitte Franklin, France

    Hello David! Thank you for your music, which is threaded in the fabric of my life forever and ever.

  • Punk, USA

    Thank you for being a beautiful soul. Forever in my heart and mind.

  • Punk, USA

    Thank you for being a beautiful soul. Forever in my heart and mind.

  • Punk, USA

    Thank you for being a beautiful soul. Forever in my heart and mind.

  • Tiffany, USA

    Thank you beautiful Starman for sharing your magic with this world. Hot tramp, I love you, so.

  • Olga, Russia

    Thank you for your music!

  • Sandra VH, Belgium

    You were a star on planet Earth, shine like never before to remember us that there is true beauty everywhere we look!

  • Michaela Walkup, USA

    Everything about my character reshaped once I discovered your music. Thank you, a million times thank you.

  • Petra , België

    Thank you for your music... Thanks for just beeing you in this world, you will be missed HERO!

  • Dan R., USA

    Thank you so much Mr. Bowie. You were everything I would've hated if I'd never found you. Goodbye.

  • Mary, Russia

    Thank you for visiting our planet!

  • Frank, Poland

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? Thank you man for your great music. You always will be the master. I'm so sad that I could not see you. Send us some brilliant music as yours was.

  • Lidia, Ukraine

    Я сумую за тобою. Ти - величезна частина мого житя, моєї душі. Твоя творчість надихає мене. Твоє життя дає мені сенс жити. Досі не можу повірити. Тут ти смієшся, видаєш кліпи й альбом. А тут кажуть, що тебе нема. І що можна було готуватися. Тільки ти нікому не сказав. Мабуть, це добре. Ми веселились і святкували. Ти найкращий, Девід. Зараз так боляче. Тиждень минув, а легче не стало. Вже не буде твоїх дивних очей, твого чарівного голосу. Важко уявити, через що ти пройшов. Мабуть, тобі було страшно і боляче... Повага, любов, прив'язаність. Девіде, дякую за те, що дарував нам свою творчість. Вчив жити, творити, любити. Просто дарував себе, залишаючись загадкою. Таких, як ти, більше не має. Неідеальний ідеал. Загадав заагадки і пішов. Я люблю тебе, Девід. І горюю. Так важко. Не хочеться жити у світі, де тебе нема. Але вдячна, що все ж жила з тобою в один час. Велика надія є на твої нові пісні. Те, що ти ще не встиг нам сказати. Дякую за все. Ти так багато зробив для мене, хоч навіть ніколи не чув мене і не бачив. І ще раз - люблю і дякую.

  • Brandon Muñoz, Aguascalientes, México.

    Thank you for making me happy with your music, I would like to believe that just returned to Earth where you belong

  • Ingrid, Brasil

    "My death waits like a bible truth,at the funeral of my youth We drank for that! The passing time.." See you in paradise,babe

  • Connor Curtin, USA

    Can you hear [us]? A beautiful man who made otherwordly art. Planet Earth thanks you. Godspeed.

  • Petra, Belgium

    You have been part of my life for a long time and your music was a guideline. Thanks for your inspiration. I will miss you.

  • Daria, Russia

    Enjoy yourself there how we enjoyed your presence here. Much love and good bye.

  • Annick Lapeire, België

    Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.... Thank you, love you and goodbye xxx

  • Gabriele, Germany

    You are the sun, Davy - your energy is never lost!

  • Andrés, Mexico

    When I become death, death is the seed from which I grow. -William Burroughs

  • Ground Control, United States

    You've really made the grade, and the papers want to know whose shirt you wear. Time to leave the capsule if you dare.

  • Natalia, Russia

    I will always love you.

  • Maria J, Ecuador

    Dear David Thanks for ecerything you did you made me believe in myself. You ch-changed my world. I hope you are happy I love you

  • Larissa Hyppolito Pereira Damásio, Brazil

    "I'll tie a knot in rainbow's end, organise the breeze Light my candle from the sun I'll give you daylight for a friend I'll do all of these" Just promisse you'll come back... I'll always miss you :(

  • Victor , México

    Now your are my light in the sky. Thanks Major Tom!!

  • Kaci Tiller, United States

    Mr. Bowie, your music was part of growing up. You personified grace, style, compassion, and talent. May you rest peacefully. You had a very full and vibrant life here on Earth. Godspeed. PS Say hello to Gavi for me.

  • Lola Magnolia, USA

    The sky is even more mysterious now that you are dwelling amongst the stars. Beautiful creature, fill it with glitter.

  • Brandon Muñoz, Aguascalientes, México.

    Thank you for making me happy with your music,I would like to believe that just returned to Earth where you belong

  • koz, USA

    “When he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun.” Always & forever in my heart XVII

  • Cecilia, México

    Te conocí y cambiaste mi mundo. Expresaste todo lo que pienso, siento y lo que soy. No sólo a mi, a muchas personas! Que seas muy feliz en el lugar donde estés, tienes que estar muy orgulloso de ti mismo. GRACIAS POR TODO. Misión cumplida, estrella!

  • Max, Russia

    Thank you for everything, David. I cry but it's because I knew you in this life. Thank you. Enjoy a smoke with you?

  • Jennifer, USA

    David, You were beautiful and brilliant. Your music and art touched so many. In the stars you suffer no more. I can hear you, in my heart forever. X

  • Keti, Earth

    Goodbye Mr.Bowie...thanks for all your songs.You show us the way to stars and maybe one day we'll come to see you again.Hope there is the Starman waiting.

  • cal the cat, england

    get a mega band together for when I join you so I can put on my red shoes and dance the blues. Night for now Star man x

  • Jana, Belarus

    We will miss you. We will remember you forever. Goodbye. Goodnight.

  • RC Carter, USA

    Bowie was one of those rare few who externalized the best of the human spirit, realizing the full potential of human capability and achieving what to others appears impossible.

  • Sarah, U.S.A.

    When I look up at the sky I think of you, sleeping in a blanket of stars and gently floating, rocked to sleep by the distant sound of your songs sung by the earthlings mourning your journey from this mortal space. Goodnight, sleep tight Major Tom!

  • Mars, Russia

    Спсибо, Дэви. Надеюсь там тебе лучше.

  • Морган, Russia

    Я буду скучать. Спасибо за вдохновение и свет в моём сердце. Встретимся между мирами, мистер Боуи.

  • Jacqui D, USA

    Do not know what we would have done without you. We miss you so much and you just left. With all our love.

  • Isa, Italy

    Thank you, David. See you later. Isa

  • V, Finland

    My Inspiration, my Hero, my Brightest Star! Thank you for you genius works which made me so much better! Thank you for falling to Earth and showing us the real art! Now you own the stars!!

  • Javier, Spain

    We'll miss you David. Thanks for your art, thanks for your life. Happy return to the Stars!!!

  • Zu K., Russia

    A huge loss to the world. But we know you're back in your world came from. Your mission here is over. And you re-conquer the hearts of many, but not people. You left many in the hearts of a scar. But a scar in the form of a zigzag of lightning. We miss you... love ★

  • Rita, Russia

    Забавно,что все теперь знают кто ты.Где бы ты ни был,я знаю,у тебя все отлично.

  • DANKAZ, Russia

    You've changed my life. I know that you are alive. Your Blackstar.

  • Polina, Russia

    Dear David, thank you for all things you did! You completely changed my life, you was my inspiration an your music was my support during the hardest times! You will always have a special place in my heart! Love you!

  • Bebe, UK

    With gratitude, sorrow, and love... David, I am not ready to say goodbye. x

  • Donny, pale blue dot

    Thank you for coming to Earth! Hope to see you again once, and let your flight through the Universe be nice and safe.

  • Davi, Brazil

    Ground Control will miss you, Major.

  • ives, geraardsbergen

    You were simply special !

  • inneke van Ranst, Belgium

    Bedankt voor de jaren mooie muziek ! Vele mensen zullen u missen , maar uw muziek nemen ze niet van ons af ! Die is tijdloos ,

  • Tatiana, Russia

    Dear David, thank you for being my inspiration! your music is immortal, and you'll be in my heart until the end of my days! You changed our world forever! I'll miss you fatally.. Love you. ❤❤❤

  • Neena C, Canada

    You were my teen years, you were my celebrity crush, you were the best

  • Eric, Belgium

    Thank you for everything

  • Gisele/Simon, Belgium/UK

    Have a great time with Freddie & Lemmy !!

  • Connor Bognar, Canada

    You sexy sexy man you will be missed.

  • Isabella, Belgium

    Thank you for your music, you will never be forgotten. We will miss you starman !

  • bibi, österreich

    Du warst du bist du wirst immer sein see you

  • Patrick, België

    Be and feel free David, thx man.xxx

  • Maja, Poland

    You will be always in my heart. You've done a lot for me, you've created the person I am right now. Although I didn't know you I feel like I did, when I listen to your music. Thank you for everything, David. Thank you for brightening up the darkest days. I hope you are in better world now. We could be heroes, just for one day.

  • Helen , Russia

    I love you ....

  • willka, russia

    So bye bye love. Thanx for all and live forever...

  • patrick, belgie

    Dear David, Be also a rebel in heaven to get a little more peace on earth

  • Angela, México

    Thank you for everything. Love you forever, David.

  • Margarita, Ukraine

    Keep shining bright in the sky, David

  • Margarita, Russia

    Thank you for everything you filled our hearts with :) Can't help admiring your extreme courage and boundless talent!

  • Tatsiana, Planet Earth

    In the dream David was young, Starman sang, smoked and laughed. Lightning flew away from his face and he decided to fly away after her. He laughed and it is said that there is no death.

  • Paul, North Wales

    I can hear you

  • verity, UK

    thank you for everything. we love you Starman xx

  • Gabo, México

    Can you heare us Major Tom? :(

  • Marco Bassetto, Italy

    The stars looks very different tonight. See ya in heaven :(

  • saclunch, USA

    I just want to say Thank You for all of your magic! I will never forget! I'm a blackstar!

  • Darya Storozh, Russia

    Oh no, love, you're not alone! Here I am, listening to your music and watching your films. I will never say goodbye to you, I'll just take any of your albums and will enjoy the music. Be happy far above the Moon!

  • Charles Proto, USA

    Goodnight my sweet prince. :'(

  • little girl with grey eyes , the room

    thank you.

  • Nancy, Argentina

    I need to thank you for everything you did for me.Don't believe for just one second I'm forgetting you.I love you David!

  • Me again, Russia

    Sleep well dear. We'll never forget you.

  • Sarah Larsen, USA

    There are no words....... You will be missed.

  • Diane Holmes, UK

    David, please come back soon x

  • Yulia, Russia

    Dear David! Thank you so much for everything! You were true legend. Shine on your star! We will miss you greatly

  • Darya Storozh, Russia

    Oh no, love, you're not alone! Here I am, listennig to your music and watching your films. I will never say goodbye to you, I'll just take any of your albums and will enjoy the music. Be happy far above the Moon!

  • Paul, Venezuela

    You inspire all the creatures, we don't Forget you White Duke, Hot Tramp I love you

  • Viviane, Belgie

    Hey David. One day I'll come visit you ! Miss You

  • Tatsiana, Planet Earth

    "Now my sorrow is comforted a little. That is to say..not entirely. But I know that he did go back to his planet, because I did not find his body at daybreak. It was not such a heavy body. And at night I love to listen to the stars. It is like five hundred million little bells". Thank you, David for everything! You are forever in my heart. And my children will love you, I promiss :)

  • Tom, England


  • Tess Bowler, USA

    you inspire me so much-nothing will be the same without you, starman

  • Cristine, Brazil

    Thank you for everything, I love you.

  • Kati, Canada

    Thank you. Rest well David Robert Jones.

  • Anita, Argentina

    Hallo Spaceboy, you're sleepy now So bye bye love...

  • Chris, Belarus

    Your songs and your image are the greatest inspiration for me.Forever alive in my heart.

  • Marina, Russia

    thank you for the inspiration.

  • Karla, Mexico

    David, every time I listen to your music my heart breaks a little but I know you're still alive in all your legacy. I miss you so badly. Thanks for everything, we love you.

  • Magdalena, Poland

    Niesamowite w jak nieziemski sposób zjednoczyłeś nas - ziemskie sieroty po Tobie... Od zawsze byłeś w moim sercu, od zawsze w głowie... a teraz każdej nocy będę Cię wypatrywać w gwiazdach... Dziękuję <3

  • Michel Espinosa, México

    Dear David: The Planet Earth will always remember you and your art. Thank you for inspire me in so many positive ways. We love you. OM MANI PADME HUM.

  • katy, Argentina

    Te amaré por siempre David! ! Gracias por tu arte ♡ siempre serás una inspiración para mi ! Te amo mi duque!

  • paola nani, italy

    you'll never be forgotten Starman!!! you and your music forever with us, love <3

  • Ola, Sweden

    Thank you for the music!

  • Marlee, UK

    Thank you so much you incredible man. Perhaps we'll meet in another guise, but for now your music does perfectly.

  • Fernando, Chile

    Shine bright up in the stars...

  • Fernando, Chile

    Shine bright up in the stars...

  • Fernando, Chile

    Shine bright up in the stars...

  • Rodion, Russia

    Thanks for your music. Its really great and wonderful. Thanks for helping PLACEBO for their music career, be with stars,David

  • ground control, USA

    Now there's another starman waiting in the sky. Your music was truly inspiring, pouring your heart and soul into every song. Just turn on with me and your not alone, gimme your hands cause your wonderful. Much love Mr. Bowie

  • Britt, France

    Hello my hero, mon 1er vinyl Pinups j'avais 15 ans et depuis, tu m'as accompagnée jusqu'ici, c'est à mon tour de t'envoyer tout plein de Lumière, qu'elle te guide sur ton chemin de retour à la Source, I love U so much & forever Dear David, Thank U, B Bless, Love

  • Stephen Lewis, USA

    Safe Travels Blackstar.

  • Sylvia, Germany

    May you find your place up there, beautiful soul. Always in our hearts. Forever and ever. CU on the flip side.

  • Olga, Russia

    We'll be waiting for your return, the whole world needs you so much.Love u,remember u,Love

  • Elisa grasselli, Italy

    Mi manchi tanto, ma ti trovo in ogni stella dell'universo, e nel mio cuore.

  • E, Mexico

    You're finally eternal among the stars.

  • Thalitha Chiara, Brasil

    Realmente foi maravilhoso ter te conhecido David. Você nos fez olhar para as estrelas de uma maneira diferente. Sentiremos muitas saudades. It really was wonderful meeting you David . You made us look at the stars in a different way . We will miss you a lot.

  • Victoria, Russia

    I know you're always with us - in each of the millions of hearts, beating in rhythm with your music! I love you since my 12 years, I remember that dream with you :) and I know that you loved me too... Thank you for everything! And wherever you are - be happy, our embodied light... :-*

  • Pollohorse, Costa Rica

    Inmortal Black Star thanks por all

  • Anna, Sweden

    You will be missed. Always.

  • Gustavo, Argentina

    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

  • Carol Joy, USA

    Your music is my daily soundtrack for 46yrs. I'm broken-hearted but will love you for infinity. Shine on in the universe. Never will forget you. Love

  • Tanya, Russia

    Can you hear me,major Tom?Have a good flight,dear friend.

  • mizzi, germany

    life is short but love is forever. thank you for your music and inspiration. hope, i'll see you up there someday.

  • Moggy, Uk

    You had me transfixed from Space Oddity to Blackstar, RIP David and thanks for the musical ride.

  • Sofi, Ukraine

    Thanx u mr.Bowie! Your art changed human's mind forever. Wherever u are - you're still with us. Luv you forever!

  • Sonja, Belgie

    You are more alive than ever Go and fly like a little bleu bird hi in the skai... So i say goodbay

  • Andrea Cuello, Argentina

    Thank you for the beautiful. I always will be travelling with you. Love you.

  • Birgit, Austria

    Good bye David and many thanks for your being....and your music it belongs to me and always helps me....never be again a hero like you??peace for you....

  • Luandre, Russia

    THANK YOU for a music, sounds and visions! My life is illuminated by you shine. You save me many times expressing my feelings by you art. I will never forget you. Be happy and peace where ever you are. We will miss you...

  • Ksenia, Russia

    Thank you for being you all your life. You inspire me never give up and and creative and write. All my life I want to do a tattoo and now I know what it will be. Your always in my heart. Thank you. (And say Hello to Mr. Kubrick )

  • Judas, Mexico

    May the stars guide you to where you want to be, as always. Thanks for all.

  • Maureen, Canada

    The star look very different today....thanks for all the greatness...your number 1 fan forever.xoxo

  • Bea, france

    Mon premier disque Ashes to Ashes ... Puis d autres ... L homme aux 1000 visages maintenant une etoile parmi les etoiles ...

  • mel, Brasil

    Obrigada por tudo que voce foi.mudou minha vida e eu nunca vou te esquecer.encontre a pAz.se você encontrar a Gia abrace ela por nós. Continue brilhando sua jornada só começou. Te amo muito

  • Loulou, Russia

    Have a great journey to stars! Say hi to Freddie. Love you, dear storyteller! Xxx

  • Loulou, Russia

    Have a great journey to stars! Say hi to Freddie. Love you, dear storyteller! Xxx

  • Loulou, Russia

    Have a great journey to stars! Say hi to Freddie. Love you, dear storyteller! Xxx

  • Vilma Quiros , Costa Rica

    You shall never be forgotten, you were epic and your gift to the world will always be in our hearts. Hope to meet you someday up there major.

  • Donner, USA

    David, you make me wanna be the best me possible. You taught me that there is nothing wrong with being myself, and thank you so much for that. I will love you till I die, I will see you in the sky tonight. Love you David!! -Donner

  • Gogie, United States

    Your artistry made me think and made me a better person. Thank you.

  • IvanChe, Russia

    Go then. There are other worlds than these. I'll join you later. Thank you, Ziggy.

  • Lord Heel, USA

    You made art that will live forever. Thank you for all the great music.

  • Diana, Serbia

    Thank you for everything, it was a pleasure existing at the same time as you.You will never be forgotten.

  • Alexa Miller, Russia

    You changed my life, for which I am very grateful to you! We miss you, dear David. Play rock of his home planet. We will not forget you, ever. Thank you for everything! ★

  • Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, USA

    "If it works, it's out of date." -David Bowie, 1978 Thanks for always changing. You will never be out of date.

  • Jakob, Sweden

    Thank you, David. You made me laugh, cry of joy and realise what really mattered. Thank you, and rest well.

  • Davie, Scotland

    You were the soundtrack to my life , like a Death the Family when I heard you were gone See you in the Sky Starman Xx

  • Justine, België

    You made me laugh and you made me cry. Thank you for all those memorable moments. You will be missed.

  • Veronica Lostjärna, Sweden

    I love you Starman!❤️❤️❤️ I hope your spirit comes and visits my dreams!

  • Mike McLain , USA

    Thank you for everything David! My love, my light, my joy...

  • Mimi, usa

    You will live in my heart forever. Love you.

  • Ivan BsKO, Russia

    Dear David, I hope you are fine wherever you are. Thx for everything you've done! <3



  • Victory, Russia

    David, you are my personal star, my Major Tom. I miss you. Your songs help me feeling happy. Kiss your perfect lips, great Ziggy. I will remember you forever?❤

  • Dieumon, Russia

    Thank you, David. We gotta carry the weight but we're gonna carry the torch.

  • Mait, Spain

    Thanks for you, and thanks for me. I love you forever.

  • Carl Persse, Ireland

    All The Young Dudes Thank You ?

  • Oscar, Mexico

    Dear Bowie: U and ur music touched my life and changed it forever! There are no words to express my love and gratitude... To the stars and beyond!

  • Helena, Russia

    I love you, Major Tom.

  • Kelly Everdeen, Russia

    You were my life. You are my life! You make me so happy. You mean the world for me. You've really made the grate

  • Nega Daph , Brazil

    Are the stars looking very different?

  • Stephanie, USA

    There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said already. No one compares to you, and we will all miss you so very much. Thank you for changing my life.

  • OsoPlayedGutar, Chile

    Thank you for change my life COMPLETLY. Still inspiring me to be a better earthling. Love u, forever.!!!!!

  • Chloe, Australia

    I'll never forget you. You changed my existence. Thank you for everything.

  • Michalina, Poland

    David, you've really made the grade. I already miss you. Thank you for everything. You're my hero.

  • Nego fah, Brazil

    Man, how is space doing? Vlw flw eh nóis

  • Peace and love , On Earth

    Bowie seems to unite the World... In our love for him you see Hope!

  • Heather, UK

    Good bye Starman, you'll always be such an inspiration

  • Olga Medici, Russia

    David, You're more, than human. I know that You- among the stars, you are- the Star. Be above all, do global world your superior intellect, but please don't forget to continue send the music to the planet Earth, in any of its manifestations. Infinitely Love You

  • Sabina, Kazakhstan

    I love you. You'll always be my hero. Thank you for everything.

  • Simon, Italy

    David, you are my only inspiration, you lighten my days. I'm an artist and every drawing I made is made with your help. You are a great inspiration for me, the only true model. My muse. I feel empty, but I know that we'll meet someday, I don't know where but I will wait! I love you. Farewell, my Major

  • Lotte, Netherlands

    You were awesome! Thanks for all the smiles you brought me (and the world!) and all the emotions you made me (and again, the world) feel! You were the very best artist like no artist ever was and you'll be forever missed!

  • Daph, Brazil

    I hope you are in a better place..... thanks for everything

  • Azelin, México

    I'm here waiting for my future, and sad because you were the one who made me see I indeed had a future. Stars are born from stars and you showed me that. I love you, and be prepared to hear me from space. My music will be played loud enough for you to hear it. Thanks, you will always be in my heart.

  • Mar , Russia

    Hi,David Your songs, the prophets. Touch your nerve.You feel that space open.It starts here.These balls-planet carousel moving fast,one and death, out of control.Second breath to You. There

  • Sabina Amerzhanova, Kazakhstan,Karaganda

    I love you. You'll always be my hero. Thahk you for everything. Good buy.. Starman❤

  • Amy, England

    David, you saved my life multiple times. I will love and miss you endlessly. Your music and legacy is beyond amazing. Gone but not forgotten. Goodnight Ziggy xx

  • Faith , USA

    Thank you for everything David....thank you for your music.... Thank you for the inspiration... Thank you for also showing me that being unique is good... Thank you...

  • Joelly, Canada

    Peace brother

  • Marisol, Mexico, city

    Thank you David for having been part of my life. I know you'll be better in the stars where you belong. Farewell.

  • Dasha, Russia

    Good bye, David. You made this planet much more beautiful. Smile at me from the star sometimes, please. I hope you feel what I`m trying to say. Be the happiest. Believing the strangest things, loving the Alien. Always.

  • Fabrizio Ferro , Brazil

    David, I didn't knew you ,but I've always knew you're very awesome. Falou ✌

  • Katya, Russia

    You ch-ch-ch-ch-changed my life! Thank you!

  • Miranda, US

    Much love.

  • Phyllis Aman, USA

    You have been and always will be in my heart David, for ever and ever til I meet you in heaven. Thank you for traveling my life with me thru your music. It's with me always and rings loud in my ears. That piece of you is still with me.

  • Nana Terra, Brasil

    Thank you! <3

  • Vika, Belarus

    David, thanks for everything. Thanks, for that that you inspire me on creativity. Thanks, for your music which pulls out from grief and despair. Thanks, for creation of the whole era. You will always be with us. Your music will never die, it is eternal. Not to express love to your creativity in words You not the person, you are a legend. We love you, David

  • Johnny, Russia

    Big Thanks for all Your incredible creativity, talents and inspiration! Have a nice Space Vacation, David! We love you so much! See you later, my friend! Bye.

  • Midge, Uk

    Forever in my heart. Thanx for everything x

  • Marie, Germany/Georgia

    გმადლობ, დევიდ! მიყვარხარ! <3 Thank You, David! I Love You! Danke, David! Ich liebe dich!

  • Nikita, Russia

    Forever in my rebel heart.

  • Georgia, UK

    Dear David, You changed my life for the better, from when I was 6 you taught me it was alright to be different. I miss you goblin king. Have fun back on your home planet. Goodbye, Starman ?

  • Simon Grant, England

    The greatest solo singer in the world,We miss you already,goodnight old chap

  • Chantelle, England

    You saved my life, my friendship and my relationship. Hot Tramp, I love you so.

  • Mark O'Hearn, United States of America

    Rest well, Mr. Bowie. You've earned it.

  • Eugénie, Russia

    Shine forever, my space. Thank you for being here with us.

  • Daphne Ferro, Brazil

    Thanks for changing my life. You'll always be remembered for all your art. I love you ❤

  • Carmen, Ecuador

    My rock and roll suicide, my eternal love. ?

  • Monica B., Russia

    Thomas Jerome Newton, they made your eyes remain sky-blue, they turned you into a human, they made you forget your family, they were not cruel, they were just humans. forgive them and forgive me for being ordinary and rude humans. now you are free. more free than stars. enjoy!

  • Kristen, USA

    Thank you so much for the inspiration, and the provocation to be myself. Without you, and Rebel Rebel, I would not have had the courage to do so... I will love your music forever.

  • Irene Haralabatos, USA

    Thank you for the music and the example of your life. Your life was art.

  • Jens, Belgium

    Goodbye, Starman... You will be missed.

  • Tom and Tia, Australia

    The world is empty without your energy. Words will never express the gratitude we feel for all you have given. You really did change our world in so many ways. You made us all feel like we could be anything. May your soul travel in love and light. You will be forever loved and deeply missed xxx

  • Aida, Valencia/España

    Tu paseo entre nosotros ha sido muy generoso, nos has dejado tu creatividad, tu imaginacion, tus pensamientos e ilusiones, todo eso, en Tu Musica. Gracias y hasta pronto.

  • Mel, Usa

    You played the soundtrack to my childhood,I will forever remember you xoxo

  • Iza, Poland

    Thanks for my life,for everything.

  • Andy Billingham, UK

    David, you taught me so much in the words you wrote. Each song has a special place in my heart and a significance to me that was unfounded. You were the soundtrack to my life and I owe you so much. Rest in peace my man X.

  • Marco, Argentina

    Crecí escuchando tu música y seguí tu arte con entusismo. Admiro todo lo q hiciste y tu espíritu animalista y tu filosofía me inspirarán x siempre. Love from Ground Control

  • Chantal V, Chile

    My dear David, you will stay forever in my heart. Thank you for everything you gave to this world. I absolutely LOVE YOU.

  • Jon A. Leslie, USA

    Thank you for everything. You inspired me to be myself.

  • Tk, USA

    Thank you from all the odd children. God speed on your latest adventure

  • catherine, Argentina

    Mi duque blanco gracias por toda esa musica tan maravillosa que nos dejas !! Tu eres y seras siempre una inspiración en mi vida y en la de millones de personas, siempre tuve la esperanza de verte en vivo pero ya no se me cumplió ese sueño y me duele que asi haya sido ... aunque ya no estes fisicamente tu musica y tu legado vivirá por siempre en nuestra memoria y en nuestros corazones !! Love you forever David ♡♥

  • Riina Raami, Estonia

    You layed the real thing on us, space invader. Now your stardust will shine on us and show the way. Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing we can do.

  • Yulya, Russia

    I'll stay with you forever. With love to you. Yulya.

  • 23, Russia

    Thanks for love.

  • Polly, Russia

    I think I should have been born in the 60s, 70s. I like it time. I can feel it your songs, your music. Thank you, Mr. Bowie.

  • Maria, Russia

    It's weird to say, but thank you for this existantial experience connected with your death. I try to comprehend what death is, what should I do in life. You make me touch somthing deep and dark inside my mind. And your music will always be with me.

  • Kelly, United States

    Thank you for leaving us better then you found us. Your music and influence will out live all of us. Much love

  • Sam, Belgium

    You are a fucking genius ! For ever and never

  • Erica Rupp , United States

    We love and miss you, you angel voiced, beautiful King. See ya again some day, my hero.

  • catherine, Argentina

    Mi duque blanco eres y serás una inspiración en mi vida , tu musica , tu arte todo tuvo un impacto en mi vida! Nunca te pude ver en vivo y eso me duele porque siempre tuve la esperanza de que algún dia ibas a volver a los escenarios igual aunque te hayas ido físicamente de este planeta tu música y tu legado siempre vivirá en nuestros corazones y en nuestra memoria tu legado

  • Theresa, Slovakia

    Thank you for the flowers you gave me my Starman. You changed my life. Hope you hear me when I'm talking to you every night, you make sky looks beautiful. You're still alive in my heart. Oh how much I love you my heroe. I believe in you. Sending lots of hugs from the empty Earth.

  • Kayla, USA

    Thank you for everything David. You revolutionized me the way you revolutionized thousands of others. I can never thank you enough for the lasting impact you made on me. I love you forever Ziggy Xoxo

  • Jessie S., Germany

    A part of me died with you..you're not alone. You are my hero, my lifesaver. You've changed my life for the better and I don't know how to express my gratitude to you. You are still omnipresent and I will never stop admiring you. You were/are a wonderful person. Somehow I believe you're still here among us! Love you forever..not long at all.

  • mar10frans, Belgium

    Hey David Robert Jones Bowie, if you find a second in-between playing cards with Joe Cocker, Freddy Mercury and John Lennon – please let us earthlings know how it’s like in space, what’s the favourite music there… Keep a seat for us, we’ll join you there one day, some day…

  • Nika, Russia

    Thank you for everything , you really changed my life ....

  • Ellie, Russia

    I've been listening to your music my whole life and It has helped me and inspired me in many ways. Whenever I felt discouraged, I always felt better listening to it You will forever remain in my heart and the hearts of many people Thank you. I hope you rest peacefully

  • Zandra , USA

    David, You've always been so important to me. Your music changed my life. Your lyrics brought joy to my heart. You're gone from this earth, but always in my heart.

  • Doll, UK

    Thank you for everything you've done on this planet. You changed my life and now I miss you more than anything in the world. Eternal love to you, supergod x

  • Karen, USA

    Starman, one more star now shines bright from the heavens above. Thank you for your music and your life.

  • Marina, Russia

    we will meet again a little later

  • Regina, Russia, Ufa

    You are an inspiration to all of us. You and your music will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything. Rest in Peace, our favourite Starman.

  • Fabio Gouvea , Brasil

    David, please tell Major Tom that things on Earth are worst. For sure, in Heaven you'll be very beterraba. We miss you forever!

  • Paula, Colombia

    David, thank you for making my life better, you saved my life so many times with your art that I can't thank you enough. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy. I love you

  • rick, u.s.a.

    you will be missed you have been apart of my life since i was 16 when i found your music you are and always will be my favorite singer

  • Alex, United States

    You influenced all of our lives, and I was terribly sad when you passed! You were a hero to all of us and the world is a little colder without you!

  • Anna, Russia

    Thank you for helping me to realize meaning of life. Art. And for making me happier. I love you so much forever and ever

  • Aiden Bliss , England

    I don't want to cry because I know you had a wonderful life. Wherever you are I hope you're looking down on us and being proud of who we are.

  • Alyona Khimich, Kazakhstan

    David,"you are not alone", you are my soulmate. I promise to find you in some place in space. You are in my heart forever. Goodbye here, but welcome in heaven. God loves you. Bless your soul.

  • Rita, Belarus

    You've flown away to Mars. We love you, starman.

  • Jim, USA

    David, you were the soundtrack to my life, I knew I was different and you made me feel it was ok, until we meet again. Thank you for everything you gave us, especially the music and memories, but most of all you. ♡♡♡♡♡

  • David Fair, USA

    My love for you can't be expressed in a 120 characters David Bowie. You changed my life in every way and I am so grateful to you for everything you've done. We'll never forget you Ziggy! Thank you for everything!

  • Patrick en Carine, Belgium

    Make your FASHION in heaven

  • Dakota, United States

    You changed my life. I don't know who I would be without you in my life. Even though I never met you, you have had a bigger impact on my life than most people. Thank you Major Tom <3

  • Sara, USA

    my parents and I were deeply saddened to hear what happened. we all cried. I hope you're not suffering anymore. rest in peace, major tom.

  • Alyona Khimich, Kazakhstan

    David,"you are not alone", you are my soulmate. I promise to find you in some place in space. You are in my heart forever. Goodbye here, but welcome in heaven. God love you. Bless your soul.

  • Chanice L., United States

    You changed my life. Thank you for guiding my strange ways... And helping me realize that it wasn't so strange after all. Peace and love Starman

  • Kim, USA

    I've adored you from afar for decades...... With you went a piece of my heart? I'm sure Rock and Roll heaven is amazing Goodbye David R.I.P.

  • Rachel DeMicco, United States

    You walked into my life out of my dreams! You are the artist of my life. With eternal love and gratitude, Rachel

  • Heather, Canada

    Thank you for showing the world that fame doesn't have to mean you share everything on social media. You went out on your own terms protecting your loved ones. Pure class, many could learn from that.

  • Crystal, USA

    I never thought I'd be at your memorial! I didn't think you were human and susceptible to cancer :( I am glad you shared your art with the world, you made it so much brighter for me and many others. So sorry you are gone :..(

  • Jane van Zanten , Ireland

    ? Because my love for you Would break my heart in two ? ?

  • André, Portugal

    You showed the world that we must accept and embrace who we truly are. You guided us to better society. Thank you for inspiring multiple generations and for sharing your talent with us. You will be missed Mr. Bowie

  • Alexandra Volkova, Russia

    I love you, major Tom.Thank you that ch-ch-ch-changed this world

  • Nast, Russia

    You are immortal in our hearts, dear David. You`re brilliant so and so.

  • Thurston, Wales

    I don't want to cry. I'm so happy you had a beautiful life. But I'm crying. And everyone wishes you a safe journey back home to your stars. You never knew me and I hardly knew you. But I just want you to know that when one star burns out, a million more are born, and we are the millions of stars that were inspired by you. You may be one star, but you've made a galaxy.

  • Daria, Russia

    This planet empty without you,David. Hope you have everything you need on your new.Just remember You can always come home. Rock on,Starman!For you everyone says Hi! always love and always miss

  • Agafya, Russia

    My life has changed greatly! You inspire me, and I will use all that I have to live this life is not wasted! I love you!!! Thank you, David! Thank you, Starman!

  • Nadia Tomasi , Italy

    Your music has accompanied me from adolescence to adulthood...I feel great regret not enjoying more of your news ?

  • Garrett, Ireland

    Thank you for the soundtrack of my life . A fan since 1973. Gone way to soon .

  • Hallie Hellfire , USA

    Because of you and your music I can now be myself and be happy about it, I miss you terribly but I know you're in a better place.

  • Rosita Van de Velde, Belgium

    David, it is with a saddened heart that I say goodbye. Ever since I discovered your music, you’re a part of my life. Thank you for your music, concerts, movies…for everything - through all decades. You will always be in my heart and you will be missed. It is way too soon, but you are a star in the sky now and may God’s love be with you. Rest in peace xx

  • Sam, Berlin, Germany

    The connections I've made through listening to and sharing thoughts about your music with other people are numerous. That is a great gift you've given me and many others ... it's not only about the music that will, of course, remain with us, it's also the friendship and companionship that it helped to foster. Vielen lieben Dank. Ich denke an dich.

  • A humble fan, USA

    In my life time I was able to see a star come to earth and leave again. It was the most amazing event I have ever seen. A small piece of it landed in my heart and stuck. I feel it in there glowing.

  • Ken, USA

    Your music will always be here for everyone Thank you for everything!

  • Alla, Russia

    I love you.

  • Sasha F, England

    Thank you for showing me the beautiful side of music and being my idol. Eternally grateful starman❤️

  • Debora , Argentina

    A través de tu arte te volviste eterno. Gracias por todo! Sos universo ahora. Paz y amor!

  • Daniel Shank, USA

    Don't forget your protein pills. RIP Goblin King. Thank you for everything.

  • Lu, Russia, St. Petersburg

    Darling! I can't believe.. Thank you for all.. Hugs to Freddie.. <3

  • Ann, Ukraine

    Thank you for our golden years. See you on Mars, dear Starman.

  • Christina, Ukraine

    Dear David, thank you very much! Thank you for the great music, you made my life better, I will remember you alweys and promise to tell the next generation about you. Thank you...

  • djSangio, Italy

    Don't believe for just one second we're forgetting You...

  • Alice, Russia

    And how does the stars look now? Very different? :) P.S. Love you so much honey

  • Elizabeth Stevenson, US

    I know somehow you will hear this, and I want to say, we will never ever forget you. You were the first to make me think about music differently, you've inspired me, changed me, and shaped me. I can't thank you enough for that. Thanks Starman

  • Lilah, USA

    You're a true legend, inspiration, and musical genius. Your music will live on forever no matter what. You're deeply missed.

  • Valeriy, Russia

    Always listened to your music, always have and always will listen. Thanks for the work !

  • Renata, Czech Republic

    I know you can hear me when I'm calling your name. I truly love you, David, you know that. I'll stay with you forever. You gave me the world.

  • Kerrin, Indonesia

    You are beyond amazing. Best human being ever. Thank you so much for making us happy&showing us weirdos that being outside the box can be very very cool.

  • Mini Doc, England

    You will always be my hero, thank you for giving me the courage to be me.

  • kiara monique, america

    You have inspired me too by my best self and I will always love you for that.

  • Anna, Russia

    David, I will always love you . Thank you for all that you did. Thank you for the songs that inspire me. Thank you for the Goblin King, who became my first love. Thank you for having changed me and my life. You incredibly important part of me. I really love you. I hope that someday, in another world , we meet .You are forever in my heart, David Bowie!

  • Ray, Earth

    You became a source of energy and inspiration for me. You still is and you always will be. Hole in my heart is transforming into the bright star. Because Death is not real. Enjoy the Universe. Love

  • Chanel, Netherlands

    David, thank you so so much for everything you did. You are so much more than just a musician, you are a hero. I'm so glad that you were here. I love you so much. Rest in peace.

  • Lady Shade Stardust, Italy

    I love you. ❤️ Thank you for everything

  • Siobhan , USA

    Hot tramp, I loved you so!

  • Alexander, Portugal

    I will treasure the moments your music gave me, how it shaped me and my life. We'll miss you forever.

  • Rorschach, Serbia

    I know you have your protein pills with you.

  • Camila, Brazil

    Ashes to ashes. David bowie, you changed many lifes, hope to meet you someday, and if you really are an ET pls come to abduct me

  • Márti Odrobina, Hungary

    I will love You till the end of time

  • Daria, Russia

    Dear Mr. Bowie, there are no words to thank you for your work. You will always remain in our hearts. We Love. Remember.

  • Adrien , France

    Thanks for all, starman

  • Ronny en Jacqueline Van Diest, Belgie

    Thanks David, Continue singing up there in the sky. Have a good trip, and do our son Brian, the greetings.

  • Hayley, United States

    David, you taught me how to express myself, that being me is the best person I can be. Your music has changed my life forever. I love you David.

  • Arina, Belarus

    I listen to your songs non-stop and cry all the time. Why life is so cruel? You have never deserve it. Honestly nobodу deserves it, but you... No... Oh mr. Bowie, how many words I want to say but it doesn't come out really. Our era has lost so much in just a few days of the new year. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for being my friend all of this time. Words cannot explain your importance to me. My lofe now is like a black-and-white movie. I hope it will pass but... Oh, thank you for everything you did. I believe that some day I can meet you in your world. I will love you till I die, I promise.

  • Kate, Ukraine

    We all love you and miss you, you know. You’ll always be our inspiration and our happiness. Thank you for everything. I’ll never forget you. Спасибо за то, что был с нами. Очень не хватает тебя здесь, на Земле. Пожалуйста, будь счастлив там, где ты сейчас. Доброго пути.

  • Nancy Cyrus, United States

    I Will Love you FOREVER

  • Hanna, Estonia

    David, thank you so much for everything you did during your lifetime and I hope you rest easy. I love you & you will be greatly missed.

  • Marieke van Gorssel , Netherlands

    Thanks David for all your fantastic music and trends. You will always be in my hart! Rest in peace!

  • Dasha, Ukraine

    red in my heart,stars are different now,but i know u still watchin us

  • Jazmin, England

    Thank you for changing my life and inspiring me to use my creativity. You changed the world. Love you xx

  • Irina, Russia

    Dearest David, enjoy the ride at the Universe Unknown... Our Genius... Love you from all my heart...listen and enjoy your MUSIC. Forever David....

  • Valery, Ukraine

    Your music will be with us forever.Thank you for every sound,every thought and inspiration.

  • Sofia, Russia

    Thank you very much. Thank you. ?

  • Albina , Russia

    David, I love you forever

  • Natalia , Russia

    Thank you for your music. You make me happy. You are a wonderful singer. I love you so.

  • mauro, argentina

    Tanks a lot David!! you changed my life!!

  • Guillermo, United states

    Thanks for everything you've done Major Tom:)

  • Claudia Lavallée , Canada

    Hi david, I want to say thank you for changing my life in so many way. With your song designing my life like a soundtrack

  • Juliana, Ukraine

    Thank You for changing my life and the way I think. You gave us a hope that we can be heroes. You will be always in my heart, Starman. ?

  • Ann, Russia

    thank you for everything. thanks for showing how to be happy and free

  • Sarah, Belgium

    I wish I could have known you better when you were alive but now I have wait till I join you heaven... see you Starman say hi to Ziggy

  • c, germany

    I can't deal with the fact that a person that influenced my life so much is just gone... but I hope your creativity will live on in all the people you inspired

  • Ronald de Wildt, Nederland

    Beste David, Heel veel dank voor alles wat je voor mijn leven, in breedste zin des woord, hebt betekend en verder zal betekenen. Je bracht het licht, ook in breedste zin des woord, naar me toe via Low, en dat licht zal blijven branden. Het gaat je verder goed David, maak je niet al te veel zorgen over ons Earthlings. Lieve groet, Ronald de Wildt.

  • Lis, Russia

    My inspiration. Thank you for being on this planet, I hope you fulfilled all of your missions here. You were one of the most talented, unique and handsome people that have ever lived. Hope that you are home now, in place where is no pain, diseases and wars. I would hug you million times if i could.. I love you with all my heart.

  • Kim Sudnik Viers, USA

    I will love you forever. Nothing can compare. You are in my heart forever. ? I love you. Thank you. Changed my life forever. My Hero.

  • Trisha, Ireland

    How do I put into words just how much you enriched my life? It would have been so much more duller without you in it, David. Safe travels, Starman......you will always be loved.

  • Alexander T., Russia

    Thank you, David. For your music. For your inspiration. For your images. Thank you very much, Starman.

  • Max, The United States

    Thank you for your music, your fashion, your bravery, and your passion. May your inextinguishable star continue to shine, forever and ever. Rest well, Ziggy.

  • Rin Alien, The pale blue dot

    Thank you for making sense to all this madness or perhaps the opposite- for showing us that making sense isn't relevant to living. I feel blessed for having walked the Earth simultaneously. You will forever be my hero. Shine bright, Starman. ❤️✨?☄?? P.s. Is there life on Mars?

  • Tasha, Russia

    I saw galaxies in your eyes... Love you,major Tom??

  • Olga, Russia

    Dear David, I miss you every day and every night I'm crying. I know that you're alive, but on another planet, galaxy or another world. You're the greatest artist I have ever heard and seen. And all your characters, creation and music will be eternal. Thank you very much for your life and emotions, that you gave to people. Thank you, Ziggy. Thank you, major Tom. Thank you, David Bowie. "There's a starman waiting in the sky..."

  • Sergey Ef, Russia

    Dear David you changed my life and i"ll always be a Thursday's Child. Throw me tomorrow..

  • Gulnara, Russia

    Thank you so much for your music and for all that you have done for us, it is priceless. Have a nice trip and come back to Earth, starman! Don't stay in a sad place, where they don't care how you are! I love you, David Bowie, cause you're wonderful!

  • Shawna, USA

    Thank you for the decades of great music and for teaching everyone that it was okay to be different. Planet Earth is a better place because of you.

  • Andrea, Chile

    Mi Delgado Duque Blanco, tu música definió mi vida completa. Gracias por haberme acompañado en mis tristezas y alegrías y haber sido mucho más que el amor de mi vida. Descansa entre el polvo cósmico!!!

  • Sydney Taylor., United States of America.

    Thank you for changing my life Starman. You made me who I am today. I can't wait until I get to see you again up in the stars. I love and miss you more than you'll ever know.

  • Margarita, Russia

    I will miss you,but your music is still with me.

  • Oz, Earth

    David, I'm so happy that you ended your career on such a high note. Keep on blasting, Rocket Man.

  • Marianne , Puerto Rico

    Thank you, Starman. You will be missed dearly!

  • Arianne, Ecuador

    David, muchas gracias por todo lo que haz hecho, tu musica me a ayudado en tantos momentos de mi vida y tu estilo unico y llamativo me hizo tener mas confianza conmigo misma, Gracias por todo hermoso principe. Siempre te amare

  • Ellie, Canada

    Thank you for the music that you left us with. You are missed Starman. Much love to the most talented, funny, handsome, charming Gentleman this world had ever met. XOXO

  • Aparna, India

    You were so elegantly iconic. The world is a lesser place without you, Ziggy Stardust.

  • Becky, Usa

    Quite simply: If it weren't for you, my life weeks be very different. Thank you for the ways you changed me AND the world.

  • Andy, Brazil

    Dear Bowie. I can't imagine how the World will go on without you here, but I know you're somewhere up there watching us. I love you with all my heart and soul. You'll forever be my Ziggy.

  • Lis, Russia

    You are awesome. not because you're a great musician , an actor , a handsome , after all, just because you - it's you. And you gave us tremendous strength of will and desire . see you soon

  • Lea, England

    R.i.p. starman i'm still in disbelief over your passing. you were my childhood. Most of the people I look up to have lost the person they look up to and that's sad travel safely and magic dance forever we love you

  • Carolina Hasbun, Chile

    Thank you for the music and the inspiration. ❤️

  • sonja hoefsmit, België

    Major Tom thanks for beëing on earth for so long and let us enjoy your music ,whe will never forget you may god be with you xxx

  • Agnieszka, Kraków

    I hope you're free now. Cya on the other side... <3

  • Gretel, México

    Thanks for your music, thanks for changing our world. Glitter to glitter, dust to dust.

  • Daria, Russia

    Mr. Bowie, wherever you are now, I hope you think of Earth with a smile. You lived a vivid life that inspires a lot of people to be kinder and not to be afraid of who they are. I am grateful for your absolute honesty and courage. I shall never cease to remember you and you will be always in my heart as the brightest star. See you later, my good friend!

  • Galina, Russia

    We love you very much, you know. We miss you. And I think your spaceship knows which way to go.

  • Carolina Hasbun, Chile

    I Love you, David Bowie. Thank you for the music and the inspiration

  • Stephanie D, USA

    Rest easy now Mr.Bowie.Thank you for leaving us the gift of your music.

  • Susan Collins, Chicago, IL,United States

    Thank you for saving my life and making me feel as though I was never alone. I wish you could come back...⚡️

  • Uliana&Ksu, Russia

    We love you very much. Many thanks♥

  • Assiya, Kazakhstan

    I will listen to your music forever cuz is on of the reasons to live

  • Reyna, México

    Solo podemos amar a quien admiramos y respetamos, lograr generar en miles de personas a lo largo y ancho de este planeta el más noble de todos los sentimientos x ser quien eres, dacomo resultado

  • Ciaran Davis, England

    You helped me accept myself as an outsider and embrace my androgyny. You have influenced me more than anybody. Without you I would've been a completely different person. You will forever continue to inspire and empower me. RIP my wonderful Star Man! <3

  • John, U.K.

    Thank you for everything.

  • Tina, Canada

    RIP David. Your music showed me it was okay to be an independant thinker and a free spirit Your talent was other worldly. I hope they are enjoying it where ever you are.

  • Алина , Россия

    David вернись на землю!Ты нам очень нужен здеееееееесь!!!

  • gahee kim, seoul southkorea

    Love you forever♥ 나의 데이빗

  • Jessica, Chile

    Thank you!!! your art is eternal...RIP David Bowie <3

  • Yoly , Russia

    Thank you for everything, Ziggy, the Prettiest Star! The perfect. The one. The Perfect One. Hope, we'll meet again somehow, sometime at some star. And May God's Love be with You!

  • Amy, United States

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your beauty, creativity and lessons of how to embrace life. You have been the soundscape to my life since I came to this earth. We even crossed paths when I was a child in NYC. Your fearless choices made me know it's ok to embrace my individuality, regardless of everyone wanting me to be the norm. My children love you too. My promise to you is to do my small part of keeping your music alive through the next generation. It's the least I can do for what you have given the universe. We love you and we will look for you in the stars everynight.

  • Daria, Russia

    You're my eternal reason to dare. Thank you very much for that. See you in a different reality.

  • Sinilga, Russia

    Thank you for everything you've done for me. My life will never be the same. Love you endlessly. "Hope you're happy too..."

  • Bre, USA

    Thank you for teaching me to be comfortable in my own skin. Rest well, Starman.

  • Nataly, Russia

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I want to thank you for your life on Earth, for your wonderful songs, for your excellent acting skills. Thank you for your voice that makes my heart beat faster. Believe me, the world will never forget you. You were a real wonder for all of us. I regret that I found a place in my heart for you so late. But now, this place belongs only to you. I wish you a pleasant journey across the universe, our beautiful star.

  • Lesya, Ukraine

    You opened the space to me. Your music will forever be in my heart. We're so thankful. Each evening I look at stars, I'll be waiting you. Have a good spacetrip!


    You beauty, intelligence, humor, curiosity, talent & all the resulting gifts you gave us will not be in vain. THANK YOU for your generousity... We all carry shards of your soul & will sharpen our own wits & talents w/ those... You were a Saint for me: flawed human/transcendent being - showing us what is possible when we open ourselves up to the muse.

  • Gaby C, Belgium

    Hello Mr Bowie, THE one and only Major Tom ! Thank you for giving us your music. You are still a shining clear star !

  • Valentina, Russia

    You were not born and never left..you were a welcome guest on our planet and returned home on Mars..From the very beginning of your career you sang us about the man with the star,now you are there,if you go back you will think you will blow our brain but you always were and will be with us,your ashes scattered to the wind and stayed with us.You the man with the star-you the black star sang about the magical dance,you taught us to believe in the faith of ziggy Stardust.. Thank you for everything,you are our legend,you are our star man

  • Mary-Ann, Nederland

    You were an Angel in disguise, who lived, loved and worked on our beautiful planet Earth. Your work and love will radiate for ever and ever "through infinity and beyond"

  • katia, belgium

    A hero, for ever and ever! Let them rock on Mars :-) RIP David

  • Mike Mulholland, USA

    Sleep well Major Tom...

  • Artem, Russia

    Thank you! You change my life! You change the world! Your music make me sing and cry! I hope now you have a grate space trip near the Black Star! Время сказать на своём родном языке! Огромное спасибо! Если бы не ты, я бы не был таким, какой я сейчас! Мир навсегда запомнит твоё имя! And he was alright, the band was all together Yes he was alright, the song went on forever And he was awful nice Really quite out of sight, really quite paradise And he sang all night long. Forever in my heart! Can you hear me Major Tom?

  • Lidia, Russia

    Thank you for making art out of your life and death, teaching us to be courageous and unique, always go ahead no matter what. May your soul shine in peace like a stardust

  • Olga, Russia

    Thank you for everything, David. You are my inspiration for entire life.

  • Michelle, United States

    Aye Mr. Space man, the stars look very different now. I've been listening to you for a long while and you helped me a whole lot, thank you. I hope you're living up there in the stars.

  • Natasha, Russia

    Доброго пути, майор Том

  • Kristin, Russia

    The stars in your eyes. Forever and ever. Thank you, David

  • Mary, Russia

    thank YOU for everything !

  • Gláucia, Brazil

    My Dearest Bowie, Thank God I'm having The opportunity to write to you, although, I wish I could tell you these words eye to eye.. I've always loved you since I was 8 or 9, when I first saw you in Labirynth. Since then, I've been admiring how complete and excepcional artist you've been. I still don't believe you are gone and I'll never have The opportunity to see you again...But I believe that one day, each one of us will have The chance to meet the ones we love, and I absolutely love you. I will always do. Now I'm a forty year old woman, and I have two kids who have also been admiring you once their mother is completely crazy about you. My son was The one who stood by me The morning I knew you were gone...he felt very Sad and even sadder because he could see how down I was. Rest in peace, my dear. Rock The place you are as you said it would be! Love, Gláucia

  • Yana , Russia

    I was listening to you since I was 5. I liked everything about you: how you look, how you sound, the meaning of your songs and the songs themselves. Maybe I was kind of similar to you. An alien in this strange and mysterious world. I'm probably never going to get the same person as you. Have a good time there, Mr. Jones.

  • Lesley, England

    Oh how I wish it wasn't true that you are gone from this world. I've loved you for over 40 years. Thank you for all the best music, characters, courage, genius talent and concerts. Glad you found happiness with Iman and your children. I'll always miss you. The stars look very different. There's a new one shining bright. RIP David ❤️

  • Kaat V, Belgium

    You will always be a Shining Star in that big great space ! You gave us great music. Thank you so much for all you gave us and still give us with your songs.

  • Sabina, Russia

    You are my star, my moon, my Mars. I love you. Please try to be the brightest star in the night sky. Sing from the space.

  • Ronan, United Kingdom

    Ground control to Major Tom, please come back home!

  • Sabina, Russia

    You are my star, my moon, my Mars. I love you. Please try to be the brightest star in the night sky. Sing from the space. ?

  • Liz, Avalon


  • Els, Belgium

    Ashes on the moon or Mars Memories embedded in the hearts Let's dance together with the stars Your songs for ever in the charts

  • Adam Neukother, Australia

    One of the world's most popular and genuine genius in music and story telling you will never be forgotten ! Can you hear me major Tom ! R.I.P

  • Federico Borluzzi, ITALY

    Thank you for the music and the inspiration that you have always brought in my life. I'm going to keep playing and singing your songs forever, hoping to see you up there in the end! You are one of my true heroes!

  • Patrick, België

    Je leven op aarde is nu voorbij, ik hoop dat het de moeite geweest is. Rust nu maar in vrede voor eeuwig en altijd.

  • Amstrong, Moon

    Good luck, Major Tom!

  • William cameron, Scotland

    Thanks for everything David you may be gone but I'm sure your home now

  • Ziggy, Russia

    Ayy lmao

  • ground control, Russia

    I love you, major Tom. Твои песни вечны.

  • Aika, Russia

    David, you were a little miracle in my life. What you have done for several generations of people do not appreciate. What you put into every song and every performance was transferred to the people and will remain in our culture and history. I hope that many generations will remember and honor your songs. Forever in my heart. ♥

  • Blade, United States

    You were my hero when I didn't have any. You captured and still capture all there can be in music and life. I just know heaven sounds sweeter now. We can be heroes just for one day. Rest Easy Mr. Bowie

  • Sabrina, United States of America

    Even the children are crying, the impact is great. Come back Bowie! We need you!

  • Masha, Russia

    Thank you for everything you have done! I hope your inspiration is still here. For you we all can be heroes. Just for one day. With love x

  • Luther Center, USA

    Thank you for being there and helping me to grow up, and for showing me it's ok to be an individual in a group-mentality world. Much love.

  • Vika, Russia

    You've really changed my life and my music taste. I will always remember you, wonderful man. Love you a little bit x

  • Anastasia, Russia, Perm

    Спасибо тебе за величайший вклад в музыкальную культуру! Твои песни помогали и будут помогать мне жить и двигаться дальше... Я не хочу прощаться, я хочу сказать - до встречи, Майор Том! Уверена, мы ещё увидимся с тобой.

  • Brent Irwin, USA

    You were an inspiration to many, including me. You gave me strangth to be different. Travel on Starman!

  • aska, Earth

    once again You changed shape, expanded. fair enough-the Blue planet was small for You. but her soul is full. Love is all You left behind. and class. forever and ever.

  • Eduardina, Mexico

    Right on time again. you came and left like a weird delicious dream (how a stranger can be so essencial in someones life) Wait for me up there! From now on i will believe in heaven.

  • Christian, Germany

    A New Career In A New Out There. Goodbye David, thank you for everything.

  • King Mobe, The Netherlands

    you were a statue in life, an extraterrestrial human phenomena, you'll be an eternal artform, the only bright shining blackstar... everyone knows you now!

  • Thomas, Canada

    I thank you for your presence here, you will be remembered by many.

  • Lenny, Belgium

    Before I ever knew about your music, your King Jareth was the first baddie I adored! And then I heard you sing too ... I know one thing: the best party is not on earth these days but somewhere beyond the stars! Dance magic dance forever!

  • Alessandra E., Partugal

    David thanks for your big heart !!!! with your music a part of you will always be in our hearts !!!

  • Mimi, USA

    Time is really moving on. Thank you for the music. It brings back so many memories traveling thru space and the years. You live a life of so treasured.

  • Kate, Ukraine

    I love You, my Hero from Mars...You taught me that it's normal to be different, that I mustn't listen to someone's opinion and I must put middle finger up in the air and do what I want, You told me, that life is beautiful..I will make you pride of me in future..I promise. We love you and miss you so much...You are the best!

  • Marcus , Brazil

    David, you were, you are and will always be the greatest artist of all times. Thank you for everything you gave the world. Your art lives forever.

  • Oksana, Russia

    You changed so many lives. But now you gone and the hearts of millions peoples are broken. Thank you for everything you gave to us. Dear Sir David Bowie you will be never forget. We miss you.

  • Jeanne, Usa

    Your music and much prayer brought my daughter back to me. I thank you for that. My heart is broken that you left us so soon but I know I will meet you in Heaven someday. Thank you for your music, art, words, concerts and uniqueness." And may Gods love be with you" ⚡️?

  • Frank, Germany

    Thank you for all the inspiration of my life David. ☆☆☆

  • Jenya, Russis

    Ground control to major Tom. You are forever in my heart! See you!!!

  • Heather McWalter, Canada

    You mean the world to me. Thank you for everything.

  • Igor, Ukraine

    Ти мій герой. Твоя сила надихає мене і я також стаю сильніше. Дякую тобі за твої пісні, вони дуже вплинули на мене і моє життя. Ти був особливим і ніхто не зможе зайняти твоє місце. Ти назавжди залишився в моєму серці. Дякую, Девід.

  • Kate, Gaunt

    Your music is and always will be there, thank you for bringing me so much joy in the past, now and future.

  • Bart M, Belgium

    Hi David, wherever you are now. Thanks for your music, for the joy you brought into my life for almost 40 years. Though you left us much too soon, you will never be forgotten. Bye Starman, Ziggy, Thin White Duke ...

  • Gerd, Belgium

    you are the greatest artist ever

  • Aska, Earth

    once again You changed shape, expanded. fair enough-the Blue planet was small for You. and my soul. Love is all you left behind. and class.

  • Masha, Russia

    Hey man, thank you for stopping by this god damn planet. 'Don't believe for just one second that I'm forgetting you'.



  • Barb, Moscow

    I hope u found what u want. My love to u is unending. Say Hello to Alan from me, dear. Marvelous David, u're not dead. Never. U just go to Mars

  • Nele, Belgium

    Major Tom, thanks for your great music, fare well and... can you greet the other major stars above?

  • Pattie, USA

    I Love You David, You are my inspiration and my rock in this world. Gratitude fills me my precious, you are my source of strength and peace. Enjoy your new home. We love you xoxo

  • David Smit, Belgium

    Dear Sir David, I wish you a good flight. and give my regards to my deceased familly and friends. and in the name of Lindsey Stirling and Stirlingites the best greetings to Gavi. We all miss you

  • Dan, Kauai

    We will miss you and your music

  • Ellen, Ireland

    Miss knowing your not in this world .u inspired me to b the teenager i was and the person i will always b with your music empowering me to b a little bit of a rebel .in life u need this i think .im glad u had a happy life with iman and your children .im just so sad i never got to see u in concert.that will b one of the saddest things that will stay with me .rest in peace david xxxxxx

  • Veerle, Belgium

    Thanks for being our hero! Give my dad upthere a very big hug! Xxx

  • Bogdan , Russia

    Thank you very much , David , for your ability to instruct large numbers of people to a new way of outlook. Thank you for the time established for a great time . I love you very much , David. You - a perfect example of self-expression. Thank you for all of the work for teaching, for change , for life. You made my world brighter and happier , more varied and more enjoyable . Love you)

  • Vermeeren erwin, Belgie

    Man je was een sterretje dat straalde over het heelal en voor mij zal je blijven stralen ook hier boven je was de top man we zullen jij nooit vergeten bedankt voor de prachtige muziek dat je ons gaf xxx

  • Evelin , Italy

    What can i say ? You know all you are, wherever you are. Best man in the universe.

  • Sophie, Belgium

    Thanks for all the great music you left behind. You will always be remembered as our hero. We love you David Bowie, you're a legend!

  • Zhenya, Kazakhstan

    Вы навсегда в моем сердце мистер Боуи. Спасибо за все и прощайте.

  • Alexandra, Russia

    I just want to say that your music is a part of my life. I miss you so much. Be happy in your new world, our Major Tom. We will always love you.

  • luc van geert, belgium

    Thanks david for all your music

  • Yuri, Belgium

    Hero not just for one day but for eternity

  • Alyona, Russia

    Dear Major Tom, We are happy, hope you are still happy there too. Don`t worry about us. You`re music will always be here and make us happy forever and ever, not only for one day... Mr. Starman, when you finally come to meet us?We are waiting for you for 43 years. Don`t be afraid...

  • Bianca, Germany

    Thank you for all the wonderful art you have created! You made my world a lot brighter and gave me so many wonderful times. My heart is broken. RIP lovely David. I will always love you.

  • Mieke, Belgie

    Bedankt , voor alles ...

  • Kate, Ukraine

    I love You so much, my Hero from Mars...You have taught me that it is normal to be different, that I mustn't listen to someone's opinion and I must put middle finger up in the air and do what I want, you told me, that

  • Inna, Ukraine

    Dear David! Thank you for joy and inspiration that you and your songs would bring into my life. Miss you, your uniqueness, your rebelliousness, your humour, your artistic vision... In this world of grand illusion you came into my life out of my dreams... may you rest in peace...

  • Juma, USA

    You'll always have a place at my ancestor altar. Much love.

  • Diana, Russia

    Я пока не все прослушала твои песни, не все просмотрела твои фильмы..., я наверстаю. Но все что я услышала, увидела мне безумно понравилось. Узнав о твоей смерти мне стало грустно и конечно же без слез не обошлось. Досвидания, Дэвид Боуи!

  • Denis, Russia


  • Carol Jarman, United Kingdom

    Your music blew my mind, it became the background of my life. You were always there... Will miss you David, explore the stars x

  • Josu, Euskadi

    I can only say thank you for being part of my life. You will always be with me. I will miss you forever

  • Jana, Sweden

    "I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on." Forever&Ever in my heart ... Thank you Mr Bowie <3

  • Daria, Russia

    Thank you that appeared in my life. I know it's not just so... I promise I will try to hear you. With love, Daria. P.S. See you on Mars...

  • ALEX, Russia

    I know you ARE somewhere out there. All I ever dreamed was to say THANK YOU in person. Now I have this chance. You've changed my life and helped me through a lot, you've always been there for me as an endless source of support and inspiration, and you always will. We, earthlings, are all united by celebrating your life. You've brightened this planet forever and ever, and the Earth will never forget you. And I believe I will meet you one day. Fly safe, our dearest Starman, and May the stars always watch over you.

  • Regina, Russia

    There aren't enough words to describe how much I love you. So thank you for your music that makes me happy every day. You changed my life for the better. Thank you, David. Thank you for everything.

  • Diana, Italy

    Can you see?we're thousand miles away but you're so close. Maybe one day we'll meet in another world,I love you so much, thank you.

  • EloEasy, Russia

    Thank you, my dear David, for staying with me forever. Your music, your lifestyle is a lifebuoy in this reality and the main source of inspiration.

  • Alan, Italy

    I loved you, I miss you

  • Yuliya, Russia

    My dear friend, you forever and ever in my heart. You are a beautiful flower, giving us its magnificence. Thanks for all. Fare you well!

  • janice, United States

    So sorry that you suffered. I went to your concert on The Serious Moonlight Tour! I will never forget it. It was one of the best night's of my life!! Safe travels David Jones!!!

  • Jay Hulme , England

    You affected this planet so much, in such a short time, changing so many lives. Good luck out there, Starman.

  • Jamie Allpress, Australia

    The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud says Goodbye to Major Tom xo I love you x

  • Ju, Russia

    Никак не унять боль в моём сердце, я очень скучаю, David.. Не передать словами, какое это было чудесное время первых впечатлений, от знакомства с твоим творчеством! Ты подарил мне вдохновение, окутал небывалыми впечатлениями, погрузил в фантастическое настроение, заставил иначе взглянуть на этот мир! От твоей музыки мне всегда хотелось летать!! Большое спасибо тебе за всё!! Пусть там тебе будет очень хорошо! Ты навсегда в моём сердце

  • Didier Van Loo, Belgium

    David, You were a great artist. One of the best of all time. I'll keep enjoying your music for all time. All the best in the afterlife.

  • Patricia, England

    I am me because of you. Thank you

  • Alina, Poland

    Thank You, Mr. Bowie. You changed our lives. Thank you for everything. Well, see you next time!i

  • sabine, belgie

    voor jou de rust en vaarwel waar je ook mag wezen, in onze geheugen blijf je voor eeuwig, met je muziek die aan ons hebt gegeven,brengt ons telkens in mooie herrineringen terug,thx xx

  • Plina, Sweden

    Thank you for all your wonderful music and all your characters. Safe travels on your journeys far beyond. Over and out from Planet Earth. ❤️

  • Kate, Russia

    Thanks for everything, David. You'll stay forever in our hearts! Love you

  • Renato Pacheco, Brazil

    Man, His footsteps on this planet were great !! Come back some day !

  • Ljuba, Russia

    Thank you for everything you did for us, dear Major. Best star, great soul, we love you so much. Be happy whereever you are. Good bye.

  • Mars, Russia

    просто спасибо за прекрасную музыку. покойся с миром.

  • Cathryn, Australia

    Goodbye David Bowie. Am really going to miss you and your music. ??

  • Liubov, Russia

    Great, brilliant David, I promise I will never forget You. I want to say thank You for Your talent... Аnd thank the Universe for You...You will always be my friend.

  • Stefan, Germany

    Thank you for the Musikrevolution. Thanks for all the different facets of your music. I miss you.

  • Serafima , Moscow, Russia

    Thank you for the Ideal Universe, with your songs we are not alone!

  • Orianne, France

    I learned so many things thanks to you. You've been a rock'n rollin bitch coming from space for me. You moved my world. I hope to see you on Mars.

  • Marina, Russia

    навсегда в моем сердце , love you <3

  • Katherine, Russia

    Thank you, David, for being our Hero and Inspiration. You've shown us what courage and freedom is. Your life was a true work of Art. Bravo! You're the best.

  • Shelly, USA

    I love you David Bowie and wish you didn't leave us. The world can never be the same without you! ❤️?

  • Charlotte, Denmark

    Thank you David Robert Jones for living on this earth. Have a nice journey. Somebody up there likes me

  • Iago, Galiza, Spain

    Nobody ever before made me feel the way you did. Thank you for everything.

  • Randall, USA

    Thank you for teaching me to trust myself and take a leap of faith. May God's love be with you.

  • Gusta Camardella, Brazil

    Thanks for everything, Major Ziggy Sane. Ser tou later.

  • Nikki, USA

    Godspeed David Bowie! You have changed my life and the world is a better place having had you!

  • Mollie Campbell, England

    I can't express how much you mean to me. I know I'll meet you someday in a better place. I'll love you forever Thin White Duke xxx

  • Jazzman, United States

    Why am I still emotionally affected by your death? Thanm you for side 2 of heroes and Low

  • Jessica Barnes , USA

    I never had the honor of meeting you in person, but I feel as if I've known you forever. You will be sorely missed, and I hope where ever you are, it isn't boring. Much peace, love and thankfulness to you forever.

  • ulyana, russia

    Miss you, my legend. Ты был примером для меня!

  • Victory, Russia

    not only your music is inspiring, but your life and your personality too. thanks for changing the world in your own way. see your on the other side.

  • Johnny Red, Nutley

    Tanx for all the tunes. Loved em all.

  • Egor, Russia

    Thank u for everything, David!

  • Evgenia, Russia

    Your existence on Earth is a reason to believe in God. You have always been the main inspiration in every side of my life. Ive known and discovered so much through you. That concert in Moscow'96 was the best day in my life despite your feelings that day, I want you to know that. It was GREAT! Hope you are doing well in that new /or well known world and it is more comfortable for you. Now you may become the reason of being fearless about death. See you! Me with everlasting love and sincere gratitude.

  • Zlata, Russia

    The stars will shine for Your glory. Thank you, David.

  • Pavel, Russia

    Thank you,my teacher !

  • Lana, Russia

    Thank you for your inspiration and music. You will be dearly missed by many.

  • Kayla Harvey, Australia

    Fly high you beautiful man, your legacy will live on forever❤️

  • James , UK

    Your music will live with me always, I've been a fan since about 10 and now I'm 46. I love everything about you, your attitude, humility and your humour. My heart goes out to Iman and your children, really feels as if I've lost a member of my family and so many people feel the same way.

  • Heitor, Brasil

    Thanks for having been such a good musician. I will miss you, space invader!

  • André Skodbo, Norway

    Thank you David for all memories. You were in my life for 44 years, and will always be in my heart. RIP mister Starman.

  • Sheena, USA

    Thank you for all the great music you have made and the movie Labyrinth, you will be dearly missed here on Earth

  • Alina, Russia

    Спасибо, за все, дорогой, Девид. Ты подарил мне смысл жизни и вдохновил на новые свершения. Люблю тебя всем сердцем...

  • Maria, Russia

    You are the best! You are always in my heart!

  • Pavel, Russia

    She says sh-sh-sh....David

  • Mart, Russia

    I love you, David Bowie...

  • Sabine, Germany

    Rest in Space, my beloved starman. I love you since I was 12 and will love you untill the very end... See you again in another galaxy. I miss you so deeply ???

  • Khatuna, Russia

    Biggest thanks for the music and inspiration! I'll be missing you so much, my Prettiest Star.

  • David D, U.K.

    Thank you for everything you have given me, enjoy the stars. Much love x

  • Anastasiia, Ukraine

    You are unique! Thank you for the soundtrack for my first serious relationship. Your artistic war with cancer inspires me to fight for my future and be active, not lazy. I was dreaming to visit your concert someday - maybe, in afterlife?

  • Vera, Russia

    Thank you for everything, you made a great influence on all of us. Forever the best, sleep tight among the stars, David?

  • Luciana, Brasil

    Grata por me fazer feliz todo esse tempo e pela certeza de continuar!!!

  • Filip, Poland

    Thank you for your whole life. It is a pity your stary on the Eartth was not longer. You will live forever in our minds and hearts. With love, Filip.

  • lena, Russia

    Thank you for turning my life upside down and helping to go through its darkest period. Your incomparable and unique music and art launched sets of fireworks in so many souls! I owe you so much and will never forget what I've learnt from you

  • janeth l., philippines

    Your name and music is a legend... It will live on to the last generation....

  • Mike, UK

    Theres a new starman waiting in the sky now. And we'll be looking up, while listening to his music, while planet earth is blue

  • Suzy, Hungary

    You were an amazing musician and actor. Thank you for the music and the memories.

  • oscar, australia

    Love you man see you in 30 years

  • Flavio Prado, Brasil

    Se não fosse David Robert Jones e Ziggy Stardust, eu não teria conhecido a Fabiana, Obrigado por voce ter feito uma pequena parte da minha vida e grande parte da vida dela.

  • Magda, Germany

    It's time for you to live forever. Thank you for your art and good luck on the way to eternity.

  • Pollina, Russia

    David Bowie, thank you for everything! Yes, you changed my life! And you will always be in my heart.★⚡

  • Jakub, Poland

    A ci, którzy tańczyli, zostali uznani za szalonych przez tych, którzy nie słyszeli muzyki.

  • Kate, Russia

    Thank you so much for your amazing music. We're all looking up now, hope heaven treats you well, dear David.

  • Наталья, Россия

    Спасибо за чудесное детство которое прошло под твои песни, ты был и останешься моим кумиром. Уверена тебя будут помнить и через 1000 лет. P.S.- Я люблю тебя.

  • Victory, Russia

    not only your music is inspiring. but your life and your personality as well. thanks for changing the world in your own way. see you on the other side. love.

  • Marta, Poland

    Through your music, you are my dearest companion in everyday life, when I cry or dance around. It was you who showed me it is ok to be different. Thank you for helping me to find myself.

  • Ann, Russia

    Thanks for everything

  • Alina, Russia

    I really can't send you just one message, you were everything for me... I love you... I can remember the first time I heard your brilliant voice... I fell in love immediatly. Oh, I'm crying... Miss you, come back please...

  • Melanie, Russia

    Милый Дэвид, хоть я и мало знала тебя до твоей смерти, но сейчас поняла, насколько ты гениальный человек, увлеклась...удачи тебе, где бы ты ни был, и спасибо за всё.

  • Taina, FINLAND

    Rest in peace ! I have always love your art..and your music will be in my heart till to end....when I'll follow you to the stars...thank you for the music <3

  • Екатерина, Украина

    Спасибо за все!

  • Olly, Russia

    It's very hard to find a words to say how much you changed my life to the better. Thank you for your stay on this cold planet (but it was too short)... I hope you find a repose in the new dimensions. I'll always love you, dear Starman

  • Alina, Russia

    Thank you for you great work, David! We love you!

  • Sue, England

    May the light of your life shine brightly forever on your family and all us whom adored you. You will forever be present in my world xXx

  • Varvara, Russia

    I know you are back home, everyone will remember you forever. Thank you for falling on the Earth.

  • Brian Chapman, Australia

    Thank you for all the amazing music,

  • Nikolay, Russia

    Дорогой, Дэвид! Спасибо тебе за всё то тепло, которое ты подарил нам в своих песнях и фильмах. Ты навсегда в моём сердце. До встречи Starman!!!

  • Иван, Russia

    Спасибо тебе за все!))

  • Dominique , France

    David, thank you for everthing, rest in peace

  • Andrea, Italia

    Grazie...eternamente grazie

  • Valery, Sun

    David, the world was lucky to have such a genius like you. successful you rest in paradise. love, remember and miss.

  • Marcin, Poland

    When i will go to heaven, be sure to keep me a place in the audience. Sleep tight Ziggy Stardust

  • Anastasia, Ukraine

    Dear David!You really've made the great!You became a guiding star for all of your fans!We love and miss you so much!You'll always live in our hearts!

  • Maria, Portugal

    Now, that you are among the gods, hope you're looking down and smiling For ever and ever!

  • Liudmila L, Planet Earth

    Thank you, dear David, for your music and art, for the inspiration and support. Many years ago you came into our lives and brought us a lot of good moments and love. We will never forget you. From Lu, Li, Mic, Tania & Sergey.

  • Maria, Poland

    Thank you for your music, we'll miss you!

  • Emilie, USA

    The world will be a lonelier place without you, but I will cling to your music and follow your example of living life to the fullest. Goodbye, Starman. You will be missed.

  • Britt, Norway

    I will always miss you, i have your music and your smile forever. I will look to the stars for you ❤❤❤❤

  • Rita, Russia

    Come back soon! We are waiting for you!

  • Yana Khomskaja, Russia

    Dear David, part of you still alive in my soul) Come and get it, when you return))) Good luck, my love!)))))))

  • Arthur Galiullin, Russia

    Thank you for the impact that you had on me 6 years ago

  • Lesley, England

    Thanks for the music. Whenever I hear your songs, I absolutely have to sing along. It's impossible not to. And I absolutely have to dance. It's impossible not to. Genius. And thanks for The Goblin King. So funny.

  • Alina, Russia

    Thank you for everything! I miss you so so much...

  • Yuliya, Russia

    I'm happy, hope you're happy too... I hope you're alive, on Mars, and can hear us, Major Tom. Thank you for all!

  • Laurence, UK

    I don't know how to express with words what you've meant to me and how you've become part of me. You're my role model. Now you've gone, how will know how to get old? You never got old.

  • Maksim, Russia

    Thank you, Mr. Bowie.

  • Angela, Russia

    Thank you for inspiration! You're father of music. Thank you for everything! Have a successful flight and wait me in the sky

  • Sara, Spain

    My dear David... you will always be my favorite singer all over the world, and you will be in my heart forever. You are amazing. Thanks for all. I truly love you. Good bye, my friend and see you soon. <3 . Now you are a star in the sky.

  • Victoria, Russia

    Thank you for everything, David. I love you, my Prettiest Star

  • Isabelle, France

    Your music will always live in our hearts, and your "souvenir" will always be with us...Farewell Major Tom, see you on Mars...

  • Roman, Russia

    We will always love you , David Bowie . Спасибо тебе за все.

  • Kiara, USA

    Hiya! I think you've always had a way with speaking to the oddballs in everyone. Everyone can relate to at least one of your ch-ch-changes. (I know you probably hate that overused pun. lol) These one more bright star in the sky, and it's you, my love.

  • Anastásia, Belarus

    I know you are a star now ? And you will lead me through my life!

  • vito , italy

    You were and, and you'll be the soundtrack of my life!!!!!!! i miss You David.... :( :(

  • Anna Kotika, Russian Federation

    One by one Only the good die ... but why? Youre only flying to close to the Mars... We'll remember - Forever! Firmly embrace Freddie and Alan for us!

  • Alex, Russia

    All my life you've been my hero, my inspiration and consolation. And you will always be - as long as I live and breathe. David Bowie, best of them all. More than an artist, more than just a human being. Thank you! And good luck, wherever you are.

  • Medusa, Spain

    Starman, ahora sí que hay vida en Marte, y música, envíanos una señal⚡️estás a mi alrededor pero te extraño, nos veremos en las estrellas⭐️ TQ mi Ziggy❤️

  • Ann Quintelier, België

    Miss you....I never knew you,but you makes us happy white your great music. Blessings to yo devotes. Forever handsome.???

  • Adriano de Almeida Carvalho, Brasil

    Acredito que agora David Robert Jones descansa, mas que em breve será ressuscitado para uma vida infinitamente melhor.

  • Pavel Khrustalev, Russia

    Спасибо тебе, космический странник, что навестил нашу Землю... Твой неземной след навсегда отпечатался нашей планете.. Никогда не забудем

  • Letícia, Brasil

    Thank you, starman! Ashes to ashes, fill your heart with love

  • Alexandra, Germany

    You have been with me for 19 years - in my heart and in my thoughts. And you will stay there forever. Thank you for everything, dear David! Have a nice time on Mars!

  • Lira, Ukraine

    Thank you for all, David. In our hearts you will always stay loved and remembered, every single day. I hope you're in a better place now. And... is there life on Mars?

  • Marine, France

    Au revoir David Bowie, tu es et tu resteras à jamais dans mon cœur ♥ On se reverra la haut, un jour, sur Mars j'en suis sure. Merci pour tout. See you next time ☺

  • lilith, france

    FLY MY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL....ashes to ashes...shine in your sky starman..love you forever and I'll never forget you

  • Anna, Ukraine

    thank you for the cosmos, for the universe which you gave me. love you all heart. we will meet again, I promise. <3

  • Alina, Russia

    Hello, Spaceboy! I believe that you are still alive, so could I ask you some questions? First of all, why did you not send Major Tom to space? Why did you make him a little junkie? I'm happy, hope you're happy too...

  • Diana Thurston, Atlanterra, Spain

    Now you are in another dimension, dear David, I hope you are still creating the new, challenging the mainstream and living among The Gods and the Godesses......It's a privelidge to have known and grown with your music in my life, love Diana

  • Vaughan Lewis, United Kingdom

    From the age of 13 you have been my inspiration. You have been the soundtrack to my life through good times and have guided me through the dark times. Now I have to guide myself but I shall always look to the clear night sky for inspiration from my Starman / Spaceboy. Miss you David. Thanks for so much breathtaking and unbeatable music.

  • Mav Telefunken, Italy

    Hope the weather's fine and it's not too hot ... for you!

  • Scotia McCombie, Scotland

    Hope its everything you said it would be. Fly free bluebird, we miss you.

  • Sue Jay, Uk

    Thank you for being YOU a beautiful unique genius xx Miss you so much xx

  • Katrin, Russia

    *how do people have to live

  • Katrin, Russia

    Your brilliant life is a soundtrack to my life. You are an example of how do

  • Roma, Russia

    We'll unavoidably reunite with you some day. Thank you for everything!!

  • Eva , Slovenia

    Thank you for making me wiser and helping me to express myself. Thank you for your beautiful music...Thank you for your last present to us, album ★ (Blackstar). Thank you for everything, my love. I love you forever and ever, my Ziggy.

  • Anastasia, Italy

    Thank you for everything, you helped me so much, my hero. You will always be in my heart and I'll never forget you. I love you, David.

  • Pandora, España

    Starman, donde quiera q estés no dejes de crear, de bailar, de soñar... Y envíanos un poco de todo eso, haznos una señal...See you on the space ⚡️⚡️

  • Suzanne Drury, USA

    You were and always will be the worlds HERO.

  • Anny-Claude Gahéry, France

    Planet Earth feels like an orphan lost in space now, but I know you're still with us Love.

  • Yara, Russia

    You are alive somewhere out there. Thank you for being with us for these years.

  • David, Spain

    You're still alive when I use my creativity. I learned a lot with you about art and life, and I'm still learning. Thank you Bowie.

  • Carmen, USA

    You are the Soundtrack of my life........Your Spirit will live forever in my heart......as will your Music your Words and your Art...................

  • Veronique F., FRANCE

    David, you will remain the only artist I ever gave a place in my heart. You entered it when I was forteen (in 1979) and I can tell you shall "STAY... We love you, and I love you. Thank you, gentle man and gentleman. You'll never gonna get old! See you one day...

  • Alain Verschelde, Belgium

    WhambangthankyoumaN for sharing my life the last 40 years

  • Wendy, USA

    My dear you inspired my life and will continue to mean love, inspiration, freedom and uniqueness to me. I will never forget the first time I saw you and you entered my heart and it is where you will stay. May you rest in love beautiful man. Love you always Wendilion

  • Ismena, Poland

    Thank you for helping me create myself. I love you.

  • Kasia G., Warszawa, Poland

    You don’t need your protein pills neither your helmet anymore to live out there and in our hearts forever. Farewell, Major Tom...

  • Olga, Poland

    You changed music, world and history. And you still inspires people. Thank you.

  • Elia, Italia

    ? Thank you

  • SasaLecciso , Italy

    Miss you! I love you and your creativity. One time , in the Universe ... See you Major Tom!!!

  • Spela, Slovenia


  • Sarah Williams-Walker, England

    RIP David, gone but never forgotten and we will meet again one day

  • Daisy Brown, Australia

    The dreams that I have long since held for the time that I meet you and am honoured by a handshake or rattled by a simple look my way have long passed me by. No one has influenced my everyday life such as you. I will selfishly grieve your loss for all the wrong reasons simply because I miss you. I will only understand at the very end of my time what you truly mean to me. Xo

  • Eve, UK

    You inspired my life in more ways that I know. Thank you for all the happiness, passion, courage, and peace you and your music has given to me. I kiss you, you're beautiful.

  • Karen, Russia

    Спасибо, Боуи, за то, каким ты был. Этот мир потерял многое с твоим уходом. Спасибо за то вдохновение, которое ты дал и продолжить давать другим музыкантам и обычным людям. Thank you David for all. RIP Starman

  • Katie Churchward, England

    Thank you for everything you have done to help me in my life. I truly believe you're home now. I'll miss you!

  • Maryanne, Australia

    Rest easy, Starman.

  • Meg, USA

    You were one of a kind. The world is so much darker with you gone.

  • Vanessa Fernandes do Carmo , Brasil

    Ground Control to Major Tom: Please come back to us. I can't imagine this world without you. It hurts me so much. You inspired my life and I love you so. I'll love you forever. Thanks for making sense everyday of my life. I love you, spaceboy. I love you, David Jones, incredible Bowie. Take me into space, I miss you. I wanna go with you. I know you needed returning to space, to be with the other stars, but it hurts me because I want you here. I love you, David, here and there and everywhere. God bless.

  • Iga, Poland

    Your music is the soundtrack of our lives... Bye Bowie..

  • Eyrún Einarsdóttir, Iceland

    The world seems to have shrunken after your departure. Thank you for everything, for your music, your art, your mind and for just beeing that remarkable and talented man you were. You made Earth a better place. I will always carry the memory of you with me. All my love to you my idol, Eyrún

  • Pascale, Switzerland

    I'm devastated knowing you're not with us anymore. You remain in our hearts forever. Thank you for your art & being a part of my youth.

  • Annarita, Italy

    Dear David, As Michael Stipe said, wherever you are now, I want to be there someday

  • Deborah, scotland

    You saved my life, and helped me through some tough times, I'm going to miss you, xx

  • Matheus, Portugal

    Thank you, Bowie, for inspiring me and making me believe in my dreams. #DavidBowieIsForever

  • Micha, Germany

    i miss you so... i was a little girl when i hear my first bowie song... and from this day you was my musik-heroe...in love and remember...and all the best for your family...good fly major tom

  • Tatjana, Italy

    You will be missed, forever and ever

  • Denise, Uk


  • Sharon, Ireland

    To the most beautiful creature God never made. This world isnt the same without you. I will miss you forever.

  • Amanda, USA

    I've loved you since I was five and watched Labyrinth. After that I constantly listened for your songs, bought as many of your albums as I could find and saw you in concert. You're gone too soon and I'll miss you forever! I hope you found peace :). Thinking of you always.

  • Anna, Catalonia

    Dear David, Your music and lyrics touched me from the very first notes of Space Oddity many years ago. I was 18. They have accompanied me all this time and cheered me up and comforted me at my best and worst times. You can go back to the stars now. Thank you for your art and your music. I don't know how I would have gotten through life without you. I love you and I will miss you every single day. Anna

  • Luid, Colombia

    Rest in Peace Heroe !

  • Gordana, Macedonia

    Thank you, Ziggy! Your star is the brightest one on the sky

  • Julieanne Kennedy , Australia

    Miss you always and I will always your friendship we had over the years.And I will dedicating my wedding to you and to Cynthia Lennon. LUV XXX.

  • Shane Wilkinson, Australia

    I love you David Bowie - RIP

  • Esther, The Netherlands

    Ashes to ashes.... I'm still sad, I've lost a friend.... Goodbye David and thank you for being you❤️

  • Kizzandra, Australia

    Everything I know about creativity, innovation, leadership, integrity and courage is thanks to you. Bowie will inspire me all my days. David Robert Jones may you rest in peace.

  • Frankie, Australia

    Thanks David for your truth and love. You're forever in our souls. You are the brightest star. xx

  • Andrew , Australia

    Dance magic dance, you made me a hero and taught me to chilli down as the world fell down While I was under pressure and Micky mouse grew up a cow. Regards ps thanks for the tights you always had power over me! Regards Andrew

  • Vickie Hill, United Kingdom

    Ground control to Major Tom. You have taken your last walk outside of the tin can and with it you take our hearts. Rest in fabulous peace, Goblin King xxx

  • Jimmy, Czech Republic

    Hallo Spaceboy, I hope one day to visit the galaxy you currently reside in. Thank you for everything you have done for me and this planet. Bye-bye my love, Major Tom. Your number-one fan, James

  • Lola, Brasil

    Can you hear me? I hope you had a safe and wonderful journey to the stars! We miss you x

  • Gerdur, Icelandair

    With tears in my eyes I wish you a nice journey into to the eternity <3.

  • Lucien , Nederland

    Thank you spaceboy!!!

  • Lucien , Nederland

    Thank you spaceboy!!!

  • Verena, Germany

    We wish you a good flight goblin King! Miss you

  • Antonietta-toni, Italy

    Sei mio padre. You are my father. I will cry for you every single day of my life, just as much as you gave me life and hope when I was a child. Thanks for letting me be the person I am now. I will love you forever.

  • Janette, UK

    Love to The Starman xxx

  • Deb Leiby-Clark , USA

    Thanks is not enough, but we love you 4ever!

  • Amanda Esmerelda Gomez, S Korea

    As much as your music excited me, and your acting thrilled me, it's the way you cherished your wife that I will remember you for. I wish we could all be so lucky as to have that kind of love. I pray for Iman and your children as they are the ones who were privileged as to know the real David Bowie. May you rest in peace

  • Anya, Canada

    Thank you! You made my life brighter! You'll live in my heart as long as I live

  • Poppy, England

    The most amazing man to off ever lived. Thank you for one last time Major, have fun in your tin can finding life on Mars xxx

  • Julia, Poland

    and now I look forward to your gig in heaven

  • Joanne S, Australia

    I'm not sure how to say goodbye David, I wasn't expecting to do it quite so early. I'm still in shock and listening to your music just reminds me that you're gone forever. Thank you for coming and bringing your fantastic weirdness to my life. I have loved all of your work for as long as I can remember and you mean the world to me. Thank you for teaching me that different is ok and even that it can be amazingly cool! I will never forget you and I will love you forever xxx ❤❤❤

  • Michaela, Germany

    Have a safe journey and be happy

  • Teresa Brown, Australia

    I have followed you since Sorrow, and Space Oddity came out. Seeing you gave me the confidence to be true to myself as a teenager. Miss you on our blue planet. Take care out there and enjoy your next adventure... xox

  • Lori Hugo, usa

    To The man who fell to Earth, Thank you for everything! Luv u 4ever!

  • Fabienne, france


  • Tereza K., Czech Republic

    Every single time I look up to the sky and see the stars, I know you're there. You're home .... thank you for your staying on Earth. Your music's immortal. You're an instant star... Somebody's just added the water and stirred.

  • charlotte, england

    starman, you were an icon. keep shining

  • Anthony, Australia

    Your music speaks to me like nothing else does. I'm so privileged to live at the same time as you Bowie.

  • Gabr, NZ

    You were a big part of my life Starman and will always be. See you in heaven xx

  • Jax Lockyer-Barrett , England, U.K

    You'll live on, forever, in our hearts and ears! You've helped shape me, more than most, and I thank you! I still can't believe you've left us. Still in shock, and probably will be for quite some time. Enjoy your new life, up there! I'll see you, some day. ⚡️"<3!"

  • Sharon Prymaka, United Kingdom

    You were called back to your home planet far too soon. I miss you Starman you have left a void that can't be filled

  • Axier, Spain

    Thanks for all Bowie, I love your music and your films. Goodbye David Bowie. You drive like a demon from station to station.

  • Ella Heaton. , U.K.

    Forever be missed star man. Your creativity and brilliance will stay around, like an aura until the end of time. So happy to be involved in the era you were here. Sleep tight

  • Laurent , France

    Now you're lost in space , i wish you a neverending travel among the stars

  • Laura Athena, Australia

    The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds. Thank you Star Man. Thank you for the music, the insporation and Istal.

  • Angèle , France

    Sleep tight, dear Starman. You'll be missed !

  • tracie james, united kingdom

    My starman every time i think of you or hear you a tear runs down my cheek my tears are filled with the essence of you david and ill cherish every one of them you have been with me in my heart for many years ill miss the anticipation of a new song or new album or a glimpse of you on TV my heart will still thump hard every time i hear or see you and will do forever more you have been there when iv loved in my life and lost people i love in my life and even when I lost myself for a while you was always there, when I was happy when I was sad you have always been a part of my life ill miss you forever more i will not cry no more for the idol i lost on the 10th of January but will smile for the idol ill always have in my heart and in my ears enjoy the journey spaceman forever a fan Tracie

  • Daniel Niall, Australia

    Forever a legend. Always missed, the stars look very different today.

  • Magdalena, Poland

    True hero, true inspiration. I always was and always will be impressed by your genius. Forever in my heart. Love you.

  • sani, Germany

    Youre my first Love for ever! I memories for ever, David!

  • Tina, Australia

    "Thank-you very much. Bye-bye. We love you."

  • Marine, France

    Thank you for everything. I will love you til the day i die. I cried so much I don't have tears anymore... Can you hear me major Tom ? "And the stars look very different today..."

  • Elliott Hill, United States of America

    Can you hear me Major Tom, can you hear me Major Tom?!? Godspeed, Major Tom!

  • Joanna, England

    When other people my age were all listening to up to date music, I was still jamming along with David and my dad. Some of my favourite memories are with his music so Thankyou for inspiring me and many many others

  • gianmaria, italy

    Thank you !

  • Wendy, Croatia

    You change me perception of being on this world. I always will love you, you .....Ziggy, Major Tom.....Rebel Rebel....Lazarus......David <3

  • anna, italy

    thanks David for your music and I will try to be an heroe not only for one day. You stay for ever in my heart. love

  • Pierre U, Canada

    How is the Weather Up there on the Planet You now Live On, mister Bowie ?!? Thanks a million Times, David, for giving Us such tremendous Songs and Music!! Sound + Vision Will Help US Carry On towards a better Living between all Human Beings, and Animals and Plants on Earth

  • Snjezana, Croatia

    Thank you for your legacy, we will take a good care of it. Rest in peace my Goblin King ... "You're spring to me, all things to me Don't you know, you're life itself!"

  • Rebecca Lee, Australia

    Sharing my birthday with you won't be such a happy time anymore. I'm heartbroken for the songs you will never write, but so grateful for the ones we have. Eternal love to you David.

  • Olga, Poland

    Thank You my love for visiting our world. Wish it last longer but maybe some other time.Farewell my Goblin King.Thanks for beeing a part of my life. Love and Kisses ?

  • Lotte, England

    your music literally saved my life. thank you.

  • Delia, Australia

    You taught me to question, push boundaries growing up and opened the Universe with your words. Can't imagine what heaven is going to look like now your there ...

  • Heather Anne, U.S.

    David, I listened to your music and thought about you every day for the past several years. And I will until I leave this world as well. You really taught me to be myself and love music, thank you for everything my love.

  • Suzana, Brasil

    Obrigado por ter deixado o mundo mais colorido e ter mudado as cores pra sempre.Saudades. Te Amo

  • Sara, Italy

    Maggiore, tutta la mia stima a te, fino all' ultimo. THE STARS ARE VERY DIFFERENT TODAY. And i know you are hanging out there, and smiling . Love to you

  • Tex, USA


  • Fiammetta, Italy

    Thanks you for everything. Love you my king❤️

  • Mihailo Ilic, Serbia

    Thanks for everything, you made my life so much better.

  • Pia, Argentina

    Now you're a starman waiting in the sky. Thank you for your music, you make me feel proud to be an space oddity. We'll never forget you! ♡

  • Ruby, Scotland, UK

    I have just a handful of heroes, you are one if them. Your music will keep living, to help us and to remind us of what a unique and wonderful musician you were. Forever missed, you will be. Goodnight , Star man. ...x

  • Tait, England

    Thanks for everything. Luv on ya x

  • Stanzana, Czech republic

    Can you hear me Major Tom? This is ground control, just sending love. Because you never needed any instructions, did you? .)

  • jim robinson, ohiio

    Thank you david.you have been an insperation to me and have been the soundtrack to my life.im so grateful to have seen you live twice.you brought such joy to my life.you will never be forgoten.

  • Sergio, Catalonia

    Thank you for all the music, the art, and to help me to be myself.

  • Christopher, Denmark

    Rock on, Dave

  • Geraldine, Germany

    Hello David , we miss you very much. Your Music was my best friend , in every situation i listening to your Music! And now i know that the Vather of my best friend died. My heart is broken , i'm 17 years old and no One knows how it is to love a Beautiful man , songwriter , Singer and Major Tom. Rock in Peace David !

  • Elaine, UK

    Planet earth is blue ...miss you loads ..always in my heart♡

  • Janene, The Netherlands

    You were interwoven into my youth. A subtle, but present, voice in my life. I thank you. May you find peace and tranquility.

  • Vic, New Zealand

    David, you are the definition of authentic and true self. Never afraid to push boundaries, adapt, grow, learn and inspire. Though gone physically your impact is everlasting. Go well Starman.

  • Eden, Norway

    Thank you for everything you did and helping me realize my identity. Rock on, alien <3

  • Jo Sé, México

    Surely to your irregular gaze tempered by the kaleidoscopic pendulum of the decades you invented , you saw others as the aliens as it was you the real Earthling that came and went connecting heaven and earth, avatar of originality: Adam Kadmon

  • Kerstin, Germany

    You´ve been in my life, since I was 11. I´ts now 34 years ago. With your music I felt everything deeper and you inspired me to do, what I wanted to do, to be creative, to be loud, to be everything I wanted to be. Thank you so much. I miss you.

  • Jo Turner, UK

    You were the soundtrack to my life when I needed you.

  • vanessa Gherbavaz , Verona, Italy

    Now you are the Starman. Thank you David, I love you idol <3

  • Marina Yaret Chacon, México

    Gracias por todo lo que me diste,una amplia visión del mundo, amigos, música para cada momento especial, por darme el saxofón, por ser un caballero y mostrarme tus hermosos ojos

  • Vanessa Smith, Texas, United States

    You are my northern star. Thanks for making this weird kid feel alright. Sleep well, Starman.

  • Gabriella, Sweden

    Thank you for the countless ways in which you've inspired me and enriched my life. Above anything else I hope you knew what you did for so many people in your lifetime. We love you so much, and the world is lost one of its brightest living stars in you. Shine on Starman<3

  • Silvia , Italia

    David you had change my life. I hope you're fine now. I love you. Bye bye Major Tom ❤

  • Thérèse , The Netherlands

    You've taken a piece of me with you, when you left. Thanks for changing and saving my life with your music. You are in my heart forever ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Anna Maria, P0lska

    Bvłeś ze mną przez całe m0je żvcie. tw0ja muzvka bvła zawsze 0becna w naszvm d0mu. Jak0 dzieck0 niep0k0iłam się patrząc na teledvsk "Lets dance" i uwielbiałam Jaretha. A p0tem p0znałam MUZVKĘ. Płakałam przv niej i śmiałam się. Umierałam i r0dziłam się na n0w0. P0rvwała mnie d0 najgłębszvch zakarmark0w m0jeg0 ja. Marzvłam bv z0baczvć tw0j k0ncert. Jesteś częścią mnie. Na zawsze. K0cham Cię.

  • Carina, Sweden


  • Francesca, Spain

    I hope you'll still be on the same astral plane now and again. Be in peace and harmony wherever you are David, and thank you for the wonderful memories.

  • Johanna, Nederland

    Thank you for the music. Thank you for the movies. Thank you for being you.

  • Martin ☆Greig, Scotland

    Thank you! You are a living star, within my heart, forever!

  • lily , England

    I can't fathom into words how much we've all missed you down here. I've re-watched labyrinth and the man who fell to earth like a million times. you changed so much and the world wouldn't be what it's like today without you, you've inspired me to be whoever I want and not care what people think. We all miss you down here, have a good time now staman you deserve it✨xx

  • Sally, United States of America

    I want to thank you for all your years of dedication to your work. You didnt just make music. You made art. Since I was a child your music was always there. Thank you, Ziggy..

  • Meithe, Germany

    Moin David ;) We will miss you here on earth, sad about losing such a kind, sensitive, creative and open-minded (hearted) person! You sang once "time may change me but i can't trace time" - ok... Now we can say, you changed time too! If you could trace it or not. In november my father, who always was a fan of you (he wouldn´t like the word fan ;) ) died on cancer too, age 68. Maybe you´ll meet each other and have a good time - a thought, what helps me at the moment. Another reason, your death makes me thoughtfull. Love, kisses + hugs

  • Amy, Australia

    David, you were my first love, a father figure and a best friend. You meant the world to me. You helped me through all the bad times and save my life and for that, I am forever grateful. I love you Starman! Your spirit will live on.

  • Kari, Argentina

    Mr Bowie, I will miss you forever, thank you for everything you have done for me and all the world. I love you Major Tom

  • Manon , France

    Major Tom, my heroes, I will never forget you... Love you so so much

  • Michele, England

    Rip the man who changed my life forever you always be my starman x

  • Greetje, Belgium

    Thank you for your great Music !I wish you all the best in the afterlive.

  • Scott, New Zealand

    Bowie you truly were a star man

  • Jackie, United Kingdom h

    Hi david missing u hope u ok and thank u for the music I love u and u inspired me too to be different and not let anyone judge you for wot u are thank u loves u?

  • Berniedaly26@gmail.com Daly , Scotland

    Peace to the brave x

  • Liliana, Norway

    You are a leggend...Enjoy your new adventure.....

  • David Lawton, England

    Gonna miss you David Bowie.X.

  • Gemma Louise Hendy , South Wales, United Kingdom

    I have been both shocked and saddened, by your death this week. The world of music won't be the same, without you. I seen you in Birmingham NEC in 2003 on the Reality Tour, I will treasure the memory. I loved you from the age of 7, and I am now nearly 34 and still love you and I always will. I loved and still love your showmanship, your films, your art and your music. I Love and will miss you, but this ain't goodbye this is see you later. Thank you for your last album, your parting gift. Rest in peace David Bowie (Jones), the orginal Starman xxx

  • Stéphane, France

    The earth is blue...

  • Jaqueline, Brazil

    Escrevo em português pois sei que você me compreende, Major Tom. Obrigada por ter feito parta da minha vida e de outros milhões de terráqueos de uma forma tão singular.

  • Abi, Scotland

    I miss you, Starman. It was an incredible show while it lasted. Fly safe.

  • Wendy Kemp Forbes , Scotland

    Thank you for your music and creative inspiration for Rebel Rebel on Thurs morning you get me through some tough times and always will. Peace x

  • Minna , Finland

    Thanks mate! Catch you later! Keep the kettle warm. Love XXX Minna

  • Sj, England

    Thank-you, safe journey x

  • Olivier languillaume , France

    How is life on mars Mr Bowie ?

  • Dianna Cashion, USA

    In the 70's you were our....Alternative....in Music at the time.. You showed me how in a World where you can be anything, Be...Yourself.... Thank you...

  • Emma, England

    Bowie, you are my biggest hero and inspiration. It's hard to think of a world without you here, but I hope you have found peace. There will never be anyone quite like you, you were so special thank you for blessing us with your presence on this earth. We all love you and I hope you know just how loved you are, you changed the world and will never be forgotten.

  • Andrew Phelan, Britain

    Thank you for bestowing your gifts upon this world. You left us is the most beautiful way. May God's love be with you!

  • Tony Brooks, UK

    Iconic Gentleman leaving a hole in my life now that you are taken away from us.Inspirations have I none now your Gone! R.I.P David

  • Marie, United Kingdom

    Forever in my heart, you show Lemmy and Alan how to party now, keep rockin'. Your artistic flair will live on forever. Love always....xxxxx

  • Fernanda Paradela, Brazil

    David... You moved my world a long time ago and your message could be translated in HOW TO LOVE OURSELVES AS WE ARE... I keep doing this lesson on and on. I love you so much!

  • Andrea, Germany

    Farewell, David! I am very, very sad... ;-( Thanks for the great music that you gave us !!! We will never forget you! "When you rock 'n' roll with me No one else I'd rather be Nobody here can do it for me I'm in tears again When you rock 'n' roll with me..."

  • Britt , Germany

    Thank you for being there! We will always love you. we miss you <3

  • Julia , USA

    I am heartbroken that you have left us, but I am glad that we had you for 69 years. Be safe in your travels. Love you and miss you.

  • Dimitar, Bulgaria

    You changed my life. Love you!

  • Herman, Belgium

    Personal hero and inspiration. Musically you showed me the way. You are a great work of art and you went much too soon. There will never be another. Thanks for everything...!

  • Milli, UK

    Dearest David, the world is mourning. We thought you were immortal but now we have lost you. You will continue to be an inspiration to many and your music will live on forever. Thank you for having shared your talent with us and having been such an amazing wonderful human being. There will never be anyone like you. Love always.

  • coco, France

    Thank you for the good times. I'll never forget you... Miss you so much...

  • Pao, Geneva

    Bye Mister Jones, you are the best and I love you...

  • Emma, France

    The one and only Love of my Life thank you for all ❤️

  • Ashley Anne, The States

    Since the moment I knew who you were, my life was changed. I have been molded and influenced by you in every single way. You were my first love, my first crush, my first favorite artist, my first God. No matter where I went in life I went into it with my love & passion for you. Your music saved and changed my life, and your passing broke my heart in ways I don't think my heart will ever be broken again. I've never loved anything as much as I've loved you, and I don't think I ever will. Your death left an empty spot in my heart, my stomach, my world. You've inspired the entire world, and will always continue to do so as long as music and art exist. Thank you, David Bowie, for the love, kindness, inspiration, beauty, madness you have brought into the world. You will never be forgotten.

  • Sue, England

    Thank you for being my inspiration and sometimes my whole reason for going on, your music and legacy will never fade, rock those stars xx

  • Dallas, United Kingdom

    Goodbye to one of the last of music's legends, you will live on through your music but will be missed so terribly, rest in peace !

  • barb, usa

    Here's hoping all your questions have now been answered David. Please watch over my grandson, your namesake, Bowie Lee. May Peace be yours.

  • Rosie, England

    What to say to a man who gave so much of himself for our pleasure? Thank you seems inadequate somehow. The earth is a lot less bright but the stars are shining much brighter because you're there! Proud to have been part of the Bowie generation! Love you, miss you, will never forget you xxx

  • Lorenzo, Belgium

    I always used to wonder what it is that I would tell you, what I would say if I'd ever somehow meet you. I started really getting into your music just when you stopped touring and I sort of realised chances were incredibly slim, but I guess part of me kept hoping somehow. Now that you've gone, I still don't know what to say. You've been a massive influence on me. By being radically different and continuing to change and grow as a creative person you've taught me to always have a personal and creative quest and hunger. You've shown me the merits of creative cooperation, and a humbling kindness that few in your position would have had. You’ve really been a role model. Now that you've gone, I still don't know what to tell you… I guess all I could say is "Thank you for everything you've done". Your death is the end of an era, but I know you'd want for us to continue your legacy and to keep creating and dancing and, just as you did, to live our lives purely, unapologetically, and with kindness. I know we will strive to do so. <3

  • Karmen, Croatia

    Check ignition and may God's love be with you <3

  • Gaia Tonelli, Italy

    I already miss u, please come back home I need you so much. When you passed away last week a part of me died and I lost my main inspiration in life. I'll search for the stardust costellation tonight. "Perhaps you're smiling now, smiling through this darkness..."

  • Orson, The Netherlands

    Just want to thank you for the legacy you left behind including my favorite album 'Station to Station'. You are missed enormously.

  • Ms.Jaime , United states

    You've been there my entire life, your memories and music will live with me forever. Legacy will never fade. Thank you

  • Cecilia, Sweden

    Thank you for everything. You will not be forgotten.

  • Darko, Slovenia

    Goodbye, big man...

  • Chiara Imperatore, Italy

    "Though we're strangers 'til now, we're choosing the path between the stars. I'll leave my love between the stars..." (David, you've been protecting my dreams since I was five. A part of my heart will be yours... forever. I LOVE YOU, Gobling king)

  • Maria A. McNorton, Spain

    Thanks for being. I am looky to be able to say "I coexisted with Ziggy Stardust". The labyrinth will be awful empty. See you next time.

  • Ruben, Denmark

    Hello David. I am Ruben, and i am 15 years old. I have been listening to your music for as long as i can remember, and your music has helped me through many dark times. I don't know what happens after you die, but i hope that you are at peace. You have given me many happy times, and for that you have my eternal gratitude and respect. Love, Ruben.

  • Freddy Copa, Spain

    Mi fascinación por ti......será eterna.....por siempre y para siempre

  • Nicoleta, Greece

    Dear Major Tom: I will forever be grateful for the day I listened to "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars" many years ago, cause listening to this album had an impact on my inner being...it was a kind of spiritual awakening that happens once in a blue moon during a person's lifetime. Although I had never known you, my lovely Starman, personally, I will always hold a place for you in my heart, because you helped me knowing better my strange, weird, alien part of myself. I love you Ziggy. I always did and always will. Time and space are illusions of consciousness anyway.

  • Deidre, Australia

    Sending you peacefully on your way , I know your spirit will be watching down on us all .

  • Weronika, Poland

    I've heard your music for the first time during very sad period in my life. You saved me in some way. You made me believe that there are valuable things in this world and I don't have to be just another one in the crowd. I know, that you know, that I love you. I miss you very much. Stars will never look the same to me.

  • christina mclaughlin , Scotland

    I saw him first in 1969 and it is love at some sight. I've loved him for over 45 years and I'll love him till you day I die. He was a major part of my life and I'll miss him every day xx

  • Freddy, Italy

    You will always be the soundtrack of my life; for ever and ever. Rest in peace, wonderful Starman

  • Laura Craig, UK

    Still in denial. However hope you're at peace wherever you are Starman. You are loved and missed x

  • Julie Gleave, United Kingdom

    I can't believe you're gone I still hear u every day. You're picture smiles down on me I don't know what to say. You've left the world so empty Nothing can fill that space. Though your musics here forever No one can take your place. It was love at first sight when I was 15 No one else was quite like you. You've filled my life with pleasure Since 1972. You're gone but not forgotten Forever in my heart. A legend in your lifetime The King of music art. My heart is truly broken Why did you have to die. I love you David Bowie You're my starman in the sky. ???????❤️???

  • Pascale GRdZ Marchais, France

    Can you hear me Major Tom?

  • Chiara, Italia

    Thank you for everything. You and what you did will never die.

  • Priyanka, South Africa

    I love you then, I love you now and I'll love you stil Major Tom. Ground Control won't fly another rocket ship or flag until we meet again. Can you hear me Major Tom?

  • Diane Margaret Cook, United Kingdom

    Don't you know you're life itself. <3

  • Elisa, Italy

    ...As long as there's sun, as long as there's rain, as long as there's me... I love you my Duke, I'll live loudly.

  • Corinne, England

    Major Tom finally greets you like an old friend. You shove in the sky each night with us always. Thankyou fir sharing so.much if youXx

  • Konstantinos, Greece

    We were truly blessed that someone like you happened to fall to earth that particular day in 1947. The day that you passed I just didn't want to listen to music anymore. It's not the same without you Major Tom. Thank you for inspiring me, for making me understand what real music is about and for all those beautiful moments I had listening to you. Heroes are remembered but legends like you never die. Thank you, Ziggy Stardust. I hope I meet you one day.

  • adam b., Lithuania

    station to station, starman to stardust... you will be missed, my hero.

  • Alex, Greece

    We shared the same passion for space and your art means a lot to me. I'm only hoping you're somewhere up there so we can eventually meet someday...Εις το επανιδείν Spaceboy.

  • Ana, Alicante

    ...because my love for you..?❤️

  • Marta, Poland

    Thank you for everything. For teaching me to be myself. Stars are where you are, Major Tom.

  • Paul Oakfield, United Kingdom

    Now you know it all... We`ll miss you, man!

  • Spike, UK

    Rock on, Sir, wherever you are

  • Kevin, United States

    To my older brother, David. Thank you for sharing your life with me and preserving our family history together. And thank you for giving me the courage to life my life out loud.

  • Aldrene Gargett , England

    Dear David Jones, You will always be my Hero x Thank you for everything x Black Star is a masterpiece x I will miss You x Stars look very different today x I love you always x You are the most ingenious, creative, pioneering, generous, person I have known. I wish you Peace , love and light. Kisses and hugs xxx

  • Filip L., Belgium

    Thanks for 50 years of fantastic music. I started appreciating your songs when I was 12 and it never stopped (40 years). You're my star.

  • Penélope, Spain

    It's hard to say goodbay. But you will be always in my life's soundtrack. The ART never dies. Now, you are in another dimension. Goodbye Major Tom. Goodbye David Jones.

  • steve, belgium

    Time took a cigarette. .you were the visualisation of many youthfull lives that were lucky to grow up with you...deepest thanks for that...

  • derek carroll, ireland

    you became my music idol when i was 12 years, im 54 now and still entralled by your music and the classy way you led your life.missing you.

  • Becky , United Kingdom

    May God's love be with you. Thank you. X

  • patrick, belgie

    We will continue to always listen to you music here. We'll see you back in the heven.

  • bakrie, indonesia

    Baby ziggy, genius-fame, and Moksha !!!

  • Cécile , France

    Bon voyage et à nous rejoindre

  • Carine, Zwitserland

    Schrijf hier je boodschap aan David Bowie. (max 120 tekens). Major Tom,bedankt voor al dat mooi muziek.het gaat u goed daar aan de ombekende overkant.

  • Shelley, United Kingdom

    From childhood, I was mesmerised by your look and sound! Truly a creative inspiration for the world x

  • Enzo, Potenza

    GRANDE .... Sarai sempre nel mio cervello . Con la tua musica e con tutto.....RIP

  • Albert, italy

    Tank you Sir. ❤

  • Tijana Pavlov, Serbia

    Thank you being an inspiration and sharing you beutiful creative energy with me. Your art is part of our lifes forever. Enjoy universe and its freedom. Thank you DB. Love, Tijana

  • Anne Williamson , Ireland

    I know your up there in the stars What's it like life on Mars.. Xx

  • Margery, The netherlands

    You are my Hero forever!

  • Andrew, Malta

    Thank you for all you have given us, your music was one of the most inspiring personally, and had a huge impact on my life. Thank you Starman.

  • Ana , Alicante

    My love for you forever and ever ❤️

  • Tanja Helden, Norway

    Thanks for all the wonderful music! ❤

  • Sarah Hacker, England

    Hope you're having a great party up there with all the other greats that have gone xx

  • Valerie Brulé, France

    De poussière d'étoile ...en passant par starman. ..tu deviens Black Star...belle orchestration..David Bowie is.........for ever !!!! Je t'aime

  • Jax Ochs , America

    Thank you for falling to Earth and giving me and the world a lifetime of inspiration. You will be missed, never forgotten.

  • Marcovaldo, US

    Thank you, Starman.

  • Elita, Australia

    You are proof that life exists on other planets .... Thankyou for falling to earth at a time when I was on it. What a beautiful being. The stars look different today ... Farewell Goblin King, Major Tom and Ziggy. See you in the stars.

  • BlueSky1, Australia

    I love you, I miss you, you will always be my guide and guru, now and forever. See you on the flipside my blackstar, my lazarus, my hero.

  • Shawn Alfaro, USA

    Thank you for everything, the music, the fashion, the acting. you are missed.

  • Vici, Ireland

    Your music and style inspired me greatly and for that I couldn't be more thankful. There's so much I have to say but I'm not even sure there's words to describe it, but wherever you are now, I hope it's good, goodnight starman :) love, Vici ❤️

  • Maarit, Finland

    Thanks for all the music and happy reincarnation!

  • Nancy, USA

    My love forever!

  • eveline Heerens, Netherlands

    Dearest (Spaceboy) David, Hope you are free of pain now. You didn't deserve to go this way. :( You wil be missed so much. Bye, bye love, Good time love, Sweet sweet love, Bye bye space boy, Moondust will cover you, Bye, bye sweet love

  • bazeba, austria

    I miss you and your genius. <3

  • Cindy, ITALY

    Thank you so much for everything David...you changed our lives in so many ways... We will love you forever, our shining Blackstar!

  • Deborah Harris, USA

    Love and miss you always. Thank you for your wonderful world of art! You will be so missed. xo

  • Adrienne, United States

    Sailor, Thank you for the amazing people you brought into my life through bowienet. Thank you for the art. Thank you for making the music that is the soundtrack of my life.

  • Eva, the Netherlands

    You are my hero. And not just for one day... you will be missed!

  • Luke Palmer, Canada

    If you can read this then you know how much I've relied on you and how you've shaped me as a person. I owe everything to you, I love you, and I miss you eternally. That being said, I'll see you soon. We'll catch up xo

  • screamingeve Aka. Chet, Thailand

    You, You are my inspiration. Yes you still are. I was born in the late '80s so.. you and Trent Reznor were the reason I am still alive and still making music until this days. So what I really want to say is "Thank you, Major Tom" And planet earth might not be so much blue from here where I stand but there is nothing I can't do except keep on making music. :)

  • Felicity, Australia

    I have loved you since 1972 that is over 80% of my life. Forever grateful for your gift you shared with us all Much Love Forever x

  • Heather, Canada

    Stay weird, Bowie. Thanks for everything.

  • Kath Murray, Australia

    David what would my life have been like if you hadn't been there? Thankfully I'll never know. Love always, Kath xx

  • Jen, U.K.

    Thank you for giving me common ground and the foundation to build a relationship on. I adore you x

  • Nanna, Sweden

    I cannot say how much your music has meant to me. For ever and ever.

  • SIMONA, Italy

    THANK YOU for these last my 37 years with you....listening your music....you' re in me now and forever...I'll be with you on the Blackstar! ......

  • Karen & Mark, Cornwall

    Thank you for permission to be different. And for the music. Truly stellar xx



  • Mimi, California USA

    The world is a much better place because you were here. You gave so much color, spirit, love, and amazing music, until the very end. A true artist in every sense. An inspiration to many, including myself. THANK YOU. Planet Earth is surely blue. We will miss you. <3

  • Pablo, Mexico

    I love you very much, David. You were always in my life, and made it happier and richer. Be well.

  • Stephanie, Belgium

    Let's dance and celebrate life everyday, life and let life in our own unique way.

  • Christelle, France

    Merci d'avoir accompagné 35 ans de ma vie, ta musique m'a fait vibrer comme aucune autre. Mon père spirituel, mon "héros".......merci pour tout. Repose en paix et veille sur nous qui sommes orphelins maintenant.

  • Billy, Sweden

    You formed our youth back then David, and sort of formed our lives to come. Thank you for your guidance an most of all for the music, space is endless like you

  • Lea Davis, USA

    Your music changed my life, I miss you David Jones, God only knows what I'd be without you, Love always, Lea

  • Heidi , Denmark

    Thank you so much for the music - rest in peace Major Tom ❤

  • Elizabeth, Italy

    You left us all in total dismay, thank you for your masterpieces and for your last gift. ❤️⚡️✨

  • Princess Marie, Australia

    I wish the goblins would take me away right now! You'll always be my Goblin King even if they won't

  • Dragana, Montenegro

    Ziggy played guitar..

  • Petra Donnison, New Zealand

    David, Iman Duncan and Lexie are ok. Their love for you sustains them. You gave them all that they need to move forward. Your light burns eternally . Never forgotten , forever loved xx

  • Johanna, Germany

    Ich bin so unendlich traurig, dass ich Dich niemals live erleben durfte. Deine Musik hat mich in jeder Lebensphase emotional begleitet. Du warst mein Held, mein Stern, mein Idol, ich werde Dich immer lieben. Ich hoffe, Du rockst den Himmel mit Freddy und John und ...

  • Christine, Duisburg, Germany

    You'll never be forgotten! Since my childhood.. you are my hero! someday we'll meet again... I love you! ♡

  • patricia, france

    Tu as changé ma vie. Tu es ma vie. Je t aime...

  • Geoffrey lund , australia

    land mark events in my life are reflected in your songs thank you for enriching my life enjoy life beyond the stars major tom can you hear me major tom

  • Per-Erling , Norway

    Your music hit me back in 1972 and will be with me for ever.

  • roby, italy


  • roby, italy


  • Chris, U.K.

    Thanks Major Tom. And just so you know - Tin Machine did NOT suck !!

  • Sabine, Paris

    You were the best...stay in peace, I will listening to your music ever..?

  • Ana E, spain

    Love for you Major Tom,?⭐️⚡️

  • neslihan, turkey

    and the stars will never look the same.. thank you for everything, p.s. I forgive you now for the teeth job

  • Christina Desalvo, United States

    Starman, you are the reason why I watch the stars at night and believe in life on Mars. Thank you for being a faraway meteorite during those times when people didn't appreciate and face the strange . You were the most talented, beautiful man ever. You'll always be our Major Tom. Now you're stepping through the door. Thank you for helping me embrace my weirdness and truly find myself. Love to you always. When I dance, wear outlandish outfits, it's you, Ziggy that I'll be thinking of. You're proof that there is indeed life on other planets.

  • Ruth, UK

    The stars look very different tonight. Thank you for the music. Gone too soon. Never forgotten. xxx

  • Garry Johnson , London

    Thanks for writing the soundtrack to my life. You've gone too soon. X

  • Corrie, England

    you saved my life <3

  • Magnus, Sweden

    Thank you for everything David.... you Week magnificent. I'm in total ave if you're work and talent. Travel safe, you will be missed...Love

  • Elaine, England

    Thank you for my life in your music.love ya. Xx

  • petah, Czech

    Enter galactic, see me to be You...You little wonder, little wonder You

  • Linda, Sweden

    You gave so much to the world with your talent and intelligence. You beautiful soul... Hope to meet you one day.

  • Thomas Helfrich, Germany

    Planet Earth is Blue.

  • Moe, England

    What do I say?, started listening to your music in the seventies. Hooked. I loved your creativity your style. I'm so lucky to have been on the same planet as you at the same time. Never forget you. Sending much much love. X

  • Stani, Germany

    Thank you for all, Major Tom

  • Cecilia , Italy

    Goodbye giant❤️

  • Jackie Woods, USA

    Thank you. You will be missed!!!

  • John P, UK

    Thanks for everything, we miss you x

  • Ana, Alicante

    Queridísimo David, que me acompañas y te sigo desde la adolescencia, te envio todo el amor para ti allá en el firmamento donde te veré algún día ❤️⚡️

  • Basia, Poland

    Hope to see you again someday - somewhere over the rainbow. Love U, miss U.

  • Isibel, Austria

    You were such a hard worker, an incredible artist and a mankind loving person. You had your own thoughts, a wonderful independent mind! I will always miss you. May your soul rest in peace!

  • M. Reynaga, Mx

    I know what you did and I would do the same in your position. The first hours of that day I was real sad, now that I realize what you did I respect you more. Freaking genius.

  • Viktória, Hungary

    ☆ Have a good journey, but please quickly rebirth! ☆

  • Roger, USA

    You changed the world.

  • Trev, England

    Thank you just isn't enough you Awesome Man

  • Cats Lovergroove, France

    You are my spiritual father, I love you for ever, Thank you for everything

  • Stephie, Germany

    Thank you! You'll never be forgotten... Rest in peace, Hero...

  • Ground control, Canada

    Major Tom You were really made the grade. It's a shame you had to launch so soon. But we all knew you wanted to. Wherever you end up good luck.

  • Alex Fontaine, Canada

    Every art piece, every musician I followed, and every risk I took in life was because of the courage your legacy brought to me. Thank you

  • Kirsten Bradley, England

    Thank you for helping me through every single situation, just by being yourself. You are a true inspiration and I miss you loads x. Sweet dreams star man.

  • Sabrina, Italy

    I love you Mr Jones ❤️

  • Sabrina, Italy

    I love you Mr Jones ❤️

  • Diego, Italy

    See ya somewhere else, thin white major...Now the stars look brighter. Love ya❤

  • Katerina, Greece

    You are a true inspiration. Thank you is not enough. I am so sad you are gone. You're smile, voice, you itself, will always stay alive. The stars are lucky to have you!!!

  • Toro Manafov, Azerbaijan

    You will live forever

  • Jodie Leemann, US

    You've been my hero, my rock God, since I was 12 (1976). My heart broke at news. All I can say is: When you rock 'n' roll with me No one else I'd rather be Nobody down here can do it for me I'm in teeeears, I'm in teeeears, When you rock 'n' roll with me

  • Bernd, Austria

    Hello Spaceboy, Moondust will cover you. Thank You.

  • Camille, Switzerland

    Thanks for everything. I miss you.

  • Anna, Maryland

    You are an inspiration, a legand, and a pure genius. You just took the phrase, " If there's a rock and roll heaven, well you know they have a hell of a band", to a whole new level. Rest easy, Starman. You will continue to inspire so many people, for generations to come. Thank you for all you have given us. You are a blessing, and will be missed terribly.

  • Nano, Mexico

    Miss you already!! Hope you're in you planet enjoying your new life. Thanks for all!

  • Blinded by Stardust, Austria

    There are so many beautiful moments in the past that i assosiate with your music. My own music project would not exist without you and your influece in art is just a inspiration as well as your behavior. Musician. Painter. Underdog. Actor. Artist. Thank you for everything that you ve done! I miss you deeply. But we ll meet eachother someday. Love, Blinded by Stardust

  • Kirk Petersen, United States

    David, music, acting, style, interviews. Everything you did intrigued me and I loved your work. Love on ya!

  • Lucia, Slovakia

    Thank you David for your talent. Have a great space trip.

  • Matthew Pallant , Australia

    How's life, up there on Mars?

  • shazz, australia

    let us know if there is life on mars xxxx

  • Kathrin , GERMANY

    I hope your spaceship knows wich way to go..miss you so much ❤

  • Zanne, Denmark

    Thanks for the music, and for the soundtrack to my teenage years ❤ May you rest in peace ❤?????

  • steve, luxembourg

    An inspiration too many! We lost one of the greatest musicians. R.i.p. Mr. Bowie

  • Ed Rodriguez, Saint George Utah

    Major Tom, Everyone says Hi!

  • Claire , England

    Time may change me But I can't trace time

  • lola, spain

    I will Miss you so much. The best, the unique.

  • Emma, Canada

    Thank you for making me realize who I am. I'm gonna miss you Starman. Watch over us from Mars. ❤️

  • Patrizia Sitta, Italy

    Dear David your music has been and it'll always be the soundtrack of my life ... Thank you White Duke I miss you ...

  • Kay, Germany

    Miss you

  • Patricia YTB, Australia

    Ashes to ashes, stardust to Blackstar to Super Nova! David Bowie lives on "forever and ever" in our hearts♥️⚡️?

  • Patricia YTB, Australia

    Ashes to ashes, stardust to Blackstar to Super Nova! David Bowie lives on "forever and ever" in our hearts♥️⚡️?

  • Mawi, Belgium

    You were my first crush as Jareth. I was 8. I'm 31 now and I've loved your music, your style and you. You have been my Ideal Man for years and I'll miss you forever! Rest in Peace, So Long Bowie.

  • Vanwood, Bolivia

    I grew listening your voice, you were the most important influence in my life, and in the life of every band I ever loved, you were in love with music, and music were in love with you as a music lover, I feel the grieve and pain that music is going through With All my face cover in tears,

  • Natividad, Argentina

    Thank you for filling my holes with music, love and light.

  • Nancy, USA

    Shine bright , shine forever

  • SamG, Australia

    You were always the prettiest star of them all. Love you now and always x


    Thin White Duke... I will miss you... You changes my life...

  • Andrea Ro., Mexico

    Thank you for the music, but mostly for being a massive inspiration. You were a true artist, unique and creative, there will never be another like you. You'll always have a very special place in my heart, love.

  • Helena, Poland

    I'm so grateful for your music and for showing me that being an outsider isn't negative - it's a value. I'll miss you so much, you'll always be my hero.

  • Nelson Dias, Portugal

    Thanks for your music!!!

  • Zoe Farris, Australia

    You have helped me through many hard times throughout the years since 1972 and with the work you leave behind for us I am sure you will get me through any new, good or bad times. Fly free, explore the stars and, "May God's love be with you."

  • Addy, here

    Twinkle and shine on you incredible precious.Til we see us there, we´ll hear you - electric blue...eternal passion.

  • Victor, Mexico

    Last chance and time to say thank you for everything you did and the way you inspired me. I played live yesterday and I had my Aladdin Sane makeup done in your honor. Over and out.

  • Michelle, South Africa

    I will forever be a Rock and Rolling bitch for you. Thank you for being you, so fearless, so beautiful.

  • Max Reeves, Russia

    The world has suddenly become a less interesting place without you. Forever loved.

  • Johanna, Finland

    Your music has always been a part of my life, thank you. Keep on singing up there för all our loved ones.

  • MC, USA

    Thanks for all the great music.

  • Annie, Australia

    The Earth has lost a unique individual..Thank you for everything. Planet Earth is blue and theres nothing I can do..wherever you are in the Universe know you will be missed and loved always.xx

  • Maddz Smith, Australia

    We will always love you, our Starman...we know you've just returned to your home planet... You will never be forgotten

  • Caesteker dieter, Belgie

    I miss you you're THE star in heaven

  • Beth, United States

    There is a hole that feels like it will never be filled. I will love you til I die, I will see you in the sky....

  • Triffina, Australia

    Oh you pretty thing! Bet you're still rockin'. Rest easy

  • Jan, Denmark

    "God knows I'm good God may look the other way today" Thank You so much Mr Bowie

  • Linda Costin, Australia

    Miss you so much still so stunned rest in peace my starman

  • Arana, Australia

    Major Tom - the circuit isn't dead. Be in peace, you have given so much to the world. Thankyou.

  • Jayne Cobb, Serenity

    I'm sorry we had to break up in this manner.

  • Gigi, Poland

    Thank u for you're music it changed my life and perspective on it. Youre my hero Ziggy ❤️✨☄

  • kakuke99, Estonia

    Keep your electric eye on me Stardust... Friekiest show will live on forever.

  • Sini, Finland

    A legend, my hero. Thank you for the music, for inspiration, for being You. Gone... but never, ever forgotten! See you on the other side. XO

  • Elio, Roma

    Grande duca bianco grazie a te che ci hai regalato belle canzoni

  • Elijah, America

    Thank you David, for everything. You showed us how we can be. You will always be with us, and us with you.

  • Francis , Australia

    You were light years ahead of the world, and definitely apart of me. We weren't ready for you when you arrived, and we certainly weren't ready for you to leave. Live on, my hero.

  • Lisa, WI

    You are loved, you are missed. Thank you for sharing yourself and you're incredible gifts. I hope you are content and at peace. I love you...Enjoy your next voyage, wherever you may be...

  • Stephen Foster, Australia

    David, you've been my inspiration since my teens in the 70's. There's so much more colour in the world because of you. I love you and always will.

  • Melanie (again), BA

    Tell my grandparents and my pets that I love them. Give me the strength to become whoever I have to be. Thanks.

  • Michel, USA

    Thank you for being in the world!

  • AJ, US

    You never gave me back the socks you borrowed.

  • Melanie, BA

    I hope to have the same courage you had to make art and to be yourself. Thanks for being the outsider of outsiders and showing the world that to fly your freak flag can be good. I hope you left this earth in peace and that you are ok whenever you are. You became a heroe. And not for just one day. I hope your star is the most bright of them all.

  • Rachel, United States

    You helped make me. You are a part of me forever. Thank you.

  • Wendy , San Fran Bay Are, California

    I would have to say that this is Not our "One last Chance to send a message to David" but thank you for this opportunity. He can hear us All the Time, and will always be there. But here is my mine to him now: "I can talk to you now that you have Passed, that's how it is with us Mediums, before, i could only admire You from afar, you did not know me, now when i call your name, you are there, you answer. You have many others that need you, but you can be there for them too, it is Amazing that you can do that. I am soo sad, soo Very Sad, but i feel closer to you now. I am sorry my friend, i know you did not want to go, my Heart is in my Throat. Thank you for everything. You must feel Very Loved right now.

  • Scott, USA

    Dear Mr Jones, May you rest in peace. Tonight, the Zeroes are singing for you!

  • Lucy, Germany

    Danke für die Zeit mit dir, du warst großartig!

  • Heather Briner, Indiana, US

    I have loved you from my earliest memories and will love you for eternity. I wish you could have seen in life how so many people were moved by your talent. My children already know and love you, though they are very young. I sincerely hope that we will all meet again. Safe journey and godspeed.

  • Bruno, Brazil

    We never had other choise, and so as you: Never look back!

  • Ness Hamilton, Mexico

    I love you more than I could express with words, you were here when no one else was for me, and reached me in a way only a spiritual relative could, farewell to you, father, friend, equal, huge idol, inspiration, there's nothing more heartbreaking than to see you leave.

  • Angela, Australia

    Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift with the world. You will never be forgotten.

  • El Kiss, MX


  • Sharon David, Australia

    Thanks for always being there .... Can't believe you're gone. You were my first love and you will always be my true love . ⚡️❤️

  • Radek, Poland

    Say hello to God and my grandparents, sing for them Let's Dance, make a big party on this planet called heaven.

  • Alex, Australia

    Thanks for the inspiration David. You truly are beyond praise. I love you.

  • Kirsten, USA

    Planet Earth is blue, indeed... So many of my musical heroes trace their creative lineage to you. Thank you for everything you gave all of us, now and for all time.

  • Caas, Mexico

    Ahora ya lo creo, Starman que estas esperando en el cielo, te encontraste con nosotros y nos hiciste volar con tu musica, apartir de ahora contare cinco años, pero de ante mano se que la gente no usara la mente, te la pasaste jugando siempre a ser un suicida del R&R, solo espero que ahora con tu partida no sea el R&R el que se suicide... Buen viaje a esa estrella negra que lazaro habito por ti..

  • Aimee, Australia

    Since I discovered you I've never been the same. The world will no longer be the same without you in it. Keep going. Don't stop. Keep exploring. It's what we have to do! See you on the other side. XO


    Bowie my starman thank you for being there my whole life getting me through everything. You will always be my rock forever. Xxxx

  • Zach Dawson, United States of America

    Farewell to the most beautiful, creative, and important artist of modern times, David Bowie. Gone... but never, ever forgotten.

  • Beatrix, The Stratosphere

    There is no more you and no more me. Just being. Just space. No separation.

  • Alberto Hiram , Mexico

    I think it's gonna be a long long time major tom until the day I die and well I have many words to say but never mind, David you've been the best artist-musician never seen on stage for my own eyes I woulda like to see you performing but I was just a kid. Truly for me it doesn't matter if you're dead or seeing us from the stars because you're always be on my mind and heart...thank you!!!

  • Joanne Sziller , Australia

    I can't put into words how sad and empty I feel right now. How I wish you didn't have to leave us but I'm so grateful that you came at all. Your music and movies will be a part of my life forever and they give me comfort now at a time of great sadness. I will love you for Starman and I will miss you for just as long. Thank you for your unimaginable gifts. Much love xxx ?

  • Stefan, Ostralya

    See these eyes so red.....they weep for true entertainer taken before time. You had us dancing in the streets. Thank you Goblin King. Farewell Starman.

  • Michael Good, U.S.A.

    I just want to say thanks, because if it werent for you, I wouldn't be alive today, I don't want to sound like that person, I'm just giving credit where credit is due.

  • Connie, Usa

    First saw Fame, young Americans fascinated. Ashes to ashes, resonated. Ziggy came late, exhilarated. Blackstar cemented.

  • Holly, Australia

    Thank you for making my whole life Bowie, I love you

  • Melissa, United States

    Namaste David.

  • Holly, Usa

    Don't worry major Tom, we're sending friends. We'll miss you!

  • Lupe, US

    We lay our heads on pillows, facing one another, just looking. I want to merge at the cellular level. Slowly, you transform into warm phosphorescent bubbles that drift upwards. The bubbles burst, freeing the eerie glow within. As the glow rises ever higher, the light turns to sound, and in the darkness I hear your voice. Soon, I absorb the sound and my body vibrates with it. My heart is full of you.

  • Simon, Earth

    day 7 after David Bowie

  • brenda , usa

    what a legend see you on the other side my friend

  • Clarissa Gomes, Brazil

    Thanks for everything. Thanks for all the wonderful music, all the wonderful movies, all the wonderful art, and your wonderful person. Thanks for helping us all see it's okay and also better to be a freak. We love and miss you already.

  • Lauren, Boston

    I have no words and I have too many words. Id have loved to have shaken your hand and thank you for everything. You were my earthly touchstone, now you are my eternal "spaceboy". Hallo.

  • Agustin Riestra, Argentina

    Well, how can someone synthesize a lifetime devotion in a couple of words? Impossible, yet I'd love to say that you meant the world to me, and you brought joy to my life as few people have been able to. Thank you for everything you gave us David, you were an angel. sincerely, Agustin.

  • Jenn, Us

    Love your work David, thanks for everything!

  • Maribel, España

    Mi querido David eres el mas grande tu musica ilumino mi vida y la seguira iluminando.Gracias

  • Julia, Brazil

    When I was a kid I was fascinated by a goblin king. I didn't know who the goblin king was until I later on met you the other way around: through music. Everything then came together and life made sense and I thank you for being there for me even when I didn't know who you were. Earth is poorer without you and I miss you, but I understand someday we all return to our home planets. Especially you. I love you.

  • Stephanie, US

    The stars look very different today. You never knew me, but you saved my life. I can't explain how much I miss you already.

  • Robert, Canada

    Everyone says Hi

  • Jana, Germany

    Seit Anbeginn bist Du meine große Liebe. Du hast mir so viele schöne Momente geschenkt. Ich liebe Dich und weiß das Gott es auch tun wird! ?

  • CookeeGalore, Los Angelea

    Thank you for the magic, the music, my wings, and the notion that all things are possible.

  • Janet Waite, Australia

    You had me intrigued for 43 years. My fascination with David Bowie started in 1973 with 'Sorrow', and now ends in sorrow. You live on through us David Jones. Thank you Starman. I will miss you, and be inspired by you. Everyone says hi.

  • Tera, the USA

    Your music changed my life. Thank the stars above I knew your talent and beautiful face. I love you <3

  • Izzy, USA

    The Starman is back in the sky, and he certainly did blow our minds <3 Love you David Bowie, you will always be my hero, but not for only one day. More like forever.

  • Jacqueline, België

    We zullen je missen,Major Tom,rust in vrede,xx

  • Sharron , Australia

    Thankyou for being you ???

  • Dante, USA

    David, thank you. So many days and nights feeling like the human race can do whatever they want through love and its components, all because of you. We love you, eternally as your music.

  • Sarah, New Zealand

    Thank you for being you, for all the songs that meant so much. I will forever adore you xx

  • Vinícius Rangel, SP, Brazil

    David Bowie, you'be been my best source of inspiration since the mid 1990's. Thank you so much! Love you, Starman! Hope to see you again someday...

  • mj lopez, mexico

    El mas grande artista que a tocado esta tierra, vuelves a tu planeta, y a aqui en la tierra nada sera igual sin tu presencia, solo nos queda el consuelo de tu maravillosa musica, tu gran legado y el recuerdo de tu increible personalidad, hasta siempre Major Tom.

  • Lourdes, Argentina

    Thank you for being weird and for showing us that it is beautiful to be an outcast. I love you forever.

  • Liz, Australia

    I am changed forever because of you. Your life, and your art, inspired and empowered me. I would not have made it without you. Thank you

  • dani, philly

    thankyou for everything my king, ill never stop loving you.

  • Rodrigo, Argentina

    Siempre serás mi héroe Bowie. Como la eternidad escuchando la música, te amamos con las estrellas que has dejado en nuestros corazones.

  • JUY YUN LIN, Taiwan

    Ground Control to Major Tom! You’ve really made the grade. And the stars look very different today. The stars will shine next to us heart .

  • Juan Carlos, Mexico

    David you were the creative flare for Earth. We will miss you forever. Since beginning of time there has been none like you. Rock on at the stars above Bowie!

  • Lucas Cassan, Brazil

    Thank you for everything. Thank you for ch-change my life. =]

  • Jules D, Australia

    Grief is a odd and bewildering emotion. One that can be felt strongly towards something or someone you have never actually met. I know it's a cliche, but you will never really gone... Thank you for your authenticity. Love and peace Mr Bowie?

  • Julia, Australia

    Your music has been the soundtrack to my life since the '70s. You music will live on forever. You are free now, see you on the other side David <3

  • Laura McDonough, Australia

    I will never forget what you have done for me, you shaped who I am now. And I will never be the same. I am sad you're gone, but happy you're free, just like that bluebird. Thank you.

  • Craig McCourt, Canada

    You inspired so many people. Your music will live on forever. R.I.P. David. You will be missed.

  • gyanesha, new zealand

    i love you

  • Kasia, Poland

    I hope now You can swim like dolphins can swim... David You are a Hero <3

  • Anjali, Abu Dhabi

    How I wonder where you are ... Your music accompanied most time of my life and I am sure it will until the day I die. Thank you so much for everything ˂3. Miss you dearly.

  • Holly Scarcella, ausralia

    You changed my life, you became my life. i always felt we were sharing some kind of inside joke together, i couldn't begin to explain how much you've done for me, how big a part of me you are. goodnight, soul love.. we'll meet at the bar at the end.

  • Chris Bradley, Mt.Clemens, MI

    Although many have, and many will continue to be inspired by you and all that you have influenced, you can never be replaced. Your departure from us has left behind a void that will never be filled by anyone. You were truly one of a kind.

  • Mia Petals, United States

    Thank you David for your creative genius. You are an inspiration to us all and your creations are eternal.

  • Jay, Mexico

    Thank you! you told me, "my friend don't listen to the crowd, jump they say, gotta believe somebody" when I needed it to hear it... And I'm still here. Godspeed!

  • Poeroseblood, US

    You will always be my idol. You showed me since in utero that I was not alone. Thank you.. may the universe embrace you as my heart has.

  • Danny , México

    See you again in another place, in another time, I'm sure about that. Little big boy, love you with all my heart and I wish you an awesome trip.

  • marius roddent, Japan

    You give me the strength to think that all the people surrounding me were idiots. They still are. Farewell Little Wonder (You).

  • Larissa , California

    David, your talent and originality will forever live on in our hearts through your incredible creations. Goblin King, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke....we miss and love you.

  • Chris, US

    It's not death for an extraordinary man like you, you can never truly die. Its a new career in a new town.

  • Helen, U.S.A.

    Love forever! Thank you for everything. So many of us miss you, but we will meet again one day. Until then....

  • Alexis, USA

    Thank you for making me feel comfortable with my weirdness. You have helped me in so many ways. You are a great man with a great personality. You were the best role model and always will be. Even though you're back home in the stars, I will always miss you down here on earth. Keep stealing babies, goblin king. I love you.

  • M, Mex

    Miss you.

  • Amy , Scotland

    Thank you for everything, Starman. You shaped my life with your music and meaning.

  • Jude, Usa

    Whe I first got sober over 3 years ago I was told I had to find a higher power and I turned to you.well your essence it allowed be to completely comfortable with myself. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm sure my family does to!

  • Linda, Australia

    Bowie, I know you are up there watching over us all. Thank you for everything. Xx

  • Susanne, Finland

    "Look out your window I can see his light..." <3 Have a beautiful journey!

  • Sungirl Galaxy , Mars

    Forever and Ever... <3

  • Sandy Yu, Hong Kong

    Mr Bowie,You will be always in my heart! I love you!

  • CLyN, US

    You bent generations together for a better world. You were a CoLoR ripped from our HeaRts. May God's Love Be With You~

  • Arturo, Mexico

    Hello Space Boy..... Gracias por enseñarnos a ser héroes.... Gracias por todo.... The star man is waiting in the sky

  • Kristan Smith , usa

    I loved you my entire known life, you were my childhood,my introduction to all things amazing and lustful, i will mourn you forever and remember you always. The children in my life will know your works and story. Ziggy.Aladdinsane.thinwhiteduke.jareth.Bowie. thank you for everything.

  • Alexander, Russia

    Hi,David! How you doing ? Sing in dream team Rock'n'Roll band? Send to all muscians our best regards!

  • Lucie, Australia

    You made me feel less a freak. You inspire me always. Thank you for your music and ideas.

  • just jill, United States

    So very sad that you are gone. Thank you for the Music. Thank you for being you. And Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to be a bit different.

  • Aurora , Guadalajara, Jalisco. México.

    You always will be my inspiration, my first love and my light in the dark. I love you so much! Thanks for everything!

  • KHRYSTIANA, United States

    The stars look very different today.

  • Bellini, Brazil

    We love you Bowie! We be can be Heroes for you!

  • Brandon Zamudio, México

    I'm not a believer and I don't think this message could ever reach you. Nietzschean just like you were. However, if I have the chance to pay tribute to one of my biggest influences sending a message to space, well, how cool is that? Ain't that just like me? Have a nice, weird, not-boring odd-odyssey, Major Tom. You left your mark here. Will continue to play your music over and over, thanks for giving me a courage boost to follow my dreams

  • Ben, Australia

    Travel well Starman... thanks for all the wonderful music..Rip

  • Ruben Olvera, Mexico

    Thank You , all the best Major Tom

  • Ricardo Duarte , Brazil


  • Lauren, USA

    Heroes. Just for one day. You will be missed, star man.

  • Maha, Mars

    I knew you were trying to tell me something that day, but now I got it, R.I.P Starman

  • Mari, Finland

    You were my first and last love. Come to my dreams.

  • Abbie, Mexico

    Thank you for everytime you taught me to find beauty in weirdness. That's the best gift someone could have ever gave me.

  • Mar, Mexico

    Today... I Miss U too beatiful starman ?

  • Bill, Australia

    "If you move one grain of sand, the world is no longer as it was." Farewell, you crafty bugger! You never let us down!

  • Laura, México

    David pasaste a ser la estrella más brillante del universo siempre perduraras por los siglos de los siglos ✪

  • Pablo Rodolfo Decilio, Argentina

    Now that you're gone, only my soul and heart can understand the pain and emptiness I feel, this world has become cold and bleak and only have time to contemplate. You´re my god and see you soon David, I love you.

  • Katoe, United states of America

    You changed my life and you will always be a part of me, I will always keep your memory alive. Love and miss you so much!!!

  • Josie, Germany

    I love you and I always will.

  • Leeloominai, USA

    Thank you for everything you gave to us. Let all the children boogie.

  • Enrique García Moreno, México

    Shine On, Starman. Gracias Por Todo Lo Que Nos Diste, Gracias Por Todas Tus Enseñanzas, Por Todo. You'll Be Missed. You Will Always Be Ahead Of Time. You Will Always Be An Influence. What Else Can I Tell You? We're Very Thankful For All That You agave To Us. We'll Always Thank You. You're Free Now. Bless Us. "Su Vida Como Su Muerte, Fue Una Obra de Arte". Gracias David.

  • claudia, argentina

    I need you...forever love

  • Ground, Control

    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. You're going on a magical ride, you will always be in our hearts.

  • Charyss, USA

    Thank you for being an everychanging beautiful soundtrack in my life. And my Goblin King. You were simply amazing and inspiring. Enjoy the next turn of the wheel.

  • Kristina , U.S.A

    Thank you for your time here on Earth. Your music touched my soul. I'll never stop listening.

  • Clare, Australia

    You were my hero, my Starman and my idol. I love you and I will miss you forever.

  • Jyo Conejo, Mexico city

    Sleepy time, Bashful but nude Little wonder then... Thank you genius. I'll see you in the space.

  • The Lacertilia (Official), México

    Dear David, we will miss you so much, from Space Oddity to Blackstar, Thank you so much. We love you forever.

  • Ren, United States

    You are forever immortal and forever missed ♡

  • Tony, New Zealand

    Goodbye Starman.....thanks for being my inspiration and my muse. See you in another life David ?

  • Amy Petersen, Australia

    Thanx for the tunes, Goblin King. Peace.

  • Tara, Australia

    There's a star man waiting in the sky...and you did blow our minds. Sadly missed. Your music will live on forever.

  • Lizard from The Lacertilia, México

    Querido David, donde quiera que estés flotando ahora mismo, donde sea que esté tu espíritu, te estaremos recordando, fuiste y siempre serás una inspiración para CADA artista en el planeta, intentaste de mil maneras dejar tu huella en éste mundo y lo lograste. Desde Space Oddity hasta Blackstar, muchas gracias. Te amamos siempre.

  • Aida, USA

    Love and Peace!!!

  • Danny , México

    Hey, my love! See you soon, I'm sure about that. Love you with all my heart, thanks for everything. <3

  • Sarnath Ib, México

    Tu música y forma de ver la vida cambió mi vida completamente, siempre estarás presente en mi corazón. Can you hear me, Major tom? Gracias por todo.

  • Laura, México

    Siempre me inspiraste con tu música tan bella única y pura.Eres inmortal a través de tu música, nunca te olvidaré, eres lo mejor, miraré a las estrellas y pensaré en ti ❤ Te amo

  • Richard, Canberra Australia

    Thanks for all the wonderful music and memories. You were the soundtrack of my life. The Starman is finally back among the stars. Bye Bye We Love Him

  • Nikki Erickson, U.S.A

    You will always hold a special place in my heart. I've grown up listening to and loving you and I always will. A true inspiration. Move the stars for noone!

  • Goran, Srbija

    Najbolja muzika ikad. Hvala za svaku pesmu.

  • Katia Berardi, italia

    Hallo David. .tu sei andato..io rimango per ora qui, ad aspettare..mi tiene compagnia la tua musica..la tua voce .la tua genialità. .hallo David.

  • mahsa, iran

    wish see you there soon..

  • Beren, USA

    "And the shame was on the other side.* Thank you, for everything.

  • Edward , USA

    Bye bye spaceboy, Bye bye love, Moondust will cover you, We will miss you.

  • Frida, México

    Ziggy, I guess now you're Stardust. You're mission was accomplished successfully; you showed us we can be heroes. Starman, with infinite faces, infinite colors; vampire, goblin king. You've run so long, you've run so far; we'd wish our will could be as strong as yours, and our kingdom as great. Is it too late to put on my red shoes and dance? It will never be too late for you. I guess, now you're sitting in your tin can, far above the world, on your way to the place from which you fell to earth. It's only forever, not long at all. Thank you Master Bowie. 1947-2016

  • Daniela Jimenez, México

    Gracias por haber sido una de mis mayores influencias en lo que llevo de vida y siempre será así.

  • Ashley Proctor, United States

    David, You must be at least partly amused that is humans are fumbling to find a way with your decision to return home. Alas, we are so simple compared to your vast and complex self. That being said, I want you to k know that you beat Adele for most viewed video!! Congrats! I also want you to know that we do missed you a lot. You were so amazing, and yet humble. Please resentenced that you are always welcome back anytime. Oh, and when you see Alan Rickman, tell him that he too has an invitation to return. While the views up there is so pleasant, I expect my invitation to be denied. You have a special place on earth, but you belong with the stars. Enjoy the view my friend. Enjoy.

  • Kim, USA

    Thank you for inspiring me to be who I really am. You've always been my role model. <3

  • Roxy, USA

    We will all miss you so very much. Thank you for YOU

  • Charlie Vasquez, usa

    Saw you 3 times in concert. Amazing shows. Love your music. As long as your music is played you'll live forever.

  • Audrey, United States

    I'm happy hope you're happy too <3

  • Alejandro Romano, México

    Recuerdos de gente que amo y ya no están compartían el gusto por tu obra gracias por estar siempre cerca en el corazón eternamente nos veremos pronto

  • Kate, US

    Thank you. Thank you for making me smile when I'm down. Thank you for making me laugh when it feels like the world is against me. Thank you for the music. Thank you for saving me.

  • amy jo, usa

    You will always be my Goblin King. Dance magic dance...forever is not long at all...

  • karen, australia

    Thank you for your wonderful music

  • Hollow Kid, Mexico

    Thank you for making me wanna reach the stars!

  • Fabiana, Argentina

    You will be always dancing in our minds..the stars will look different forever...

  • Sky , Australia

    David, very very sad news of your passing! I cried for days hope your family is coping alright. I had no self esteem and you gave me such courage and inspiration to be just me! I will miss waiting in excitement for your new albums. Your a star in the sky! Even though you are gone I will continue to educate my daughter with your life changing music! Thank you! For everything! ❤️?⚡️?


    Depuis que vous êtes entré dans ma tête, mon coeur, il y a plus de 20ans, vos créations m'ont accompagné au fil du temps. Sous le charme, depuis toujours. J'ai ressenti un vide, mais je me suis réchauffée avec votre héritage... et l'idée que vous n'étiez pas mort même après ça. Bonne route Monsieur Bowie ! :*

  • Elbrio, Brazil

    Thank you for your music, which remains forever in our hearts and minds. Good trip!

  • Major Tim, Earth

    I'll be seeing you. Love and stars

  • Marla Gamez, Mexico

    Thank you for turning weird into amazing, you made our kind extraordinary. Love you then, now, always and everywhere! Shine sweet prince, shine!

  • Beau, USA

    The first song I ever sang onstage was one of yours. You changed my life. Endless peace, love and gratitude to you, forever.

  • Shannon, USA

    I loved all your songs you will be missed so much You music inspired me to do what I want . RIP DAVID BOWIE

  • sherry allen, CA

    visit us if you can! we ae bereft without you!

  • Krystal, Australia

    Don't be long xx We miss you!!

  • Artyom, Armenia

    Thank you for the music, you left for us. Say hello to Mars!

  • Diana, USA, The world, The Universe

    To you all our beauty, and power and light, and madness and childlike play and love, love, love. Ready, set, Go!

  • Elizabeth, Canada

    David You've gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. Thankyou

  • Megan , USA

    Mr. Jones, you caught my eye when I was 5 and have not left it since. You are funny, caring, and intelligent. I loved you as a man more than an entertainer. Until next time. XO

  • Ania, Australia

    David, the Earth lost some of its sparkle the day you died but the heavens above shine that much brighter. Whenever I gaze at the stars I'll be thinking of you. Thanks for the great music and the good times. You will never be forgotten. xoxo

  • Eric Torrès, France

    We'll wait for your return . Rest in Peace .

  • Danilo, Brazil

    Your music is my life's soundtrack. There'll never be anyone like you. You're not a blackstar, you're the entire constellation.

  • Kristy, Canada

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us and giving us sanity in an insane world. The stars really do look very different tonight and will never be the same. All my love and gratitude.


    RIP Starman fly high with the stars.Gone home to space .Taken way before your time.Such a powerful and wicked voice is now silenet xxxxxxxRIP ZIGGY STARDUST.Just not fair xxxxx

  • Liliana, Mexico

    Solo me queda decirte, GRACIAS.

  • Michella, Brasil

    Bowie, sempre me lembrarei da sua voz e de sua arte. Desde que conheci você pelas letras e melodias, pelas atuações e entrevistas, você sabe, te amei. Quero dizer isso, você será sempre o meu herói. Espero poder te conhecer numa próxima vida para assim ter a chance de concretizar meu sonho! Quero dizer também que espero que esteja tudo bem com você onde estiver. Que você esteja bem, que sua passagem tenha sido leve. Há muito amor sendo dirigido a você! E, parafraseando uma de suas músicas, as estrelas realmente parecem diferentes agora. Amo você!

  • Vincent Guiboche, Canada

    I'm a glad I was able to enjoy your music and see you in concert and on TV was nice to know you were a genuine kind person.

  • Monica, United States

    Bowie you were a God among men and now the brightest light among the stars. Rest In Peace. <3

  • Callie, USA

    Many Thanks and Much Love.

  • Tom , U.K.

    You'll never know how many times you saved me and inspired me, thank you for your music. I hope it's a great view from wherever you are

  • Hannah Hoskins , Ohio

    I love you David and I'm so sad that you're gone, I listened to your music obsessively thank you for making my childhood amazing, rest easy David

  • Johnnie, Australia

    I love you and miss you. Nothing but your music non stop all week.

  • GMonstra, Mexico

    Thanks for all the music, for your feelings and for all the love. I will always miss you but you'll live in my heart forever <3

  • Michael, Australia

    Where ever you maybe I hope you are still rocking n rolling with all the people we've lost but never forget.

  • Robert, Canada

    Thank you for the music. Now, rest.

  • Giovanna , Brasil

    Thank you guy,you are the best.

  • Charmaine, Australia

    Thank you for your incredible music. You'll never be forgotten. You really are a Rock God!

  • Hellen Cristiny, Brasil

    Thank Bowie, his brilliant songs always comforted me and also participated in especias times when I tried compeender and reflect their metaphors ... RIP David Bowie It's too late

  • Shelbs, United States

    As a girl who never wanted to be herself, you saved me and showed me something better. Thank you my hero, Major Tom.

  • Marlene, New Zealand

    Thank you eternally for everything you have done for me throughout my life. Humanity is far far worse off for no longer having you.

  • Moises, USA

    David thanks for the music and inspiration. You'll forever be immortalized by what you created. Your legacy will last lifetimes.

  • Chris , Canada

    Thank you for teaching me how to dance in the early 80's and giving us such great songs to play over and over again as we think of you above us all :-)

  • Holly, USA

    Thank you for your music and your legacy and love David.I miss you. Rest in Peace. I love you.

  • Diana, Uruguay

    You were supposed to be immortal. Now I will never know if you were real or not. I'll miss you until the die I die.

  • Lian, USS

    Is there life on Mars ?

  • Jason Westgate, Australia

    Please come back. Earth still needs you.

  • Aleksandra, Brasil

    There's a starman waiting in the sky ... Goodbye, see ya, rebel, rebel. Go and found if there is life on Mars, perhaps bumps with Major Tom. Could we steal time, just for one day ? Goodbye, my hero...

  • Shelby, United States

    As a girl who never wanted to be herself, you saved me and showed me something better. Thank you my love hero, Major Tom. See you in


    I feel blessed to share your namesake

  • Sam, United States

    Thank you for everything you have taught me and all you've done to inspire me.

  • Marla, USA

    I have grown up listening & watching movies with you. It has been very saddening to hear of your passing. I wish I met you, that would've been the best. We all miss you & we all love you. I hope you're doing well & never stop being you. You're an extremely influential man & give so much inspiration. Thank you. Love you and see you later.

  • ErinJo, USA

    Thank you.

  • Tim, Canada

    I wonder, do you know the legacy you left to not only fans, but he World? Goodnight and thanks.

  • Ricardo, México

    Eres una de mis grandes inarraciones. Siempre vas a estar conmigo. Bueno viaje y esperanos a donde vayas.

  • Sidney , Mexico

    I... I wish I could be a hero just for one day... you don't know me and you never will... but it hurts so much... thank you for everything.

  • bod, UK

    Your A Diamond.

  • Amyjolie, United States

    The world will never be the same. Music has lost a true original. You will always be remembered.

  • Mistress Monique, Australia

    I know your spaceship knows which way to go

  • Livvie, USA

    You are my hero. And it is going to be hard to live without you. Thank you so much for being there for me... I was never prepared to live on Earth without you.

  • Samantha , Canada

    Today and all days, now, the stars look different. But I'll always remember that we're from ashes to ashes and the stuff of those stars. Thank you for making the world a meaningful place. I'll see you soon.

  • misty, earth

    Thank you.

  • Begoña, Spain

    No te imaginas como cambiaste mi vida!! Todo cobro sentido, no tenia que agradar, tan solo ser yo misma!

  • Åsa, Sweden

    Thank you for the Music and the inspiration!


    There's a starman waiting in the sky ... Goodbye, see ya, rebel, rebel. Go and found if there is life on Mars , perhaps stumbles with Major Tom. Could we steal team, just for one day ? Goodbye, my hero.

  • Paige, Canada

    See you on the other side. Godspeed on your new journey. You were loved.

  • Leonardo, Brazil

    I wish you could read this because you inspire me everyday on many things. I wish you the best on your way home. Thank you.

  • Maja, Chile

    You've helped me on the hardest moments in my life, and thanks to you I fell in love with someone like i never have before. Thanks you so much for everything, David. You're by far the best that has happened to our planet.

  • Emily idles, America

    Our starman up in heaven.. I seen a shooting star last night and I thought of you and I did feel at ease but then it was gone. Well i knew it was you. I love you starman.. Love, emily

  • Dawn, Australia

    Fly free. Starman.....you were my hero....see you next time...

  • Vladimir, Russia

    Hope u r waiting... In the sky... Peace

  • Caitlyn , Australia

    Biggest influence, changed many lives.. Rip Bowie x

  • Ziggy, England

    Thank you for everything. X

  • Emma, chile

    Your music helped me go through some of the hardest moments in my life, when I was facing Illness and possible death. I will never forget you. God bless you and your family.

  • Julie , USA

    I will always and forever be hopelessly in love with the gifts you gave to us all. Until we all meet again, safe voyage.

  • Nickolas Muilaert, The United States

    Thanks David, you will forever be one of my idols and the reason why I became a musician. Hope your rocking with Lou Reed up there!

  • Henry Alejandro Peña Riaño, Venezuela

    Thanks so much for your amazing music, for your art! we miss you .. i'm happy, hope you're happy too..! Thanks Mr Bowie!

  • Tigre Oiseau, UK

    You'll never know how much you meant to me, but nonetheless, thank you... Have fun in space, Mr Bowie x

  • paulette wilson, New Zealand

    Mr Bowie, such a clever man in so many was. Fantastic music all over great singer and actor and most of all the Gentleman as we all know and love, always in our hearst

  • Steph, Uk

    Goodnight our star man thank u for yur fanastic music . Sweet dreams

  • Delilah, United States

    Dear David, You're my hero. I wish your family the happy private life you've always strived for. You're the reason I am a musician today. Why I play cello, why I play sax and piano. I will continue to strive for better musicianship and learn from what you've given us in your time here. Thank you.

  • Manuel, Colombia

    Thanks for everything... Your legacy will prevail in the universe forever

  • Murilo Idu, Brazil

    Thank you. Love you forever.

  • Millie Dalton, Australia

    Thanks for the memories starman!....always loved...always missed..fly free...xxx

  • Elaine, Brazil

    Thank you David for all! I love your music for ever, your are The best. You'll live forever and ever.

  • kiddo, Argentina

    Sweet dreams my beautiful angel. I'll love for ever

  • Gabriele v.G., Germany

    There has never been and will never be another being combining it all- beauty, cuteness, intelligence, humour, various talents in acting, painting, writing music, performing and being the most friendly and kind gentlemen. How lucky we were to know You and to take part in your huge presence. In awe. God made you the best! <3

  • Carolina, Argentina

    Gracias por haberme salvado tantas veces, por hacerme gran parte de lo que soy, por la emoción. Eterno Bowie!!!

  • Pam, USA

    thank you for your music, and especially for the friendship of other fans i've met along the way

  • Tea Roof, Australia

    Spike said 'i told you i was ill' You sang 'look up here i'm in heaven' .. so, Everyone Says Hi .. sorry sad you were in so much pain love to your family friends musos and fans

  • Aga, Poland

    This is ground control to Major Tom...

  • Tamara, Croatia

    And I absolutely love you...<3

  • Stéphane, France

    Thank you for all the joy and happiness you gave, David. May God bless you.

  • Tom, Poland

    Tom to Tom...

  • Mieke, belgium

    thank you x

  • Ola, Poland

    See you soon.

  • Anta, Poland

    I miss you major Tom.

  • Emma, Poland

    Thank you for the wonderfull memories and childhood. You're amazing, have fun flying around space in your tin can, I'll miss you!

  • Emily Antinozzi , USA

    You gave us gifts beyond the music. Everything you gave us will be treasured forever. Planet earth is blue without you, Starman.

  • Ula, Poland

    Thank You for everything!

  • Barbara Welento, Poland

    I hope to ser you someday Starman. So pround I was on Earth when You were.

  • ken, Ireland

    Back in the stars where you truly were created. Thanks for all the memories and for being the soundtrack to my life

  • Sassy, Poland

    I love you, David. You'll always be my inspiration. Hope it's nice in space.

  • Ash, Poland

    thank you for being yourself, Starman. I hope the space is cozy and the Earth is fu to watch from up there

  • Zach, Poland

    may your flight be safe, thank you for sticking around in your human form. I fucking love you and miss you, alien!!!

  • Petra,Dana,Duncan, Belgium

    We are so lost, David, shine the light for us. We miss you. You will never dim ! You 're our hero for ever and ever !

  • Agata, Poland

    You left us heartbroken here, I hope you're happy where you are now. You won't be forgotten. I'm proud that I can say I was living at the same time as a person like you. Bye my hero <3

  • Renata, Poland

    You are love of my life and pure inspiration. Thank you for every single song, movie and picture <3

  • Clare, Uk

    You've always been there while I lived my life. I am just going to miss your presence so much on our earth. Thank you for everything Starman x

  • Alex, U.K.

    Thankyou for you beautiful music you were an inspiration to us all.

  • Deborah, U. S.

    March 16, 1990: My daughter, Melanie, stood by my side, when we met you. Tears fell, telling you how you saved my life in August, 1974, when one of your songs came on the radio. You were kind, gracious, gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. I was granted the opportunity to do something that most people never get to do — thank our Heroes. Thank you for literally saving my life.

  • Karen, USA

    I so wanted to run into you again somewhere....but that will have to wait....until then, rest dearest David.....you meant so much to so many people.

  • Nem, U.K

    I was lucky enough to grow up following your work and career, to think now my children will live and grow up in a world without you fills my heart with sadness. R.I.P xxxxx


    Thanks for the 44 years of great music you will live forever in our hearts x x

  • Dave, UK

    Thank you David Bowie. For helping me through the sad times , for helping me find my wife and true love. Thank you.

  • Becky, U.K.

    Thank you for being you :) we are all going to miss you very much. you'll always be the Goblin King to me, it's not fair but thats just the way it is. <3 <3 <3

  • The Kernel , England

    Thank you x

  • Liz, England

    There's a Starman waiting in the sky ... and that of course is our David Bowie, unique, different charismatic., talented and never afraid to reinvent yourself .. we all love and miss you ...

  • Hamza, Morocco

    You saved my soul, Starman, and now yours shall shine forever bright in the heavens. Love you always, you pretty thing.

  • Simone, Germany

    I've lost my hero..Mission you so much. Will always love you forever and I will see soon my lovely Goblin King ❤

  • Lainee, England

    Thank You for being the icon of icons, for showing us that being weird, different and a little bit outrageous is perfectly normal. Thanks for the soundtrack to my life. Mind how you go xxx

  • Jem Millar, England

    David Bowie, without you, none of my adventures including the rock bands, films, burlesque shows and everything else that has been my life for more than 35 years would have ever happened. I would have just been a bland person in a bland dead end job. For steering me away from that soul destroying existence I will be forever grateful. You are home amongst the stars. Thank you xxx

  • Gwen Ever, England

    I was 9 years old when I saw you perform Ziggy Stardust on stage in Chatham, after that I would never be the same again. From that moment on, glitter and eye liner has featured in my life! thankyou xx

  • Alan, Wales

    The stars look very different today. Thank you for the music and the changes. An inspiration who will be fondly remembered.

  • Ludo, Belgie

    Thank you for your beautiful music Major Tom,rest in peace David. See you later!

  • Ali, England UK

    If you see a beautiful white horse up there, you have my permission to ride him to your next destination, look for a unicorn, I promise he'll carry you safely xxx

  • Frans Gascogne, The Netherlands

    Thnx for the music and the laughs that you gave me. Still enjoing your music & vids. Hope 2 cu Upthere Someday. Shine on BlackStar!

  • Stephan, Nederland

    Thanks!!!! Bonesboy

  • Gemma, United Kingdom

    Thank you for helping me embrace myself in every aspect. You're forever a part of me.

  • Pieter-Bas , Netherlands

    Jolly good show !! Live on Blackstar ...

  • Michael k. Hansen, Denmark

    Very selfish, oh God........Bowie forever R.I.P my starman!

  • Sara, Italy

    I discovered Bowie at 10 years old, thanks Mr Bowie to have accompanied me during 30 years. Good bye Major Tom I'm sure you don't bore whenever you are...

  • The Eggs, England

    Legend and icon are over used and misunderstood phrases. Not with you. Play in that great band in the sky. RIP David.

  • Carol, UK

    Go Starman, wild is the wind, you will always be my hero xx

  • chris boynton, england

    Your Star is out Tonight; God knows you are Good and he won't look the other way; Lazarus you are home....

  • Sally, England

    I do hope you know exactly how much you are admired ... The world stopped spinning on that fateful morning ... What a legacy to leave the world .. go well star man Xx

  • Anne Amison, Italy

    I was a fat, spotty, weird kid without many (OK, without any) friends. Then suddenly one Thursday night watching Top of the Pops, the world shifted on its axis. Someone appeared who transcended gender roles and sexual boundaries, who made it alright to be the weird kid, and you told us to be ourselves: Let the children lose it Let the children use it Let all the children boogie. No other popular musician has changed the world like you. I have been in awe of you inspired by you, loved you from that moment, and I always will. Travel well, my Starman xxx

  • Deborah Anne, England

    Planet Earth is sad and blue, The Prettiest Star - just passing through, How can we ever bear being Without You? Thank you for your Sound and Vision. Yours, in Sorrow, always. xXx

  • Gabriela, Italy

    Did you arrive?? Hope you'll meet some friends in the other side. Thanks for exist and for sure see you later. I Love you forever

  • Mar, Netherlands

    Bye bye love, thank you, you pretty thing

  • deborah, UK

    thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alex, USA

    You are the DJ. You spun magic. The rest of us just spun your tunes. Thank you for your inspiration and kindness, David.

  • Anna, Norway

    Thank you for being one of the biggest inspirations there is out there and stay fantastic where ever you are bowie

  • Elaine , UK

    Thank you David Jones for the joy your life brought to earth. Shine brightly sweet angel.

  • John Fatman, UK

    Thank you for Inspiring, comforting and enabling. Your music image and inspiration will be with us always xx

  • Michelle Brumby, England

    To a wonderful man who showed every shy teenager there was a place in this big big world for every soul whether black,white,gay,bi or straight you gave us our champion. Love you to the moon and back and then some xx

  • Karl Brooks, England

    Thank you for 36 years of magic. You opened a world full of music and wonder to a shy 10 year old. Thank you Star man.

  • Denise, Scotland

    You will live on forever through your music and are always in my heart XX

  • Iris, Netherlands

    Thank you for bringing talent, excitement and fun into my life.

  • Anna, Belgium

    Thank y★u s★★★★★★ much f★r sharing, f★r daring, f★r caring, f★r being y★u ! l★ts ★f L★ve fr★m planet blue

  • paul, England

    May your stardust never fade under the serious moonlight. God bless you David. RIP

  • Nat, Russia

    You are the brightest star shining in the sky up above us now.. all the kids will always be waiting for their Starman to come back and to blow minds away. RIP Lazarus

  • Honor, England

    Thank you for showing me and so many others that being yourself unapologetically is preferred. I hope somehow this message reaches your consciousness. I never got to meet you in your visceral human form but perhaps one day in the ether I can tell you how much you mean to me in person. Your legacy will live on forever in the hearts and souls of millions. Soul love indeed x

  • Luke, Ireland

    David, My Starman, My Hero...thank you for showing me it's okay to be different.I hope you've met Freddie already up there! Goodbye Starman, see you soon...love you <3

  • Michael, Ireland

    Thank you for the music mr Bowie,We wont forget you

  • Miri, Canada

    Rest in peace beautiful starman you wont be forgotten ?❤️

  • Daisy, Belgium

    Bedankt voor je muziek en je levenskunst , groetjes aan mijn broer die je daar ongetwijfeld zal tegenkomen , hij was net als jij een volhouder en mijn held .

  • Kourtney, United States

    Shine on you fabulous diamond you!

  • Sandra, England

    Starman, the stars look very different today! You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins You kiss me With your kiss my life begins You're spring to me, all things to me Don't you know, you're life itself!

  • Glynn, England

    You made me believe that I could be a hero...For just one day.Can you hear me major Tom? Rest well Starman x

  • Nathalie, Belgium

    You seem to have united the whole world this week... Now, let's unite the universe!

  • m, switzerland

    come back please

  • Angie, England

    I can't find the words to express my feelings. The music in me died when I heard of your passing. My hero, my soulmate my all. Thank you for changing my life, the Prettiest Star. I love you x

  • Wil de Gast, Nederland

    My first love in music was you. I am now 55 years old and I miss you. Throughout my life I have overcome all obstacles with you music. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you Starman / David Bowie

  • Katy Louise, Britain

    The world has lost someone way ahead of their time, from the conventions you broke, to the beautiful sounds you produced, to the feelings and hope that you gave to the world of people that were ahead of this time too, for decades. It's hard to remember that you were a human, like us, too. It's hard to think that you could get ill, as we do. It's hard to imagine how the people who knew you as a parent, as a spouse, as anyone who knew what your morning routine was, or your favourite cup of tea was is feeling right now. I imagine, much worse than us fans, but at least you're not in pain now. You went out as fashionably as you came in, and I'd love to think there's a bar in heaven, where there's you, Freddie Mercury, Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and an array of talented, iconic beings playing pool or just doing anything enjoyable together. Peace out, Starman.

  • Richie, England

    Cheers David, your music is one of the best things in my life. Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs

  • Dagmar, Germany

    You never let me down

  • Catherine, Belgie

    David Robert Jones...you were my "hero" you died too young...we miss you already. Wish I could turn back the time...compliments to Lemmy, Freddie and John... And the stars...looks very different tonight!!!

  • Constantine, Russia

    You changed our lives forever. Your music, your style, you teached everyone about being different. Thank you for everything. See ya on the other side

  • Micheline Vermeiren, Belgium

    Your music will always inspire us and guide us along the roads of our lives. David, now you're a Star In Heaven, let your light shine on. Rest in peace, Heroe of mine.

  • yvonne riley, uk

    thank you so much for the music , the world feels very different today . rip starman xx

  • Emily norton, Britain

    Thankyou starman, you helped so many, good luck wherever you are, our hero <3

  • Emily norton, Britain

    Thankyou starman, you helped so many, good luck wherever you are, our hero <3

  • Roz, U.K.

    The stars look very different today and forever. Thankyou for being in my lifetime.

  • martin booth, england

    Thanks for the music,tours,fashion,everything you gave me and all the other fans.Fells so strange that your not here.Have fun wherever you are and Rest in Peace x

  • Jade, England

    Can't believe I was never lucky enough to see you perform Live! Thanks for all the music and feeling of being connected to others far away <3 Have fun up there <3

  • Dorothée , France

    I heard telephones, opera houses, favorite melodies thanks to you, David. Planet Earth is so blue right now, and there's nothing we can do.

  • Werner Ketels, Belgie

    Farewell to the best voice of Europe, we will never forget what you did for the music industry of Europe !!!

  • Kelly, Belgium

    You were a fantastic singer. Rest in peace David. Rebel Rebel. Hot Tramp I Love You So

  • Yvonne, England

    Can't believe you're gone, but was glad to share a moment of your life with you in concert at Wembley on your Glass Spider Tour. Thank you xx

  • Dianne Killeen, England

    Loved you yesterday,today and forever xxx

  • Bob Heaton, England

    Thanks for all the fun and entertainment. Hope your amazing creativity continues on the other side of the wardrobe.....

  • jeremy, wales, uk

    I thank you for changing my life, I will never forget you. R. I. P. David

  • Rusty, Earth

    Thank you. You opened my eyes and mind to so much. See you on our home planet. Love.

  • Carla, Canada

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved me so many times and inspired infinitely. ⭐️⚡️

  • Sally F, UK

    You have shaped so much of who I am, that losing you is like losing a part of myself. Goodbye Major Tom. I love you and you will never be forgotten.⚡️?

  • Sarah, England

    You have been a true inspiration to me through your music, goodnight and thank-you Major Tom xx

  • Heather, England

    My first love in music, goodnight, god bless, love you always x

  • Jo, England

    Although I never met you, your music has seen me through the bad times. I will never forget you. Safe trip gorgeous Starman!

  • Mary, USA

    Your beauty, your voice, your confidence-and above all your creativity-I love you ...just had the DJ play your song...."LETS DANCE " XXXOOO

  • Jake, Liverpool, UK

    Goodnight Starman. Thank you for changing the world.

  • Lisa johnson, Uk

    The world has lost a legand a great rock god ov old. I have lost my hero my spaceman has finaly flown. But when you flew to heaven you did not fly alone for apart ov me when with you n that part was my soul.xx??R.I.P D.B XX

  • Claire, Malta

    Your music will live in our hearts forever. Until next time David Jones ?⭐️?

  • Ivo, UK

    Goodbye. I never got to meet you, but I felt I got to know you.

  • jolanda, nederland

    ik zal je missen en met mij samen nog heeeeeeel veeeeel mensen. Rust zacht lieve David

  • Mandy , England

    Thank u for the music. You were a very brave man to have battled on till the end. Hope you are @ peace. RIP STAR MAN XXXX

  • Simone, Germany

    I'm heartbroken. Your music was - and still is - the soundtrack of my life. There's a starman waiting in the sky... Immortal forever and ever. You will be deeply missed. Until we'll meet again.

  • JPW, NYC

    Do you know any hallways?

  • David Harold, UK

    Tears in the rain. David to David xx

  • PAUL, England

    very simply thank you for the music David Bowie X rip

  • Georgios, Greece/Germany

    Goodbye Major, till we meet again


    dear David , y'll never died for me! RIP

  • John Edwards, Netherlands

    Thank you for everything!

  • Sophie, France

    You are a part of me. Thank you for all Mr Jones without you my life would have been less funky! You leave Earth in a black moon night probably to find your way to your star easier....

  • marybell, belgium

    Love you Bowie. Thank you for the music. Thank you for everything..... Safe trip starman xx

  • Steve, England

    You have always been a big part of my life and always will be. My children were brought up listening to your music. The world will never be without you because of the great music you left us with. Rest in peace.

  • Persephone, England

    You never knew me, but you saved my life and reminded me of my home. I hope you got to where you wanted to go, the world came out for you David, they really did, and no one will ever forget you, The man who fell to earth.

  • Jen, England

    Thanks to you,I will never be alone. I LOVE YOU,we all do. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.

  • Jacqueline F, England

    Travel safely my shaman, take my love with you.

  • Amy-louise , England

    Dearest David, You may be gone but all the amazing things you have done in your lifetime live on forever. You're so beautiful both in body and mind. I will never forget you. Love forever xxx

  • Annaelle, France

    You changed my life. Thank you.

  • Hercules, Greece

    Look up there he is in heaven....... Immortal forever and ever!!!!

  • Lisette, usa

    I will always be grateful to you for helping me accept and providing music therapy like no other. I love you, Star Man!

  • emilie, belgium

    You changed my life forever and ever, thanks for everything. ★

  • Nina, Poland

    Thank you for music and all wonderful things you did. Miss you

  • Magda, Poland

    "Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles I'm feeling very still, And I think my spaceship knows which way to go"

  • Anička, Czech Republic

    You are my inspiration, you give me strength to be whoever I want to be. I will never forget. Thank you, Starman.

  • ShellyAnne, USA

    See you on the other side my "Beloved Musical Starman" !!! xxx

  • Buster, Denmark

    the stars look very different today

  • ariana, canada

    i will always love you.

  • Kaisu-Leena, Switzerland

    Thank you for your great music and art. You were unique.


    Thanks for the thrills, the tears, this whole fantastic voyage, but more than anything else thanks for showing us the path to live our dreams and dream our lives

  • Luca, Italy

    thanks for the music, for being my friend, for the inspiration, for having been there when nobody else did. I'll keep you forever with me

  • Ohlandt, Germany


  • Cristina, Italy

    Thank you for inspiring everyone of us. This is NOT the last message we send you. I love you

  • Booot, Belgium

    Thank you for everything. Eternally grateful... ★

  • Ingrid, Belgium

    Thank you Major Tom, your music stays forever in our heart. Hopely you can hear and see us singing and " dancing in the street "

  • Anja, België

    Your music will never die...... and we thought you wouldn't too. Rest in peace, Major Tom.

  • Chantal Meganck, Belgium

    RIP starman, forever in my heart, we share the same date off birth, love you forever and byond..... Thanks for the best songs ever.....

  • Marianne , Belgie

    Bowie your the best R.I.P

  • Buyse Tania, Belgie

    Thank you for your great music David.You were a great star Thank you for blackstar your last gift to all your fans .Make now muziek in heaven david with al the other legends.I always will inspired by you. I am looking up to heaven and think of you.Thank you for everthing .Rest in peace

  • Ghislaine Mertens, BELGIE


  • Jose, Belgium

    Major Tom, a hero is gone.. rest in peace !!

  • ilde, belgium


  • Jessica , USA

    My friend tells me you were lovely in life. You were a legend and now a legacy. Let's Dance, to the stars! Rest in peace.

  • Jagger Cleeves, Canada

    Thank you for all the art, David Bowie. Hope to see you beyond the Cosmos one day. You have made us all feel connected to you in some way. I will always be inspired by you. Keep making music with the other legends, and stay courageous and curious. We will carry you with us down here. I want to say more, but now that I'm here, I'm at a loss for words. Goodbye from Ground Control.

  • Aaron, Wyoming

    You changed our lives, my life.

  • Stacey , België

    Mijn hart is diep gebroken, niet zomaar gebroken het doet echt pijn ik stond maandagmorgen op niet wetend dat jij er nooit meer zou zijn. Er rolde spontaan tranen langst mijn wangen en ik kon het niet geloven in mijn ogen was je helemaal nog niet oud maar in jouw ogen is je leven vast voorbij gevlogen. Ze zeggen wel eens as the world falls down wat zou er dan met je gebeuren? maar mijn wereld staat vandaag al even stil ik doe niets anders dan om je treuren. Van let’s dance naar een complete stilte nee dat zal ik nooit gewend raken je deed zoveel met je muziek al met het kleinste kon je iedereen blij maken. Er zijn maar weinig mensen die weten dat je al sinds mijn kinderjaren mijn held bent geen artiest met kapsones maar een persoon die bescheiden iedereen gelukkig stemt. Daarom ben je ook mijn hero en niet alleen voor één dag inspiratievol met veel strijd in zich tot het laatste, ja voor jou had ik veel ontzag. Geen enkele ding in de wereld onderging meer changes dan jouw kledij Maar hierdoor bleven je golden years altijd wel dichtbij. De hele wereld werd wild van jou en je stem en daardoor had de ground geen control meer mensen hun hart veroveren was niet iets moeilijks voor jou dit deed je namelijk keer op keer. Van mij heb je een echte rebel rebel gemaakt en daar ben ik blij om want dat maakt mij speciaal De meerderheid van mijn generatie kiest voor de populairdere liederen maar ik ben liever abnormaal Het betekent niet dat nu je in de underground ligt iedereen je gaat vergeten De mensen waar van je hun hart al had veroverd houden nu nog meer van je maar dat zal je ondertussen wel weten. De mensen die om je geven en van je houden zaten altijd al within you. Net zoals jij altijd al in onze harten zat dat gevoel dat blijft en gaat nergens naartoe. En ik weet zeker dat jij het ook niet altijd gemakkelijk hebt gehad en dingen under pressure moest uitvoeren. Toch wist je altijd je glimlachende zelf te blijven en kon je de mensen altijd beroeren. Mijn favoriet nummer van ze allemaal magic dance zal uiteraard zonder jou niets meer zijn. Maar dat weerhoudt me er niet van om het te blijven zingen van refrein tot refrein. Al jouw liederen zijn zo puur gemaakt en artistiek Je raakte iedereen met je fascinerende en unieke muziek Op chilly down ga ik natuurlijk altijd los zo vergeet ik even de problemen in de wereld en de chaos Over chaos gesproken weet je nu of er life on mars is? dat antwoord blijft waarschijnlijk voor altijd in het ongewis Ik kan wel blijven vertellen hoeveel je voor mij en anderen betekend maar daardoor kom je waarschijnlijk niet terug had ik de kans maar om je ooit eens in het echt te ontmoeten al was het maar heel vlug. Je was, bent en zal altijd de grootste starman zijn Maar dit betekent niet het einde van jouw verhaallijn. Dus feest er daarboven maar eens op los en drink je helemaal lazarus Bedankt voor al die jaren dat je in mijn leven was je zorgde voor mijn extra hocus - pocus Je bent mijn grote held en ook nog van zoveel anderen Eenmaal je in de ban bent van jou en je muziek kan je er niets meer aan veranderen. De sterren zien er vandaag anders uit er staat nu een prachtige schijnende ster met veel energie De wereld gaat jou enorm missen want ze verloren vandaag hun grootste icoon David Bowie You where and will always be one of my biggest inspirations. Because of you i aloud myself to be myself. You showed me that it is ok to be different so thank you for this. I may be 20 but you are in my life since i was just 2 years old so that says a lot. I was heartbroken by the news but i still hope that you still inspire people up there with my other hero Freddie Mercury. Thank you for being a huge part of my life i will always love & miss you

  • Lisa Samsky, United States

    Everyone down here is still in shock. We're all sharing David Bowie songs, lyrics and memories of going to your concerts, your artistry and your creative genius. XOXO

  • Yazmin, Mexico

    There will never be anyone like you. Miss you

  • Bill, USA

    None of this is ever going to happen again. Thank you, David Bowie, for all that you have done. May God's love be with you.

  • Merideth, USA

    Thanks for the memories. We will watch for your twinkling light from above.

  • Brian, USA

    Rest easy, Starman. Enjoy your peace and we will remember you always.

  • Dana, United States

    You really did blow our minds. Your legacy will live on for generations. Rest easy.

  • Luis, Perú

    Thank you so much for you weird fashion, fantastic music, awesome roles in films (Celliers is my fav) and beautiful legacy in so many artists. Also, thanks a lot for making sci fi cool AF. Listening to "Moss Garden" right now, pretty sure you are in some kind of alien valhalla, goodbye Starman.

  • MONO, Perú

    My hero, my inspiration. My icon. You are now a star in outter space, a place you own forever. See you someday soon!

  • Paul, Argentina

    Hope you're loving the alien! Peace

  • Ed, Colombia

    Good by friend, I see you soon.

  • Charlie, Belgium

    Dear David, you were an inspiration here on earth... Please pursue your mission wherever you are... Do not fade away as a star amongst the stars... Just keep "putting out the fire with gasoline" as you sang in "Cat People", my favorite song from you... May your body R.I.P. and your Soul never die _/_

  • marc, USA- Wisconsin

    Sitting in my Slim Van far away

  • Rodney the Clownfish, USA

    Have a good trip. You are, and always will be, an inspiration.

  • steven, Belgie

    Major Tom, als je men vader tegenkomt, doe hem dan de groeten...

  • Lisette, USA

    Never goodye...see you later. Hope you are rocking out with Freddie making them all rock out over yonder.

  • Michelle, U.S

    Thank you for making my teens a little more bearable. You're a hero and an inspiration to every weird kid out there.

  • Emilija, Lithuania

    You made me feel feelings I've never felt before.

  • Baker, USA

    Nearly lost it this morning while listening to "Heroes". Thank you, David Bowie.

  • Hilaire, Belgium

    R.I.P. David. Where ever you are now, you'r in my heart. Love you 4 ever David.

  • Jessica, United States

    The stars are looking very different today. Rest in peace.

  • Filipe, Portugal

    Thank you for everything.

  • Daniëlla, belgium

    Thanks for all your nice music that brouhgt me in a happy and dance mood. Always remember how great you where true all this years!

  • Edith, Nederland

    Bedankt voor je prachtige muziek. Uniek en onvergetelijk dichtbij, vanuit de ruimte blijf je aanwezig.

  • Caitlin, USA

    Here's to you, David Bowie! Thank you for inspiring music lovers, sharing your transformative style, and encouraging us to be our true selves. You made the world a better place.

  • Anita, Belgie

    All the stars in the sky must shine brighter now you are there thanks for everything!!!

  • Rick, Canada

    Growing up in a cold western Canadian province, this gay boy was inspired by Ziggy Stardust to be myself, the rest of the world be damned. Your music holds a special place in my world. Forever in your debt.

  • Greet, Belgium

    thanks for bringing your music into my life !

  • Cynthia, United States of America

    Thank you for bringing your special light into the world.

  • me, Schurkenstaat

    I coming soon brother

  • Craig, America

    Thanks for everything. You made being a 'Young American' a lot more fun.

  • Robert, France

    Goodbye mate..enjoyed your company many times.R.I.P.

  • Jackie, United States

    Thank you for making my life a better one through your music. You'll always be in our hearts <3

  • Rik, Belgium

    Hi Sir, You forgot your guitar. We've send Alan Rickman to bring it to you. Have fun and jam on!

  • myri, België

    Gewoon bedankt voor de mooie muziek. Jammer dat dit nu het einde is. Byebye spaceboy. Moondust will cover you.

  • Tanya Syniawsky, Belgie

    Much to young and much soon!! But you wil Always be my heroe!!! love you x

  • Erik Bellon, Belgium

    The stars look very different today...

  • Conor, Ireland

    Did you ever re-paint your room, or is it still blue?

  • Annick, Belgie

    Thanks for everything!

  • de strerrebloem, Belgium

    we hopen dat je daarboven ook een kleurrijke kameleon bent. handjes in de lucht vanuit meigem. een goede reis naar het hiernamaals en veel beterschap. Groetjes,

  • Thierry, België

    rest in peace David

  • Jessie Ringoot, Belgie

    You will alway be our Hero ! Enjoy you life on Mars... See you...

  • Peter Delclef, Belgium

    God bless you Bowie! Give my regards to Elvis! Peter & Svenia

  • Christine, Belgium

    Hey man, can you please influence God and make sure we start dancing for him instead of killing?

  • Suzy Desaeyere, België

    There will never be another David Bowie. You 're our hero and now You 're our Star...

  • Geurt van Rennes, België

    You will be missed, but never forgotten. Your music will live for ever.

  • Hermione Jacobs, Belgium

    Across The Universe

  • Rini faas, Nederland

    Hope you can do your thing in heaven to. I'm sure they like it.r.i.p.

  • Tam, Us

    I wish you could take me with you. At the very least show me there really is an afterlife.

  • Burhan Felek, Turkey


  • Heidi Simons, Belgium

    Still can't believe you left us David...feels like I lost my best friend ? You were the most gifted artist I've ever known, but above all you were the most beautiful, kind and warmhearted human being ever.. an inspiration to so many.. unique in every possible way.. Thx David for everything..for bringing so much hope and joy.. thanks for being you.. Rest peacefully beautiful you.. 4ever in my heart ❤️ ... God bless you and your loved ones ?

  • Melionda, USA

    Thank you for the music and style! You will be missed by all on Earth. Keep playing your music up in space!

  • Brett, United States of America

    Thank you Mr. Jones, you've had a great impact on all of our lives, I will cherish your art for decades to come, i hope you'll land again if we sparkel enough

  • Dirk Paardekooper, Nederland

    Hidden influence on me by your androgyne creative work in all styles. Your going on despite hidden blackness I sensed, inspired me too !

  • Wendy Burge, België

    Thanks for the music . Now you and Freddie can rock heaven .

  • Frederic J, United States

    Thank you for your amazing music and showing us a different way to see the world, and experience LIFE. Peace + Love.

  • Mary, USA

    We're nothing, and nothing will help us. Maybe we're lying, then you better not stay. But we could be heroes, just for one day.

  • Dan T. , America

    Mr. Bowie, You inspired me to pursue my own dreams and finally be myself. I owe everything to you. I'll make you proud.

  • Thomas Tippet, New Zealand

    There'll never be another David Bowie. Thank you for everything. See you later starman.

  • Rita, Belgium

    Finally in space! Save journey in your tin can.

  • Selene, SWL

    Standing tall in the dark, Oh, And we were Gone... Love.

  • Brock , United States, Kansas

    David you changed my life and I want you to know that we will always love you. So long Starman!

  • Fredrik, Sweden

    Thank you for being you and being there, David

  • Jeff Willems, Belgie

    Good luck in your tin can David on the other side of the moon !!! We will always be missing you !!

  • ACS, Belgium

    One day we.'ll meet again ....

  • Kristel, Belgie

    Bedankt voor de prachtige muziek,we zullen je missen !

  • Nadijsje, Belgium

    Mid 70,s a 10 year old had a scrapbook. It contained stickers from musicians that came with a weekly music magazine. On ly 1 sticker remains in my mind forever, yours Ziggy Stardust! We will put on our red shoes and keep on dancing with you ❣

  • Sal, USA

    Dear David keep shining up there

  • Nancy, Nederland

    Dear David, forever in my heart.

  • Reece, UK

    Thanks for making all of us feel human by acting like an alien. You're my hero. Rest In Peace.

  • Tamara, USA

    Thank you for making my three decades on this planet wonderful. Sad to never have seen you in concert. Please send your replacement, ASAP!

  • Andree, Belgie

    Goodbye Sir David Bowie, you are the greatest Star. Take care. I stil miss you

  • esma, turkey

    selam, biz dostuz :P

  • Kathleen, De Panne Belgium

    Blij dat ik je live mocht zien in Torhout,bedankt voor je fantastische muziek,you are my HERO!

  • Rene, United States

    You did blow our minds. You came down to meet us anyway. Thanks.

  • Bart Hoorens, Belgium

    David, your music was so nice, brilliant, intense and new. Since the eighties, I enjoyed it soo much every time. Your concerts were magic, professional and gave us a good warm feeling. We will miss you, your smile and apperance so much. Rest in peace my friend and thank you for all those happy moments.

  • Eric vdwaeter, België

    Voor mij was je muziek uniek. Niet te evenaren. Het ga je goed daar boven.

  • annie, Belgium

    het ga je goed, we zien elkaar terug in een andere tijd.

  • seetje, belgie

    Still can't believe it,been a fan since childhood,was allways proud to say my birthday was also 8 jan,like yours,have my tickets for David Bowie is...in Groningen for months,prepared to drive 4 hrs,it will be stran

  • Dolores, Ireland

    Thank You for Inspiration and Smiles and Music. You will be Missed. xx.?.

  • KS, USA

    Your music was so important to me. I thought that I had to sort out all of the dark places in myself, but you taught me that it was enough to confront them and move on, and that it was okay to wear faces to get along. The whole shape of my life is different because of you. Thank you for everything, and thank you for saying goodbye.

  • Angela, USA

    Rest In Space

  • David, USA

    Thank you for giving my life color and sound and being there for me when no one else was. You will be missed, but your music will always be with me.

  • karin, Belgie

    Ik ga je muziek missen maar bewaren in mijn hart en meenemen naar next life. Who knows i will meet you innext life! Sea you and hear you!

  • Christine, Belgium

    David, Bedankt voor al jouw fantastische muziek en wat jij deed We gaan je missen R.I.P. You are a Star now.......

  • Bart, Wervik

    Major TOM we will miss you

  • Sylvia, Belgie

    We gaan al die mooie muziek missen van David bowie zeker lets dance rust in vrede ??

  • Ernesto, El Salvador

    Gracias por darme la capacidad de disfrutar la música como nunca la había disfrutado. Eres un puto maestro. Gracias, Starman.

  • Carrie Stephens, Scotland

    Thank you ⚡️ Cx

  • Philippe, België

    RIP David, see you in heaven.

  • CT, NYC

    Thanks for visiting, Starman. We love you more than you know. See you in the sky.

  • Vince Taylor, United Kingdom

    David....Thank so much for being here with us all.. I learnt more about life in the last few days than I had in the last 40 years .

  • Vince Taylor, United Kingdom

    David....Thank so much for being here with us all.. I learnt more about life in the last few days than I had in the last 40 years .

  • Anastasya, Turkey

    It will be good to see you again. Be careful! ;)

  • Wilfried, België

    Eindelijk een echte ster aan de hemel Bedankt David voor de leuke jaren Het gaat je goed,Wilfried

  • Courtney, USA

    Thank you. You are an inspiration to me and I know you are where ypu belong : in the stars.

  • Elif Abidinoğlu, Turkey

    Safe journey, Starman!

  • Burak Su, Turkey

    Love youuuu!

  • Peter Biets, Belgium

    Thnx for all the good things David! You will be missed! RIP ... Until we meet again!

  • Jamie K, UK

    Your prophetic genius and eccentricity will be sorely missed. Thank you for pioneering uniqueness. A true starman to the end...

  • Camille L, USA

    Compassion for things, places, people I'll never know. Thanks, art-dad. Let's keep things interesting.

  • Major Tom, Space

    I know exactly where you are. Search for Ad Rem/Lazarus. We will meet there.

  • Sanne, België

    He was a major artist to all off us.. we will miss you so much....

  • Gavin, Scotland

    You were and are my Hero for more than one day . RIP

  • Ground Control, Belgie

    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.. Safe Journey.. Godspeed.. We'll meet again.. In the meantime.. We miss you

  • Daniela, Belgie

    It still hurts not to have you here anymore, no more new music to look forward to.., I've cried endless tears. If I had one wish it would be to bring you back and have you live till 89 years or something like that. The masterpieces you left us with will be of some comfort...in time. Starman Forever, RIP Mr Bowie

  • Tanner, United States

    Thanks for everything you did, I can't believe you are gone. The music that was made by your genius will live on forever.

  • adriana, america

    David, your life was a work of art and all you've created lives on in the memories of those you've shared it with. Thank you for sharing your strange and beautiful world with us. Godspeed, Starman. <3

  • Henryk, Poland


  • Celia, The U.S.

    David Bowie, you were one amazing man and you left such an incredible legacy. Rest easy, Starman. We'll never forget you.

  • Leslie, Belguim

    Major Bowie youve made my dream hope and fantasy come true in your music and movies he is now a starman in the sky iam gonna miss him because he made my world compleet with his Magic xxx

  • Samantha, America

    it's sad to see you go, you left one hell of a fantastic legacy on us. hope things are going good for you up there Bowie <3

  • Kelsey, America

    Once upon a time, there was a Starman waiting in the sky. He wanted to come and meet us, so he did. Thank you Starman, Earth will always welcome you <33

  • dirk, belgie

    my hero and not for one day

  • Callan, the States

    Thank you, Mr. Bowie for everything you've done for us. Blackstar was a masterpiece that only you could have made. I hope you really are waiting in the sky. I'll see you someday in a very long, long time

  • Declan, Ireland

    We miss you down here.

  • Vera Biscop , België

    I hope one Day ,we meet againe. R. I. P

  • Sabine, België

    Ik kon het niet geloven dat je was gestorven. Je liedjes doen mij altijd terugdenken aan mijn jeugd, prachtige muziek heb jij gemaakt. Voor mij leek je onsterfelijk, maar je muziek die blijft. See you in haven.

  • Roberto Pakal, Belgium

    Thank you mr David Robert Jones,aka Bowie/Major Tom,for your soundtrack of my life,as a ode to your return to the stars, I leave you my version, of Space Oddity if you can see it there ?+https://youtu.be/9XRX2j8M-gA

  • Mireille Van Hooland, Belgium

    David ,thank you for the magnificient music all those years of my life and may you rest in peace " in heaven" and enjoy yourself with your friends and beloved ones xxxx

  • Jeroen Eeman, Belgium

    R.I.P. Major Tom To be honest, I thought you would live forever and outlive all of us "I wish our world leaders would stop their insane inability to recognise that we wish to live peacefully" - David Bowie, 26 November 1983 at the end of your concert at Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand. Given the goings on in the world at the moment those words are certainly prophetic!!

  • Julie Detavernier, Belgium

    Dear David, I really enjoyed our chat on the 11th of January. I presume your soul already met my deceased husband's soul. You were a great musician. You don't have to worry anymore 'cause you're in God's hands now. We will miss you and your music here on earth. Rest In Peace. Julie (rOZZ)


    Het was een donderslag bij heldere hemel ,opgegroeid met uw muziek die u op zo een schitterende manier bracht . Het was Speciaal en toch kon men er uren naar luisteren zonder ook maar vervelend te vinden .iedere keer opnieuw een ander genre was de max .Bedankt om mijn jeugd op te vrolijken SEE YOU AT THE OTHER SITE

  • Wesley, Belgium

    Heroes come and go, legends stay 4-ever. Rest in peace Major Tom

  • Sabrina, Belgium

    Thank you for the music David, you were something else, where ever you are it won't be boring, you will be missed , bye David, bye Major Tom , bye Ziggy Stardust, bye Thin White Duke, may you al rest in peace ...xxx

  • Pascale Jacobs Geeraerts, Belgie

    Afscheid Over mijn wang loopt een traan, Waarom moest jij nou dood gaan David? Nu sta je aan de mooie sterren hemel, Zonder veel gezeur en gezemel. Afscheid nemen doet veel pijn, Het leven is niet altijd zo fijn.

  • Eline, Belgium

    Thank you, for all that you've given us. How wonderful that I managed to exist at the same time as you did. Love you!

  • Diane, België

    jij was: de soundtrack van mijn jeugd, altijd aanwezig. Charisma, intelligentie, zalige muziek, je hebt van alles geproefd en echt geleefd, een echte "mens"! Rust zacht .....

  • Patrick, Belgium

    David Bowie, a star for ever ! Thx for your wonderful music !

  • Sabine, Belgie

    You were the best for me, i am gonna miss your music, the last two Numbers are fantastic , Blackstar and Lazarus, see you in heaven, a part of me died with you, xxxx

  • Declan, n.-ireland.

    Major Tom you're in heaven now. We seeing each other when i'm also taken the Great Trip.

  • Pascale, Belgie

    Dear David Bowie TIMES OF SORROW Always in my heart As close as a memory In times of sorrow We all care and share your loss We wish you peace and comfort I miss you so much. But we will see each other again. Pascale Jacobs

  • Gilbert M, Belgie

    Bedankt voor de Hemelse muziek op Aarde,speel nu maar Aardse muziek als Majer Tom

  • Sabine , Belgium

    Let's dance put on you're red shoes and dance the blues . ?

  • Anne, Belgium

    A Star that fell on Earth, You... David Robert Jones. And after 69 Years already, an Angel came and got you back as Major Tom. To twinkle in the Firmament as a "Black Star", because you are a Genius ! When I can hear your Concert from above, I'll put on my Red Shoes and dance the Blues... But when I look up to the Sky at Night, when I can see a Million Eyes, I'll look for the most beautiful. Can you please give a Wink ? That makes me happy, into Eternity... I hope I can meet you there... Rest in Peace

  • Serio Mariada, Belgie

    Je was een speciaal iemand , een persoonlijkheid waar men niet omheen kon kijken en daarom misschien zo geliefd ! Uw muziek was ook zo speciaal, zo inspirerend enz.... Je zal altijd hier op aarde blijven voortleven en niet vergeten worden Je hebt meer dan 100% "GELEEFD" Het ga je goed in "HEAVEN"


    Keep on rocking ! YOU HAD A SPECIAL VIBE Thank for the music en ik vergeet nooit de babbel bij het drumstel in Rock Torhout. Ik herkende je niet en was maar aan het doorbabbelen over Roskilde, Hooverphonic en dat ik David Bowie niet gezien had, maar die avond wel giing zien. Ik zat erbij en zag het niet. Toen ik hem niet herkende, hebben we zeker nog een halfuur gebabbeld en niemand mocht meer op het podium, maar dat had ik niet gemerkt. Dankje Bowie om een gewoon ongewoon mens zanger te zijn. I REMEMBER YOU AS A STRANGE STRONG MYSTERY PERSON Maureen from Bruges Maureen uit Brugge

  • Christine, Belgium

    with tears in the eyes , miss you 4 ever

  • Annick, Belgie

    Blijf stralen ..??????

  • kroupouque, belgium


  • Carine, België

    Rest in peace and thank you for the message.

  • Chantal, Belgie

    Major Tom rust in vrede,je muziek zal eeuwig blijven bestaan.we loves you

  • Mousa, Belgie

    Hope you were a muslim

  • lut, belgie

    je was een krak, ik zal je missen, je bent nu een ster daar boven, rust in vrede en laat je muziek daar verder leven.

  • Yuanhung, Taiwan

    A legend has left us... May you rest in peace.

  • Rudy, Belgium

    Respect for the Duke

  • Yein, Republic of Korea

    You have inspired us with your music, it is time for you to inspire others in the space! Will always remember xoxo

  • Ron en Roosje, België

    Planet Earth to Major Tom…. Do you read us???? We want to thank you for visiting planet Earth for a too short period of time: 69 years and two days only. Mankind is grateful for the treasures you left behind as proof of your presence here. Planet Earth feels different since you left and will never be the same again. Thank you, thank you, Major Tom!!

  • drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou, Greece

    Aliens, don't let us know you are listening & don't visit our planet. It looks like a floating garbage dump with all the space trash :(

  • Petra, Belgium

    Thank you for all the beautiful music you gave to all off is. ?

  • Jacqueline, Holland

    DB a part of my life. A big lost. I'll miss you. Thanks for all your gifts and lessons. Love on ya!

  • Joey Mathews, Belgium

    Your calendar*fotos hanging on my kitchen*door...... Falling down at night.....while I was sleeping.... The next minute you stood behind my bed......dressed completely in white... Exactly like that calendar picture lying on top.... on my kitchen*floor...... Special surprising moment...... Return If Possible........Joey Matthews

  • Pascal , België

    Love you man

  • Carine, Belgium

    Grote Meneer David Bowie wat had ik je toch nog graag live aan werk willen zien ...r.i.p †

  • Pieter, Belgium

  • noella, belgie

    thank you for your music, love you for ever and ever x

  • Roos, Nederland

    Dear David. I must admit, I never really liked your music that much. But when I heard the news I was truely shocked and sad. You did make great music and I want to thank you for everything. Rest in Peace and please keep making music, so I can enjoy it when I arrive ;) I whish you all the best.

  • Frederik, Belgium

    Up there. That's where you belong. You've always dreamed about it. Say hi to Freddie for me, old pal. Thank you for everything.

  • gilbert, belgie

    Je was en bent de grootste op deze planeet wij zullen jou oprecht missen hier, maar jou muziek zal hier altijd zijn ,je was echt mijn idool die ik voor altijd in mijn hart omsluit.

  • Inge Vander Wielen , Belgie

    Beste David , Doe iedereen hier boven de groeten en laat hen genieten van jouw prachtige muziek . Gelukkig hebben we hier op aarde platen ,cd,s enz om naar jou te luisteren en te kijken . Tot ziens !

  • anita, belgie

    Your artistic legacy will inspire lots of others. You are immortal - no man can be your equal Another prince of universe. Down here - the show will go on!

  • linda, belgie

    Bedankt Space man ,je hebt zoveel meerwaarde gegeven, en tevens een inzicht ! Save traveling naar het sterrenstelsel xxx

  • Thomas, Belgium

    How is the view up there?

  • Peter, Rotterdam

    thank you for all the great music, your courage and ideas. please keep on singing up there, we will come shortly after...

  • Ann, Belgium

    Our Hero left and is a Star in heaven now... thanks for the Music, with a capital M.

  • Ronald, NL

    Betoverd bij mijn eerste concert op dertienjarige leeftijd tijdens de Serious Moonlight Tour.....en die betovering is altijd gebleven. Rust zacht....

  • Femke en Frank, Nederland

    David Robert Jones we will always love you. xx

  • Wim C., Belgium

    See you in the here-after...

  • anneke, belgie

    Vrijdag nog gegrapt met vrienden dat ik er altijd een beetje trots op was om ook op 8 januari jarig te zijn, ik werd 47, geboren '69 , bij jou net omgekeerd. thx for colouring my youth, and further life! xxx

  • Sami, Belgie

    Planet earth ls blue and there,s nothing i can do Thx for your music and art rest well Mr david bowie

  • Stephanie, Belgie

    Rest in peace David je hebt veel mooie liedjes geschreven

  • Peggy, België

    Thank for your personality and legacy.. say hi to Freddy for me. Rest in peace.

  • Karolien, België


  • yolande peeters, belgium

    always my hero rest in peace!!

  • Thea, Nederland

    Save trip Starman! I will continue playing your music loud! Kiss to all the heroes in heaven

  • Eddy, Belgie

    Have a good trip major tom

  • ferre, belgie


  • valentijn vanoppen, belgium

    Hello David.I remember in 1992 you are praying for Freddy (Mercury).Now we pray for you.Thanks you for the music.RIP

  • Muriëlle, Belgium

    Daredevil, Appealing, Victorious, Ingenious, Determined, Brave, Odd, Wicked, Incomparable, Exceptional = DAVID BOWIE. You were and always will be one of a kind. I'll look up, you're in heaven.

  • Johan, Belgie

    Wham bam thank you ma'am

  • Ilse, Belgium

    David I'll never forget you and your music. Maybe upthere you can make some great songs together with Freddie, Michael, Joe and many more!! Please send us trough the stars the songs back on earth! You're my hero...

  • marinette, belgium

    dear mr. bowie , i am so happy i have seen you live in rotterdam feyenoord. it was the concert of my life. you will always be my hero. we will all miss you

  • anita, belgiun

    Dear mr David. I hope I will find the love of my life just like you did, I think I just might...so fingers crossed. I admire your music and style. World gonna mis you. See you back in heaven

  • Lieve, België

    RIP Mister Bowie, thank you for the music

  • Laurens, België

    Thank you for the music!

  • Chef@grouper, Canada

    Swim well old friend. You will never be forgotton

  • walter, Belgium

    Dear Major Tom from between the stars , send us some of your vibes back to earth so your music will live forever...

  • karin, belgium

    R.I.P. Mr Bowie , my hero !!

  • Valentina, Belgium

    Thank you for all the goods things you gave to me.

  • Gerda, Belgie

    Rest in peace and let your MUSIC HEAR all over heaven and beyond. Thanks for all the years off your music

  • Patricia, Belgium

    Amazing how you kept control till the end. All the pieces came together and we did not realize. Even your body left this place, you are still here. Yes we will be missing waiting for your new surprises. Yes I am sad because I was not prepared for this. But I guess we never are. Thanks for the music ! Rip David Jones

  • Major J, Venus

    Loved your music, and for sure this will not stop!!!

  • Matthias, Belgium

    Dear Mister Bowie, Monday was a sad sad day. You were my hero, a legend, a chameleon with a repulsive need to be something more than human. A need in which you succeeded .Thank you for the music, Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie. The stars look very different now. greets Matthias.

  • Anneken, Belgium

    Thanks for the magic spells! Now the world falls down!

  • Sabine, Belgie

    You have been my inspiration for many years. What a life and what a way to go. Thank you ...

  • Nathalie , België

    Major Tom, so sad you left us. Your music will always play in our hearts and our heads.You were a great artist. I grew up with your songs and special clips. I enjoyed it and I always do. RIP David! God bless you!

  • Christine, Belgium

    You were and will be always an amazing Star.

  • Martine, België

    Hope you are an inspiration for all the other stars above. Shine on....... Hope tot meet you later ....

  • Ann Vanassche, België

    "This is not..."... As Kubrick made his space odissey, his spiritual reflexion, on the monolite world, I wish you an answer to all the questions and quotes you made trough your Bowie music. You 're on another oddity now... but you made me dance forever, x Ann Vanassche

  • Margreta, Belgie

    Great to the very end , have a safe trip Bluebird

  • Christa, Belgium

    Thanks Starman !!

  • Christine, Belgium

    A singer, an actor, a chameleon, a personality, a hero... now a bright shining star. Thank you for the music, thank you for the emotions, thank you for everything but mostly thank you for being you. You let the world see everyone should be theirselves. Be safe and sing on in heaven.You'll be missed. RIP.

  • Linda, België

    Enjoy your sound and vision, Mr Bowie ...

  • Luigi, Belgie

    Ground control to major Tom

  • Joyce, Belgium

    My Spacecowboy...Run forever.

  • Rudy, Belgium

    Greater than life.

  • Hendrik, Belgium

    Thank you for the beautiful music during the 70-80 when we were young and danced on you music

  • Dirk Van Thillo, België

    Je was, en bent nog steeds, de rode draad(een staaldraad van enkele centimeters dik) in mijn leven.Je hebt me door zoveel zwarte periodes in mijn leven geholpen.Hoe ik door deze zwarte periode zal komen, dat weet ik niet. Misschien door jouw "Blackstar"?Het gaat je goed daarboven Major Tom!!!

  • Jasmine Deboeck, Belgium

    heroes don't die, they just fade away and they're reborn as legends... RIP David


    goodbye, Stardust, WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH

  • Steve, Belgium

    Gone .. but not forgotten. RIP Mr. Bowie & greetings to Stevie Ray.


    A message to Major Tom D'ont mess whith my friend Bowie

  • Rachelleke, Belgium

    Hello David, your my hero, love your music, I love you, I miss you! Keep singing in heaven. Thanks for everything.

  • Luc Utens, Belgie

    Where are we now ? where are we now ??? Where are you... you're in heaven !!!!

  • Peter, Belgium

    You were the brightest star.

  • Christine, Belgie

    You where always around,now a black star -thanks

  • ClaudiaV, Belgium

    "I discovered a star" So sad I am, David, you've meant the world to me. Thanks to your music I've met my husband, such a bless. "All the days I owe you"

  • Eddy Bryon, Belgie

    So long , Ziggy !!!

  • Verno, Belgium

    You are an inspiration for generations! Thanks for all the music you gave us!

  • Nadine, België

    Ziggy played guitar, he played it left hand, became the special man...this rebel surely lost a lot because you are leaving the earth to make your final trip to the biggest sky where you will start a new life as an absolute beginner with eyes completely open. Hope to see and hear you there.

  • Herbert, Belgium

    From now on, time is all yours... Your music is forever...

  • martine, belgium

    you are a starman yourself now like major tom be happy now i will never forget you

  • Gunther, Belgium

    Shine on you crazy diamond... Shine on you thin white duke... Your black star will shine forever... Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and SHINE !

  • Mieke, Belgium

    My hero, sweet dreams!

  • Els, Belgium

    Dear David, I'm looking up there my soul honors your soul love and respect forever... Els xxx <3

  • Claudia, Belgium

    We see you again over there!

  • Lorenzo, Belgium

    John Lennon will be happy to see you again. Make some fun there together...

  • Focke DJ, Belgie; Brugge

    You give us so many wonderfull things,thanks for all. It wil no not the same ennymore. RIP ,MY HERO

  • michel claes, België

    goodbye David Bowie -Major Tom- Ziggy Stardust , I was a big fan of your music and your music and personality inspired me whole my life ... Rest in pease now !

  • Rene, Belgium

    We could be heroes, just for one day. You'll always be my hero. Thanks for your legacy

  • Myriam en Ronny, België

    We will always dance in the streets, thanks to you....your music is forever!! Rest in peace keep rocking xxx

  • Christel, Belgium

    Hi David, I grew up with your innovative music and wonderful performances. So very sad to hear you passed away. However, I'm sure you'll continue your work somewhere else where you make others happy, and, maybe in the future, I'll hear from you again.

  • Thomas, Belgium

    Dear David, You where an insperation to the musicindustrie. We will never forget the energy, innovation and your personal style that you combined with your music! Rest In Peace!

  • Tom, Belgium


  • INge, Belgium

    Met jouw overlijden is voor mij een groot jeugd icoon verdwenen. Jouw muziek blijft altijd bestaan. Het gaat je goed hierboven.

  • Christine, Belgium

    Hi Davie. Miss ya

  • Chantal, Belgium

    There was and will always be a special place in my heart for you. RIP David. Miss you !

  • Sammy Blondelle, Belgium

    I wish you well friend there among the stars , thanks for your beautiful music , sammy

  • Rita, Belguim

    R.i.P. Laat je stem klinken in het Heelal !

  • betty, belgie

    het was een genoegen om op te kunnen groeien met u visie en muziek,

  • David, Ghent

    Thank you

  • Christel, Belgie

    Can't stop crying since I heard, been a long time fan,your picture for years on my phone, your music helped me through hard Times, helped me celebrate good times, I will never forget you, thank you for everything,hope you're at peace, I'll look up and see you in heaven, allways!

  • eddy, belguim

    je was een held een fameuse zanger artiest en fimster major tom was geweldig r.i.p david

  • Brigitte, Belgie

    David dank je voor jou geweldige muziek zing daar boven de sterren van de hemel als wij de sterren zien vallen weten wij dat je een gratis concert aan het geven bent voor iedereen die wij hier missen

  • Candy, Belgium

    Hi David, You still the best. Have fun at heaven with Freddie.

  • Veronique, Belgie

    Dear David, RIP and enjoy in heaven. Your music is magic! It has the power to help me in hard times. It is beautiful in a way that it makes me happy when I listen to it. Your music is a cure for bad moments. It brings me back to my youth. 32 years ago, I made a drawing from your fine and friendly face. I still have it and cherish it. Love you, love your music! Lots of hugs, Veronique

  • Leigh-Ann, Belgium

    Hello David. I will miss you....your music has been there for me in my hardest of hours. It's pulled me through so many things. You were and allways will be my favourite artist. I thought you'd never leave this life. You amazing wonderfull chameleon of a man. As Sarah puts it so eloquently in Labyrinth: It's not fair. Goodbye David....may you find the peace you deserve wherever you are. Love you.

  • Massy Mastino, Belgie

    Your sun shall rise in the east So shall your heart be at peace

  • sofie, Belgium

    Major Tom, please stand by me from above ....as the star you used to be on this earth , please be the star from above and guide me because indeed "God only knows" ...but now you do as well ...

  • Bart, België

    You're Almost in heaven. .. Greetz from a fan of Blok 7 . @work. ... You're the best !

  • Nancy, België

    It's just not fair. Why??? Best of luck to you. Greetings to my mother.

  • Conny Pierlot, Belgie

    You will be for always our Herou !!!! Rip Major Bowie ! <3

  • Joke ch, België

    Ground control to Major Tom...Can you hear me Major Tom?? You are missed here on earth. . We miss your voice. . That will always be .. Silent now. . Rip Ziggy ....

  • curieuzeneuzemosterdpot, belgie

    The stars look very different today .. Thank you, for everything you gave us, Major Tom! Farewell ..

  • Niki, Belgium

    You even made 'Reptile' sound sexy. RIP Bowie.

  • Yarro, België

    Rest in peace!!!!!

  • Petroula, Holland

    Thank you for tour great music! It save's me ❤️ Gonna miss you!

  • Lieve Rasking, Belgium

    Major, the stars are different.. Big Kiss

  • Danielle Boenders, Belgium

    Rest in space Major Tom, we will always remember you ...x

  • Orphelia , Belgium

    David Bowie forever ,rest in peace dandy boy

  • Inn peeters, Belgium

    If there is life on mars I visit you there I will always treasure you

  • Stefan, Belgium

    My dearest David, my heart is broken, i can't stop crying because I love you so deeply, keep warm and safe in heaven xxx

  • Jasmine, Belgium

    Dear Starman I'll always love you to Mars and back with every little piece of my broken heart. Love on ya. X

  • nicole vanden broecke, belgium

    RIP David,we will always remember you!

  • Olivia, Belgie

    Hou je stijl aan daar boven! Jij bent tijdloos ze zullen jou blijven herinneren in jou songs!! Zal er altijd van blijven houden!

  • Marina maes, Belgie

    Rust in vrede,jouw songs blijven voor altijd

  • Gina, Belgium

    Rust in vrede Major Tom ! Je "ik" en jouw liedjes zijn voor altijd. xxx

  • Carine Peeters, Belgie

    Farewell and be safe!!

  • Krista mooren, Belgium

    Real stars never die... Twinkle twinkle Thin White star?? Take care of yourself?

  • Marinka Vandendorpe, belgie

    u were and still are my only hero ! thank u sooooo much mr bowie ! the whole world is never going to forget u rip !

  • Hoelen jan, België'

    Thx great guy we mis you take care of us their above

  • Françoise Godderis, België

    Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing we can do...We will never forget you. RIP.

  • Maud, Denderhoutem

    I do can hear you major Tom, I still can.

  • Charlotte, België

    To Thin White Duke/ Ziggy Stardust/ Major Tom/ my Heroe/ David Bowie: goodbye. You don't know where you're going from here, but I'm sure it won't be boring.

  • pearl cita, belgie

    Your music will go around all over the world forever, RIP

  • Koen, Nederlandse Antillen

    RIP. Groetjes aan Kurt Koppijn.

  • Danny Van den Heuvel, Belgium

    Good luck in your next journey! We will never forget you, you are a legend and will always stay in our hearts.

  • Suus, Eric & Scott, Belgium

    Have a blast and know we loved your music ? Rest in peace. You will not be forgotten ❤️

  • damy, belgie

    David,we genoten in alle jaren dat je bestond van je muziek van je begin tot je overlijden.ik heb je nog zien schitteren op podium,hopelijk doe je dat ook in de hemel,we gaan je heel hard missen R.I.P. bowie

  • Tom, België

    Hij zei ooit: 'I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.' Hail to Mr. Bowie!

  • Ben Mogal, België

    David, je bent nu een ster in de hemel, bedankt voor de muziek en vooral voor jouw teksten die ons veel beelden hebben gegeven over het leven. Geef een gratis concert aan allen die ons voor gegaan zijn.

  • Kevin, Belgie

    Thank you for all the great music you shared with us! RIP Mr.Bowie

  • Ann and Stef, Belgium

    Bye bye Major Tom, now you're a star in the sky. Your music will live on forever! You'll be missed.

  • Joop en Anneke, Belgie

    Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, you will be our HERO forEver and Ever. Let's Dance in Heaven. Love you XXX

  • Paul Driesen, Belgium

    David , after hearing "The Jean Genie" I was a fan for always . You ha such a impact on my yought and I have these wonderful memories ...... you will be always on my mind. Take care on your last journey ...

  • Marc & Lucienne, Belgie

    Lets dance forever in heaven...David we love's you

  • Tim, Belgium

    David, you left us quite suddenly. It's really sad to lose a man with such an inspiring sound and music. I always loved your songs and will keep on loving them forever. I hope you've put on your red shoes to dance the blues up there. RIP

  • Albert, Belgium

    Life on earth is rather different now; we feel emptiness. Freddie Mercury has been waiting for you patiently. May the both of you make the heavens rock. I envy the Angels.

  • Griet Vertessen, Belgium

    David, I thank my brother for brainwashing you when I was younger with your music;-) You also became a true inspiration to me. He is a Major fan! Only shortly ago his best friend died. Now you're gone. Please watch over him and all your fans. Bowiewowie... Once a star. Always a star. Twinkle once and a while. And your flabbergasting Art leaves a foot print on our hearts. Thank you for walking the walk with us.

  • Nancy V, Belgium

    Goodbye, Bowie, check ignition, and may God's love be with you Xxx

  • Patricia Franssens, Belgiê

    ♥ 4-ever in my heart and in my mind ♥

  • Ingrid, Belgie

    Let the people dance up there, they are lucky to have a big star in heaven now, RIP

  • Pascale, Belgium

    Groundcontrol to Major Tom.You always be a Hero ! R.I.P

  • anne, belgie

    RIP Mister Bowie, Let 's Dance in Heaven , You are the Hero. Bedankt voor de fijne muziek in mijn jeugd. Xx

  • Orenda, België

    You Will never die. Your music is forever. Goodbye magic man we meet again. Rip David keep rocking xxx

  • Manuela Jünge, Belgien

    Dear David!in THE night You dief I did hear à bird singi g!you are free like à bird now!and You below to THE heaven!Thank You for your grat Life and music! Big Kiss ,you are à grat star

  • inez, belgie

    rip hero het gaat je goed zing nog veel liedjes daarboven

  • Els Maes , Belgie

    Heroes never die.

  • johnny-james, earth

    Shine on......oh wise one..........

  • Ruten , België

    David,your music is endless in our brain be burned so that we never forget you thanks for your great music specially in the 80's,greetz to freddie mercury and many other kings of music R.I.P bowie

  • Geert, Belgie

    Don't walk in front of me, don't walk behind me, just walk next to me and be my friend. Till next time somewhere in space.

  • Christophe, Belgium

    We'll miss you Dave. Thanks for everything you gave us. Heaven looks a lot more interesting now. RIP.

  • Ward Schouppe , België

    Dansen op Sound & Vision zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn!

  • Sandy, Nederland

    David Bowie thank you 4 all the great music , Ur a Hero forever and we never wil forget you Rest in peace X Sandy

  • Rietje, Nederland

    Dearest and beautyfull Starman, you will be missed deeply on this planet. Hope you will return some day, some way in a future life. Thank you for all you have given. Love Rietje

  • hilde, belgie

    Het is zo jammer ik heb veel herinneringen van de jaren 70 en meer zijn laatste clip vindt ik zo triest rust zacht mister david bowie great man

  • Annemie, België

    Love your music, love you...

  • Koen, Belgium


  • Francoys Dirk , België

    David was een groot artiest,ik ben opgegroeid met zijn muziek.Hij daagde graag uit.En dat vond ik juist zo goed aan hem.Ik weet een ding,de muziekwereld heeft een groot muzikaal artiest verloren.Er zal nog veel naar zijn muziek geluisterd worden!Het ga je goed David waar je ook bent!

  • micheline de vuyst, belgie

    Major Tom, zet je fijne muziek verder hier boven tussen de sterren, je was een geweldige zanger, met speciale stem, het ga je goed, we zullen je missen

  • Steve, Belgium

    One usually becomes a legend after he/she dies. You didn't need to die, you were already a legend in your lifetime. Farewell, Major Tom!

  • paul, belgie

    Major Tom ik hoop dat je ons nu wel kunt horen , heb altijd genoten van je muziek , het gaat je goed daar boven

  • Ilse, Belgium

    RIP Major Tom, thanks for your wonderfull music. We will never forget you

  • ArletteVleugels, Belgie

    David bedankt dat je mijn jeugd mooi gemaakt hebt met u mooie muziek we could be heroes just for one day! Love you never forget you!

  • Lou, Belgium

    Wham Bam Thank You Man!

  • Maureen, Belgie

    Het ga je goed David ,we gaan je missen !!!


    We vergeten jou nooit, je was de beste popzanger dat ik kende met je prachtig stem en muziek.

  • Yannick, België

    Thanks for being a part of my life... We'll meet in paradise when the time comes!

  • ALAIN, Belgium

    Hi David, we all say to you, RIP man. Shine your lite in the sky, so we can see you day afther day. Amen.

  • Hubert, Belgium

    Thanks for all the wonderfull music you give to us, hope you get well there !!! R.I.P Hubert C. Ichtegem - Belgiê

  • KAT, België

    Thank you, David, for all the joy and beautiful music you've given us. It has been an honour living in the same era as you.

  • Sue, Belgie

    Farewell Major Bowie...

  • HEIDI DE TOBEL , Munsterbilzen, België

    Sir je was een echte kameleon veelzijdig persoon...Je was een muzikant, acteur maar ook een fashionist. Een echte ster sterft niet...Die rusten. Groetjes Heidi xxx

  • tanja, belgie

    Met ongeloof hoorde ik gisteren het nieuws.Maak er boven met major Tom een feestje van met veel muziek tussen de sterren. Het gaat je goed daarboven

  • Tatiana Peeters, België

    Farewell David! Thanks you for the wonderful music you gave us over decades...we'll miss you! Groundcontrol to Major Tom!

  • Vannitsen geert, Belgie

    David, do the greetings to Major Tom there in space oddity

  • Samson, Plopsaland


  • Marieken, Antwerpen

    Heb vandaag de hele dag aan jou gedacht.

  • Vannitsen geert, Belgie

    David de groetjes aan Major Tom daar boven in space oddity

  • Evelyne, Belgium

    Thankyou so much...RIP major Tom...

  • Peter & Marleen, Torhout-België

    Hallo David, Bedankt voor de mooie muziek die je hier achter gelaten hebt. Ga je de groeten doen aan onze beste vriend Papa Tony, die enkele dagen voor u vertrokken is naar de hemel. We gaan jullie beiden missen.

  • Silvia, Belgie

    R.I.P. David you allways be a hero !!!

  • Ann, Belgium

    Major Tom maak er daarboven een muzikaal feestje van, hier leef je verder in je muziek!


    The Most Human Alien Of All. Don’t believe for just one second I’m forgetting you I’m trying to I’m dying to I’m trying to I’m dying to I’m trying to I’m dying to I’m trying to I’m dying to I’m trying to I’m dying to RIP my friend ....

  • Stef De Laet, België

    Het gaat je goed hierboven, jouw muziek zullen we nooit vergeten :(

  • brigitte braat, belgie

    Hallokes,het ga je goed hierboven ,straal je muziek maar uit naar hier groetekes brigitte

  • Dennis Van Gossum, Belgium

    David, you not only sang about Heroes. You were also a Hero ! A Special Art And Chameleon Star between the Stars, Please shine in heaven like you did on earth. Goodbye Space Hero ! R.I.P

  • NiM°, Absurdistan (belgie)

    Planet Earth to Major Tom, can you hear me?

  • krist'l, belgie

    David, jouw liedjes waren top. Iman heeft van jou een gentleman gemaakt. Voor ons blijf je bestaan door jouw fantastisch muziek.

  • Daisy Hélène, België

    Hey superman you give me super memories here on earth... maybe see you later in heaven. Good Luck -:)

  • Ingrid, Belgium

    Dear David, you will always be my heroe....I will miss your music. It will never be the same without you!! I hope you won't have pain anymore, and you ll be at a good place in heaven... Rest in peace, you' ve deserved it.love, Ingrid

  • Wilfried Callewaert, België

    Bowie: The man who shange the word music!! Good luck to you.

  • patricia, belgie

    idool van in mijn jeugdjaren, bedankt voor je mooie muziek .

  • Britt, België

    Dancing the blues in my red shoes.... RIP David

  • Isa, België

    David ... Je was geweldig , ik zal je missen ... De muziekgeschiedenis zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn zonder jou . Rust in vrede .. Ik zal je nooit vergeten

  • Jos, België

    You have changed my life!!

  • Erwin, Belgie

    Het ga je goed daar boven waar je ook zijt we zullen je nooit vergeten rust in vrede

  • Ilse debels, België

    Het ga je goed daarboven. We zullen je super missen

  • Ingrid De Graef, Belgium

    You were so much more than a musician, You were an artist, a performist and so creative. And You lived your live like You wanted.... Enjoy your new experience wherever You may be.... Down on earth we've lost a Hero and You Will be missed... Ingrid De Graef, Belgium on earth

  • Alfons , België

    Bye bye rebel rebel man. We lost a big artist. You Will be missed. ..??????? respect ??????

  • Martin, Belgie

    now you are a hero forever David now you will rock in space

  • Renilde, Belgie

    Ik zal je er erg missen!!!! Bedankt voor je geweldige nummers,het ga je goed hierboven.YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!

  • Charlotte, Belgium

    Good luck in heaven. Greetings to Freddy Mercury.

  • Davy Uyttersprot, Belgium

    All those memories, listening to your records, too young to understand the lyrics but still completely swept away. What a great man you are.

  • Gust, België

    Shine on, you big star!

  • Caroline, België

    Show time in heaven just more music en dance bye bye David Bowie

  • Arlette, Belgium

    You will always be my hero R.I.P.

  • FrankVdeV, België

    Fly high over there, as you did here...

  • Alexandra, België

    Great man great music great memories of you! Rest in peace space odity xxx RIP David

  • Jacobs Astrid, Belgie

    Je muziek was prachtig je voelt je terug 18 jaar als je terugdenkt aan de jaren 70 je was een icoon onder de zangers het ga je goed op je laatste reis ergens achter de regenboog

  • Jacobs Astrid, Belgie

    Je muziek was prachtig je voelt je terug 18 jaar als je terugdenkt aan de jaren 70 je was een icoon onder de zangers het ga je goed op je laatste reis ergens achter de regenboog

  • Tineke Vanroosbeke, Belgie

    Mister starman you have touched my soul with you beautiful music. I am forever grateful for that Blessed be your soul ,lots of love

  • Marijke, Belgie

    Ik zal je nooit vergeten.je was een icoon uit mijn jeugd.veel sterkte aan de familie. Marijke

  • Carina , België

    Rust in vrede David Bowie.

  • Ann Van de Velde, België

    Partir c'est mourir un peu, zo voel het in mijn hartje je heen gaan...ik zal je missen, je blijft voor mij één van de beste artiesten die er ooit geweest zijn, het gaat je goed hierboven...

  • Sarah cassiman, Belgium

    You Will be remembered through your music, that s a comforting thought ! Just lost my Dad after a long battle against dancer, may your family find comfort in all the comforting words from all over the world. Love you David Bowie!! You Will never be forgotten!

  • Marie , België

    Hot tramp, I love you so.

  • Ganzevogel, België

    Goeie reis Major Tom, ik ga jou heel hard missen maar gelukkig blijft Ground Control JOEfm jouw unieke legacy dagelijks uitzenden...

  • Bosmans . Elisabeth, Belgie.

    R.I.P. David Bowie!.

  • Isabelle , België

    The stars look different now...

  • christel, belgie

    rust in vrede christel de groof belgie

  • Dennis Stroobandt, Stekene Belgium

    Juist 7 ages of rock uitgekeken, je was er al bij vanaf het prille begin van de rock er hebben veel artiesten naar je opgekeken, nu kunnen wij/ik naar je opkijken letterlijk en figuurlijk grtz D

  • Hilde, België

    Don't worry, major Tom, we will always hear you!!!!

  • Marc, Zweden

    Thanks to share your art with us! R.I.P and say Hello to my Dad !

  • Franny , België

    See you later.....?

  • Inky, Belgium

    You will always be a Major star and your music will live on forever. R.I.P ?

  • mike tula, Belgium

    David i grow up with your music,you go to soon,but i think you go to a better place,in space.I Never forget you Rebel.RIP Major Tom.See you later.

  • Nismans, Belgie

    Mag ik eens zeggen wat helden zijn? Helden zijn nooit alleen: "Heroes are never alone.."

  • inge, belgië

    als er een god bestaat...vraag hem dan een keer om de waanzin op aarde te stoppen

  • martine, belgium

    A star forever!

  • Raf, België

    well, is there life on Mars?

  • Eddy Van Melkebeke, België

    Ik heb altijd je muziek gedraaid op feesten,je had een goede stem,prachtige muziek gemaakt waar ik uren kon naar luisteren.R.I.P.Major Tom.

  • Deborah, Engeland-London

    You taught me it is ok to be different. Now in turn I will teach my children the same. Take care Major Tom. We miss you deeply.

  • sonja , België

    Have a nice time! xxxxxxx ❤ ❤❤

  • Christine , België

    Love you blackstar

  • Sanne, België

    Het ga je goed, prachtkans en prachtige muziek! Een legende minder wat triest voor de achterblijvers liefs Sanne

  • William van Hoof , Belgie

    Adieu vriend. Goede reis.

  • Jackie Vertenten, Belgie

    Thanks for being our hero ! keep a place for me there please

  • heidi , België , rupelmonde

    We gaan je hier missen david , you are the best,rust zacht en laat het daarboven maar is knallen met al die grote sterren dat kan toch geen probleem zijn , als ik nu na de hemel kijk zie ik een super heldere ster die geweldig op jou muziek fonkelt ... rust zacht !!

  • Sandra, belgie

    Voor mij was je de knapste man die ik ooit gezien heb , nooit in het echt spijtig genoeg, maar geweldige muziek en de mooiste lach en ogen ever....xxx

  • Kyala, Belgium

    Thanks for being our hero on earth. Now it's time to show the angels what you've got.

  • Franky, Belgie

    Ground control to David Bowie

  • Cathérine , België

    Zing en swing de pannen van het dak daarboven. We zullen je nooit vergeten, bedankt voor al die jaren leuke muziek.

  • Sabine, België

    You Will live on in my memory 4 ever. You where even important as Michael Jackson . RIP

  • Jimmy, de keuken

    Ik heb honger

  • Re, Belgie

    You're not alone / You're wonderful

  • Inge, earth

    know your in heaven now

  • Alessandra, België

    Rest In Peace. May your soul be at peace. Earth just lost a human being but heaven gained a star. R.i.p

  • Celik Meral, Belgie

    Woorden schieten te kort

  • Malpaso Man, Antwerp

    "Sweet Thing"/"Candidate"/"Sweet Thing (Reprise)" Mr. Bowie: Thanks forever for this 9-minute-monumental-trip.

  • bert, belgie

    take care my friend . we will miss you.

  • marc van alle, belgium

    The soul is eternal, the body is mortal. Heartiest regards...

  • Nathalie, Belgie

    Geef daarboven een mega bangelijk feestje! Always in my heart ❤️

  • Stefanie, België

    'Konden we maar helden zijn, voor een dag.' — David Bowie, Heroes

  • Marijn Calluy, Belgium

    Zolang iemand aan je denkt, ben je niet dood. Doe het daar goed met die andere grootheden. Peins dat je op Mercurius geland bent bij een zekere Mercury en daar de pannen van het dak danst! Je bent gereïncarneerd, want onze newfoundlander, noemt Ziggy. Tot ooit!

  • Fabienne P., België

    Mr Bowie thank you for your magnificent songs. Hope you can danse in heaven with all your and our beloved ones. I'll keep on looking for the blue bird ;-)

  • Micha, Belgium

    "Ground Control to Major Tom Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong!!! Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Master Bowie? Can you?

  • Geert P., België

    A great man and a genius, see you on the other side Ziggy Stardust !!!

  • MAJOR TOM, belgie

    joe FM speelt NOOIT muziek van BOWIE ... ALTIJD MAAR FILES ...

  • wouter strobbe, belgie

    je was een groot voorbeeld voor vele artiesten en je muziek zal eeuwig blijven voortleven, het ga je goed in je nieuwe leven

  • harry, belgium

    Tnx Mr. David. Tnx for everything.

  • Bert, België

    Hi David, je bent van voor mijn tijd, maar je legacy was me toch heel duidelijk. Feest verder daarboven! PS: mag ik jou pronkstuk The Pit hebben aub?

  • RonV, België

    Ask what you do not know up there David and remember it when they ask you..safe flight Major.......

  • Sandra M., Belgie

    You are a great man with a great voice We will never forget A little piece of you The little piece in me will die... Bey Major Tom:-(

  • Raf VB, Kontich

    Starman...Hij is weg voor altijd, maar laat ons wel wonderbaarlijk universum achter. Bedankt daarvoor. Maak er een feest van waar je ook bent.

  • Fabienne, Belgie

    Bedankt voor al die mooie jaren dat we mogen genieten hebben van jou en je muziek,knuffel

  • Gertjie, Belgie

    Merci voor jouw creatieve uitingen mbt verscheidenheid die bestaat in onze wereld ... én ze in 1 adem acceptabel te maken ... en merci voor de muziek.

  • Pascale, België

    Hoi David, je was steeds mijn grote idool en je zal altijd mijn grote idool blijven, eender waar je bent, je zal altijd in mijn hart aanwezig zijn. See you later. x

  • Joke ch, Jabbeke

    Thank you for the music ..the songs you were bringing. .big star Tom

  • Carl Schmitz, België

    Rust in vrede David en dank voor de vele geweldige radiomomenten die je me schonk. Je muziek houden we hier dicht bij ons en zullen we blijven koesteren. Thx, Mr. Thin White Duke! Goede reis...

  • Lucia, Belgium

    Thank you for your music. " If i look to heaven , i hope to see you in a beautiful star "

  • rebecca, belgie

    Rip je bent en blijft mijn idool van ik mijn jeugdjaren.moge je ziel in sferen van licht en liefde vertoeven.xx

  • Naomi, België

    Bedankt voor alles, Major Tom. Maak er een feestje van daarboven en doe de groetjes aan de andere groten der aarde die ons verlaten hebben.

  • Delphine, België

    David, dankzij jouw tekstbijdrage in de Elephant Love Medley van één van mijn lievelingsfilms - Moulin Rouge - zal ik jou nooit vergeten! You will be a hero, forever and ever!!!

  • Rudy Verboven, België


  • Saskia, België

    "So it goes Just a searcher Lonely soul The last of the dreamers"

  • gerard, belgium

    david be happy in the blue heaven iiiiiiiii

  • Patricia, Belgie

    Rust zacht David Bowie we gaan u missen mijne favoriet was Lets dance en andere ?????

  • Joke haedens , België

    Liefs vanop aarde hier ..ik wens je veel plezier in de hemel ..mag je veel optredens mogen doen ..en stuur es een clipje van ginder boven. ?

  • Joke haedens , België

    Liefs vanop aarde hier ..ik wens je veel plezier in de hemel ..mag je veel optredens mogen doen ..en stuur es een clipje van ginder boven. ?

  • Gilles VdC, Belgium

    Thanks for everything! You will be missed ... Hug from the sad Belgium.

  • Nico, België

    David,je was al mijn God van toen ik zeven was en nu veertig jaar later nog steeds! Deel uw muziek hierboven en waak over ons! Thx voor de super muziekjaren!

  • Linda Michiels, België

    You never walk alone, Rest In Pace David Bowie

  • Veerle, Belgium

    Mr. Bowie, mijn zoon noemde zijn rockband "Ground Control" naar één van je beste songs. Op die manier leef je nog een klein beetje verder via hun muziek. Hetgeen jij kon maken zal nooit nog iemand je nadoen. One of the greatest!!!! Moge je ziel rusten in vrede. Het ga je goed Mr. Bowie

  • dirk van damme, Belgium

    Hey David, be up there a star as you where here below on earth Whe'll Never forget you becaus of your music. Thnx for your music. Shine your Light for all of us A fan 4 ever. Dirk V.D

  • Laura, Belgium

    Dance among the stars. Thin White Duke, Ziggy, David, whoever you are now, we`re glad you visited us. Now go and surprise the galaxy. You were only a star passing by.

  • Dominique, Belgie

    Gone but never forgotten....❤

  • Dimphy, Belgie

    Een duizendpoot, kameleon word je vaak genoemd. Voor mij ben je het grote voorbeeld, hoe divers muziek in al zijn verschillende vormen kan zijn. Dank je wel hiervoor.

  • Martine, Belgie

    Hero let's dance on mars

  • Mario, Belgie

    David als je aangekomen bent dan doe de groeten aan je vriend Freddy Mercury.

  • Gilbert, Belgie

    Goodbye David Bowie, some day we'll meet for the first time. Thank you for your fantastic music

  • Scarlett, Belgium

    Let's sway while color lights up your face Let's sway sway through the crowd to an empty space Let's dance to the song they're playin' on the radio in heaven!

  • freddy, belgium

    David i met you 2 times and both times it was ver exiting !!!!

  • Martine, België

    For you I will put on my red shoes and I will dance the Blues !!!

  • Henk, Belgium

    There's no life on Mars, but you will stay alive through your great music on earth.

  • Natalie, Belgie

    Rip David !! We will never forget you !!!

  • Berlinda, Belgium

    Your star will shind forever in our heart Major Tom! May your trip to Mars be the greatest ever xxx

  • Dave, België

    Thanks for everything Major. Rock on out there.

  • Andres, België

    So long Thin white duke. RIP

  • Vincent, België

    Shone your light in the heavens. RIP David.

  • tim, belgie

    There is life on mars. Bedankt voor alles!

  • Kristoff, Belgium

    And remember...first door on the right - rijstpap with golden lepelkes!

  • Sara, België

    "Ashes to ashes". Maar vooral "funk to funky". Funk on.

  • Mondo, netherlands

    It ain't over till it's over! sing on my friend!




    Say hello to Starman! Thanks for everything.

  • Leen, Belgium

    RIP Bowie.

  • Eli, België

    De groeten aan Lemmy

  • H. Ero, Belgium

    rebel on, master!

  • Joske, Belgium

    Rebel rebel, please do make some trouble there in heaven.

  • Yannick, België

    Don't worry. It won't be boring, David.

  • Tom, Australië

    How ya going Major ?

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